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Data Application by Ryis Data Application by Ryis
Name: Dawn "Data" Gold
Age: 17
Birthday: July 15th
Gender: Male
Orientation: let me wear my hood up
Species: 11000010 10101111 01011100 01011111 00101000 00100000 11001101 10100001 11000010 10110000 00100000 11001101 10011100 11001010 10010110 00100000 11001101 10100001 11000010 10110000 00101001 01011111 00101111 11000010 10101111

Height: 4'10
Build: 1.0
Hair Color: Silver
Eye Color: Pinkish

Title: Living Computer
Augmented Reality - Data can heal characters for minor to major injuries. In order to use this skill he must first use the camera of his phone to "scan" people for injuries. During the scanning process Data will have access to information about the person he is healing (with the mun's permission, things can be redacted (other than most injuries)). This can include their name and physical things about the character. They can also find any medical anomalies that are on or in the body. The information about illnesses either come from the internet, or from his dad's personal files, which holds a lot of hybrid illnesses- common or not.

Data can heal wounds and internal injuries or even broken bones, but cant heal fatal wounds entirely. However he can lessen a fatal wound, giving characters time to get healed by another healer or get a healing potion before they pass away from blood loss or their wound.

To heal minor to moderate injuries, data must place his hands on the wound directly or the general area if it's internal- this doesn't cause pain but instead a warm comforting tingly feeling, while healing blue glitter-like sparkles come from his hands and the wound. His healing cleans the blood from the area to prevent disease or infection.

Data's major healing involves extra steps that begin with first healing the character using his phone, to do this, once scanned data basically creates an application on his phone which he then heals using. the phone must have the injured character in it's camera sights at all times and during the healing process characters, depending on the area of the wound, will either feel the soft warm tingling sensation if external or- if internal, a sharp, rather painful sensation that lasts the entire process. This application can only heal it down to moderate, data will then have to heal the minor way (using his hands). The same sparkles appear from the phone when healing this way too.

After data's hand lifts from a wound, an adhesive bandage is left where the wound was, these bandages can vary in size, color and design. data can also just place these bandages randomly without needing to heal someone- this has no real use other than to be annoying (and sometimes painful, have you tried taking off a bandage?).

Despite being able to identify illnesses, he currently cannot heal any but can lessen the effects of fevers and colds. He cannot heal himself

Minor Skill(s): 
Digital Senses - Due to how data was created a few things about him are enhanced- not exactly the 'senses' but things close to them. he currently only knows technically 2 sense enhancements, but one is split into two senses 
  • 'Taste'/Mouth - Data is able to modify his voice using audio that's available online or in phone logs/voicemail, only a clip is needed and he's able to replicate it easily and fluently. this can be used for him to speak most languages as long as he has the audio clip of someone speaking the language (note remember it's been 20 years so some hybrid language speakers and translators (specially interviews) have probably been uploaded by now). For language related things he can speak basically any language that's available on the internet.
  • 'Hearing'/Ears - Tied with his taste sense, data is able to translate in real time, this again however is determined by what's available to him. 
  • 'Sight'/Eyes - Data is able to search things mentally and get information online without needing to access a computer- this isnt instant, so there's a delay for him to search the information, since the ability is just like searching on the computer or his phone
Electronic - Data is able to transport into electronics, if the said electronics has the ability to go online then they get free access to the internet while data is inside, however this means he can technically 'infect' himself into other electronics through bluetooth or wireless/wired internet connections. This technically can be used to transport himself. However in battle this ability is unavailable, he has to be in no danger to transport. However, if data is to die (his body is normal after all) he'll automatically be sent to the closest electronic device for self preservation. He cannot come back out of an electronic if his body's died until 5-6 hours after his death. during this time his body heals moderately but no matter what wont heal past moderate none fatal wounds, so he'll always come back out injured. If data's body is completely destroyed he must use a 'back up' form he has which is basically before he removed his hybrid features while his updated body takes another day to regenerate completely. 

