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Calm Application by Ryis Calm Application by Ryis
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Calm Topaz Iliad
Age: 20
Birthday: June 21st
Gender: Male 
Orientation: Homosexual
Species: Cerberus

Height: 5’4
Build: Skinny
Hair Color: Changes depending on the color he wants (Pastel Blue)
Eye Color: Green

Title: God’s Shield
Plant Manipulation - Calm is able to harness the ability to create and manipulate various plants and plant matters- his main focus being but is not limited to flowers and vines. This allows calm to naturally create plants on almost any surface for consumption or use- some with magical properties and others for protection. Calm has learnt two different subskills to this ability.

  • ⋆ Vine Manipulation - The ability to create vines for help outside and inside battle. The vines and plant matter calm can create varies depending on the task, he can create thinner plant matter to then weave together to create objects such as baskets or buckets (with some tight weaving), or use larger thicker vines- with or without thorns, to attack enemies and lift objects beyond calm's natural ability. Using his vines calm can carry up to 1000 pounds (roughly the weight of a grand piano or telephone pole, or two grizzly bears)- a shared limit among All vines. Due to being plant matter the vines are highly susceptible to fire and can be torn apart with enough strength. While the vines can grab and lift up to 1000 pounds it cannot crush or attack things with that strength. Once grabbing something aggressively or in a hostile way he cannot have another vine grab the same enemy for 3 rounds after the vine leaves the victim's body due to the vine needing time to regenerate or be resummoned, he can also not grab the same victim during the grappling- this includes "layering up".  The vines can move extremely fast (4 speed) in some situations such as when they're whipping at something or in short bursts much like a snake lunge, but most the time the vines instead move at a slower speed (3) for manageability. While calm uses these vines for offense they are also used in real life situations as extra arms in potion making.
    • ⋆⋆⋆ Due to a Limiter calm's vines are drastically weaker, they're only able to reach out 15 feet Radius from him and can only lift 500 pounds- Producing vines also needs more focus- while 2 vines are easy for him to manipulate any higher needs more attention, causing him to be unable to attack any other way while any more than 2 vines are out. He cant take out more than 4 vines due to it straining him too much.
  • Vampiric - Calm can produce flowers that drain an enemy's health- to have these flowers active calm must first inflict a wound on the enemy- which will then blossom the flowers around and over the wound. Once these flowers are active the victim will start to feel their energy begin to fade as the flowers slowly drains their health- healing Calm slowly over time. This Healing/Draining is minor at first but after 3 rounds if the flowers are not dealt with the draining will then become moderate, and if left on for long enough (around 5 more rounds after that) the enemy can faint or depending on previous wounds even die. Removing the flowers will cause a severe spike of nausea and dizziness that will fade shortly after (After 1 Round).. if inflicted with additional flowering wounds the effect will work at a faster rate, taking one less round per step, and so, should be dealt with quickly to avoid major harm. This effect is not stackable.

Minor Skill(s):  
Nymphbits Creation - An ability to create small demon-like Apothecaric Nymphs called Nymphbits or "Bitsies". Calm is able to create them from flowers and plants with a little bit of mana- these creatures come in various sizes and shapes but generally all bitsies start at around 6 inches. These creatures work as living potions- taking apothecary traits from the flower it came from, along with other flowers around them to then create the potion effect it will be casting. These potion types can differ from buffs, debuffs, poisons, damage, healing or mana regeneration- the harder the potion is to make the longer the demon takes to get to it's full strength. Once ready to use it's ability by eating the flowers needed (2 rounds for minor, 3 for moderate, 4 for Major) the creature will then grow to 12 inches and can then use the ability on any selected being, ally or otherwise. Calm can "Nurture" these creatures outside of battle by summoning and caring to them or by caring for the flower the Bitsie comes from- by doing this calm is also strengthening the possible potion effect and will also cause the selected Bitsie to become a permanent member of calm's roster, meaning when he summons that specific potion ability that demon in specific will appear. Calm has no limit as to how many bitsies he can create, but only one Bitsie can target an Ally or Enemy at a time- once an Ally or Enemy has been targeted no other Bitsie can target the character for 3 rounds after the initial demon disappears to prevent potion sickness. learning new potion types takes practice and starts weak. calm can only have 3 different types active at one time- he is allowed to change 2 types from his roster per day but to reset the roster any further calm must sleep. ⋆'s mean nurtured or full strength. Once their cast is used the bitsie buries into the ground, becoming a flower once more. If Calm switches out a nimbit their nurturing resets and it takes a month to reach maximum Nurture. Debuffs cannot stack

