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Clear app by Ryis Clear app by Ryis
Name: Clear Pudd Littlelie
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Orientation: He's p gay 

Height: 5'4 (His Height and body type changes depending on the form) 
Build: Skinny (^)
Hair Color: White and starry underneath 
Eye Color: Blue

Species: Starchild
Class Title: Imitator
Skill: Mimicry- able to create masks from people's species and use those mask to turn himself into that race
Minor Skill(s): He's got absolutely no skills really... he's very weak 
Weapon: No weapon :C
Weapon type: N/A

Occupation: Delivery boy
Major: N/A
Hobbies: Eating, chilling out, just overall lame boring stuff

Likes: Food, masks, juiceboxes dude, making friends
Dislikes: Stress, a lot of death, bugs (Bites), people who make fun of how he says dude a lot sometimes 
Laid back 
- He doesnt get too angry most the time, he isnt very good to talk to though despite this just because he says dude way too much..
Pretty dumb..- if it includes food, he'll do any dumb idea, and also tends to dare people to do dumb ideas as well
Not very useful and he knows it - He's pretty down that he's not really the strongest, but he feels like he makes up for it with just a chill buddy, he doesnt mind being the funny sidekick they tend to be the most loved.

Home Region: he travels a lot, but he originated from the Emerald region
History: Clear lived a pretty chill life, his mom and dad weren't around much for his upbringing, and eventually put him up for adoption because they knew they weren't giving their child a good childhood, Clear doesn't have any resentment against his parents for deciding that because he knows they were doing the best for him in the end. He jumped from family to family, not really sticking around that much. This increased as he turned 15, when he felt like he just wanted to explore around, he was fine with not really having a place to call home or anything, as long as he got food (which, he tended to get a lot due to the fact that he's pretty chill and works for the food he's given)
He does sorta wanna meet his parents, but he thinks they might of been killed during the collapse due to the fact that he himself is pretty weak, but hey you never know, he might of just had really bad luck with the skill rolls right? due to the fact that he does jump around he does have a lot of interesting stories from it, from being trapped, captured, chased, everything that sounded like it'd take a trained warrior to get out of, but somehow his stories tend to turn out all the same

he just "lucked out"

Overview: A pretty laid back hobo who doesn't care much about anything, though, really when people take a closer look, things seem to be not what they seem. 

Always has food on him, no matter what, it's usually minor things like granola bars and stuff but still
doesnt like sticking around places for too long, specially when people start acting too close with him
tends to get out of some stuff by just coincidence, or he gets really lucky

Speed: | | | 
Strength:  |
Health:  |
Defense:  |
Accuracy: |
Stamina: | |
Special: | | | |
Special Defense: |
Mana: | | | | |
p-o-c-k-e-t Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
i still love u clear..
Ryis Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2015
do you really
c-e-p-h Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Amg Clear!!! *Q*
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