A minor branch of this ability is part of his soul is connected to electronics at all times, in the shape of a munchkin Scottish fold 'avatar' that can infect other electronics like a virus. while in electronics this cat is able to talk to people audibly or through text, listen to them if the electronic has a microphone, see if it has a camera, and access and edit most items- it's quite a pest i'm so sorry. Obviously Ry will obey mun's rulings with editing/deleting anything- he might threaten/bring up doing so but it wont actually happen (even if it seems like it has) unless a mun says it's okay. Also, Due to being electronic, Data is a natural internet hot spot and charger, no matter where he is he'll have access to the internet and for a small sum of his mana can charge electronics.

If, while being revived the electronic that he's in is broken and there's nothing nearby data will automatically be forced to retreat into his failsafe, which is a small keychain that's enchanted to be indestructable- the item on the keychain is a small anime girl with a speaker inside of them- however it's very primitive so he would very much rather be in other people's more advanced items instead 

Electrokinesis - Data's able to tk electronics, right now all he can do is lift and float electronics up in the air, he cant throw them and instead can only move them to him or away at a walking pace. He can also interact with the electronic telekinetically, useful for hands-free browsing. He cant tk electronics that he's not near- a house length is the farthest he can go and the only time he can interact is if he can see it's screen without problems. 

No Gravity - During the change from hybrid to demon, Data gained the ability to float and glide around as if he has no gravity affecting him, allowing him to freely fly through the air and hover

 his phone- literally. his phone was created by his dad and has two offensive modes- one for just quick defense which causes the upper half of the phone sharp, along with having a regular taser on the top that has the ability to stun and knock them back to give him time to get his weapons out. For actual fights however he can separate his phone in half, when this happens they'll modify themselves into two regular daggers. He can put mana into his weapons to turn them back into his phone.

(Secondary) Soulbound Cupids Bow - a Bow and quiver with unlimited arrows that can be summoned on will, when broken the bow will be desummoned and able to be resummoned repaired after 5 rounds, the arrows can be regular arrows or "Truth" arrows, which when hit the victim must answer the next question they're asked truthfully (Muns who do not want this to work on their oc's can just say they resist it's magic), truth arrows do not harm the victim in any way and has a 10 round cooldown

Weapon Type: Light up close combat
Combat Style: Data usually fights up close using their daggers, he's small and nimble, and because of this they don't seem very menacing so many either underestimate him or don't even notice him at all until he starts slashing them or using his taser to stun them. He can block and counterattack by crossing his daggers and generally slashes and runs before he can get injured in return- better off fighting slower fighters. When attacking he tends to loosely slash his entire arm into it and can sometimes look like he's twirling and spinning, definitely not meaning to look like that, he can now also fire from long ranged at enemies using his bow

House: Cha'nuul / Vola'ris
Major: Short Ranged / Healing
Program: Demigod 
Occupation: weeb hacker

Likes: Anime/Manga, Hacking, technology, Cats, the destruction of society, warm cups, nice butts, anime boob physics, fish based foods, Memes
Dislikes: Actual boobs, life, people, enhalo, pretentious anime watchers, sjw's
Hobbies: Being a literal virus, cat videos, being a useless member of society, cooking
Personality: Horrible, mean, dismissive, stubborn, reclusive, needy, pretends he doesnt care but he does

Home Region: Earth
Dawn's life didnt start like a normal child's life- he was an experiment. Created to try to bridge the gap between technology and magic. Infusing a soul with electronics, Gold, the boy's single scientist father, was able to succeed in his job- and created a cat hybrid who's magic was related to the internet. 

Dawn's younger years were nice, he was sweet and kind to others, he would follow his father like a little duckling and enjoyed the simpler things in life like being with his family which- was really the entirety of the group his father was a part of. Gold was a member of a secret group of highly trained beings- so because of this Dawn was raised around talent. He would learn and train himself with the other children of the group while going to a public school for general studies.

Dawn's abilities blossomed and was seen as a very intelligent and talented young boy very quickly. However- some believed gold was getting too attached to the experiment, and for good reason- gold never truly wanted Dawn to become an "experiment", he loved his son and only wanted the equipment to make sure that dawn could be born, but this was a problem for the others who helped gold get the said equipment needed. One day Dawn and Gold were approached- the scientists told Gold to terminate the experiment, after all- it was just for data. Gold refused, he loved his son and would never let anyone take him away. Dawn felt upset.. this person was one he had seen before, he had enjoyed hanging out and spending time with them. And just like that, they had blatantly said to "terminate" them in front of him- that he was just data, it hurt, and he would never truly come back from this. 