  • Current Type Roster
    • Healing ⋆  (Charge Times: 2 for minor, 3 for moderate, 4 for major)
      • Calm's strongest Nymphbit, able to cast a healing normally equal to Moderate healing (Internal, External, Bones, no Scarring)- these bitsies can also work as a constant healing spell as long as they use Calm's mana, meaning they can continue to heal without needing to recede back into the earth after using its initial charge and instead can follow the person along and heal them slowly while they're out for 8 rounds- this healing on the go is minor (External, Partially Internal, no bones, light scarring). Moderate or above will cause the nymphbit to go back into the earth. Calm can also pulse more mana into the nymphbit to allow major healing which can manage to reconnect disconnected limbs as long as they're next to the wound, or even restart the heart once the body is fully healed- however using major healing is extremely demanding to calm, causing him to faint immediately after using it. Once used, major healing cant be used again for 12 hours due to the demand on calm's health. 
    • Buff - Evasion (Charge Times: 3 Rounds)
      • +1 to Evasion for 5 rounds
    • Debuff - Strength (Charge Times: 3 Rounds)
      • -1 to Strength for 3 rounds
  • Other Known/Dormant Types
    • Damage - Ice (Charge Times: 3 Rounds)
      • can cast ice bomb much like a potion would do, spiking ice upwards when nearby an enemy and freezing the nearby area with a layer of ice
    • Buff - Speed (Charge Times: 3 Rounds)
      • +1 to Speed for 5 rounds
    • Buff - Accuracy (Charge Times: 3 Rounds)
      • +1 to Accuracy for 5 rounds
    • Buff - Strength (Charge Times: 3 Rounds)
      • +1 to Strength for 5 rounds
    • Debuff - Speed (Charge Times: 3 Rounds)
      • -1 to Speed for 3 rounds
    • Debuff - Accuracy (Charge Times: 3 Rounds)
      • -1 to Accuracy for 3 rounds
    • Debuff - Evasion (Charge Times: 3 Rounds)
      • -1 to Evasion for 3 rounds
    • Poison - Nausea (Charge Times: 3 Rounds)
      • Causes a cloud that causes mild to severe nausea depending on how much is inhaled, the cloud dissipates in 2 rounds

Deicide - He’s able to kill people who are otherwise unable to be killed

Trisoul Separation - Due to Calm's upbringings, he currently has been bestowed 3 souls which have their own separate forms- the Hybrid (Calm's Regular Form), the Wolf (Calm's Travel/Attack Form) and The Bird, a Currently inaccessible Flight/Tank Form. Calm's wolf form allows him to talk telepathically to others, but all of his magic (Other than the ability to grow harmless flowers on his or other's form or at his feet- non Vampiric) becomes unusable while in this form, but he does get a strength and defense boost (+1 respectively) to allow him to fight properly in this larger form. 

Feral Sprint - An ability blessed to calm by a god; this skill gives calm spectacular speed and evasion, to the point that when fully charged any signs of Calm becomes distorted into a blur before vanishing completely. To cast this skill calm must stay in a 5 Meter diameter for 3 rounds as it's casted- if calm leaves this area he'll have to return to setting up the skill again from the start. Once charged Calm will vanish entirely until the target blinks, once their eyes open again a ghostly projection of either a wolf or bird will appear in front of the target- giving the victim time to react by evading or otherwise, if they fail their evade a wound equal to a slash or stab of their sword will appear on their body and calm will appear far behind them. If the victim does not blink or look away their vision will blur significantly until the ghostly apparition appears. Calm doesnt have to attack the victim and this can be used instead to get behind the enemy to either evade or surprise the enemy, but there will always be a moment for evasion from the other side beforehand.

Weapon: A sword closely resembling an officer sword or saber
Weapon Type: Short ranged
Combat Style: Calm tends to try to focus on being support, despite his arsenal of combat ready abilities he would rather not harm others unless absolutely needed- using his Nymphbits to heal or use their buffs/debuffs as needed. If engaged in combat where he has to attack Calm would either use his vines to keep them away while he charges his sprint, or attack normally using his weapon and vampiric flowers- hoping to inflict just enough damage to knock them out if available. He's the type to let an enemy bleed to death rather than taking the final blow. 

House: All (Living in Aivis'ra, however The skills he has and wants to practice causes him to be a shared student for all districts, however this is an extremely rare case) 
Major: Support Magic [+ Short Ranged]
Program: Demigod (Drafted)
Occupation: Levant's potions owner

Likes: Gardening, Water, Apothecary, Reading, Jewelry, anything “perfect” or pretty, Gems/minerals, Enchanting
Dislikes: Flaws, Failures, Gods, Decay, Fire
Hobbies: Jewelry Crafting, Gardening, Potion making, Enchanting
Personality: Submissive, Curious, Shy, Scared, Quiet, Anxious

Home Region: Ruby

History: Calm and his brother Nyles came from a Lordship; a noble family that owned a mine full of rare minerals and gems that were generally used in various magic and alchemy spells. Their birth was natural, however both the brothers entered the world with a rare and mythical trait, they both possessed two souls- Calm would eventually gain a third soul due to his curious nature. Despite the strange circumstances this would not affect how the brothers were raised, nor did it bring up any complications in their life.

Calm while growing up in ruby was very curious, when he wasn’t following his brother around he could easily be found in the deepest veins of the mines, either searching for undiscovered tunnels or reading up about the multitude of uses apothecary and enchanting has. The idea of using the flowers he was naturally gifted in creating to make the jewelry his family made magical or enchanted excited him, however his excitement soon died down as Nyles began his descent into more morbid pass-times. Calm grew cold, and eventually blocked out most if not all that was happening in his life.

When the brothers were at the age of Nine, they were kidnapped by a minor god, the god took them in and began using them as their own personal guard dogs- the god made up an elaborate scheme to strengthen the brothers so he could climb haven’s ranks. Calm was against the plan, but complied due to the god tampering both the brother’s memories and using them along with blessings of new skills or strengths as “gifts” for the two whenever they complied with the god’s demand. Calm’s flowers were twisted into their draining state, and he was blessed with his Feral Sprint ability, both of which were given to make sure he was actually useful.

The brothers would suffer the god’s wrath for 8 years, being forced to do the god’s bidding by going to towns and cities and demanding sacrifices, destroying cities that did not comply, and generally causing mayhem and havoc in the name of a god they did not believe in. Eventually the two managed to escape, fleeing back to voxis with only vague memories of their past.

This however, did not end their destructive nature. far too corrupt; the two began to continue what they had done for 8 years, however this time no one was spared. They would live free from the reigns of an overlord for three more years, after then they both were caught and forced to join Enhalo. Collared and contained, Calm submitted if only to save his and his brother’s life, and joined the school as a Student.

Overview: Calm is a rather Scared individual, he cares and loves his friends and family dearly but he suffers from a plethora of anxiety inducing fears and worries, causing him to be partially volatile- mostly to himself. 

While he’s not as morbid as his brother, he does still have the tendency of not knowing a person’s boundaries when speaking. Causing others to feel upset or down because of his scared or self-negligent attitude. He has very little self worth and needs a lot of help.


  • Unlike his brother, his mouth is completely normal (sadly) 
  • The collar that was once on his neck limits his strengths and abilities to prevent casualties, A petition was announced to get the collar removed and has- but due to his kidnapping and attacking of students he now has a different limiter on him. 
  • flowers constantly grow and bloom at his feet In any form, then reverse and recede back into the ground when he moves away from where he was standing. 
  • He has a vast knowledge of plants that can be used in multiple ways, he has some favorites he likes to use  
  • He has a soft spot for gems and minerals
  • If you can’t find him anywhere he’s probably in the Mine reading, he won't tell anyone this however so you’ll have to find it out on your own
  • He’s soft spoken but can also end up saying negligent or mean things without meaning to- knowing he's hurt someone emotionally can devastate him
  • He created a potion then enchanted it’s effect on a ring that’s on his middle finger (left hand) so that he can turn the gem that’s on it to change the color of his hair
  • Throughout his life he’s been reading books about Apothecary and while he’s pretty talented in making potions, and due to his job as an enchanter and potion maker at Levant's potions- he's able to do a variety of things from disenchanting to enchanting- most of which however is vanity or demon related. 
  • His skin is flawless and very soft, almost unnaturally so
  • He can play the Harp due to the god's request for him to play for him, he can memorize songs after listening to them once or twice. thankfully he enjoys the sound of a harp so it wasn't that upsetting for him to learn. Due to being able to play the harp playing the piano is second nature to him due to it being generally the same (obviously he would be much better on the harp than piano)
  • While he doesnt have the skills or abilities for certain things, due to his high talents in herbology and the ability to create these rare or useful plants or flowers, he's able to achieve similar or identical effects. the main example would be Taming- this "taming" is more morbid and parasitical though.
  • His twin brother is Nyles Iliad, Nyles no longer really remembers him due to an incident, however


Crowned Blue Topaz Trial of the Soul Shrine: A
Crowned Blue Topaz Trial of the Body Shrine: B
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