Dawn would no longer respond to his real name, and instead Data. he became quiet and cold, only growing worse as the young boy grew in age- he began lashing out at others and his father, getting into fights with older boys and generally being unable to cooperate with others. The only times he would cooperate was during training, however his interest to increase his healing ability died down and physical training took over- he still trained his abilities, but no longer did he really try to prevent discomfort in others while he was healing. Instead he felt more comforting fighting others, he was small and fast- and was able to fight naturally well, and this only increased with training- however this was never used to protect himself from bullies, which many had appeared in his life because of his small stature and floppy cat ears. 

One day it was too much for Data, wanting to rid at least one thing he could- he asked his father to remove his hybrid features, he explained why to his dad. Gold became upset and distressed over his son's pain- the scientist accepted, but the bullying continued even after the procedure. Eventually Gold removed Data from the school and transferred him to a new one.

The new school was worse, not for the same reason however. generally his classmates would leave him be- however for Data this wasn't enough. He began entering electronics and finding things about people they didn't want shown- and then released them to others silently. He would send fake emails, fake texts, even masking his voice as significant others to create distrust and drama in the school- eventually people were fired, kicked out, even imprisoned falsely at times because of his destructive behavior- until it felt like it was only him left in the class unscathed. People were weary, even scared- many believed it was Data but because of the nature of the trail-less virus nothing could be scanned back to him. 

Word got out from the school and back to parents and Gold immediately understood who was behind the destruction, he yet again pulled Data out of school. After thinking over it Data was then transferred over to the monarchy school, but under supervision by his dad. He was distracted from his negative thoughts with more intense training and became more involved with his father's group. He would let out his pent up stress through the internet- delving into other's electronics and destroying corrupt companies from the inside out, it kept his school life safe, he began gaining friends- things started to look more like Data would become stable in time.

However, during a trip home Data witnessed a devastating car accident with a bystander extremely wounded and on the verge of death. Data's feet moved and without thinking he was already aiding the people affected, including a hybrid man, healing his wounds to the best of his abilities- he was fast and diligent in his work, which allowed the man's fatal wounds to be healed just enough to keep him from dying before medics came to aid him. Data was shocked at himself for doing something like that, and quickly scurried away before the man or anyone else could speak to him. 

Eventually, the man would find him however- and revealed he was a scout for Enhalo. Data's work healing him and the others was astounding and, because of this- the man had recruited him to go to Enhalo. Data refused immediately, however after looking into the boy the school couldn't let his abilities go to waste and thus here he is- recruited and angry. 

Overview: A little buttcheek of a boy who's got some internal struggles boiling inside himself- but underneath all that trash is a kind hearted weeb. 

  • He's got an adopted brother he helped save from an abusive family when he was younger, now his brother helps him and is one of his closest friends
  • Despite removing his hybrid features, some things are still in there 
  • also despite removing cat features he still has a fondness to cats 
  • he has multiple modified phones at home in case his breaks- and thankfully for him his phone counts as his weapon summon, take that bel 
  • Common places he can be found are at the illusion center, bubble pop, the electronic store, the arcade and the video game store
    • He canonically trains daily for an hour or two at the illusion center, then comes back to his dorm for 30 minutes to shower and get ready for school and heads out, just barely making it to school at times.
    • (he also stays up late so he runs on only a few hours of sleep usually, unless he's got the day off where he'll go training then go straight back to bed)
  • always wears a bandaid on the bridge of his nose, it changes sometimes in color and design
  • Knows his way around coding and hacking so he's probably hacked into some pretty notable places. But use to generally do it just to cause drama on online games
  • The source of his ability to go into the internet and such is a very closed off portal and mechanical system inside his soul, protected from outside disturbances 
  • ¬ㅅ¬
  • Due to a situation involving a "Harmer Demon", data has been turned partially into a Cupid demon

Stats:  ฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅ

Crowned Black Opal A -
Light Shrine
Crowned Black Opal A - Music Shrine
Black Opal A - Flora Shrine
Silver B ⋆  - Earth Shrine 
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