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Batch5a [Closed] [3/3] [Reupload] [paypal+points] by Ryis Batch5a [Closed] [3/3] [Reupload] [paypal+points] by Ryis
Dont like any of the characters here? my commissions are open!

Species: (From left to right)

Scissors Witch Sold to :iconandronicusvii:
Bad Wolf Sold to :iconcressiecake:
Tangerine Rabbit ON sold to :iconcressiecake: (for :iconroiaru:)

- Once purchased the character belongs solely to the buyer
- The Character cannot be used for commercial purposes without permission first. (A Fee would be introduced and would be discussed)
- Do not claim the character design as your own creation. You do not need to credit me every time you use the adopt but dont say you created it yourself from scratch.
-Personality, age, and other details are up to the owner.
- you can pay via paypal or DA points, the conversion is 100DA points=$1.00 (since DA takes a percentage)
- if there's two people bidding the same amount, whoever bids with money would be the highest.
- For an extra fee, color palettes and certain minor edits can be done to the character.
- I do not need to hear "those are too expensive", any comments of such will be deleted. It's fine to think that way, but without giving me any input about prices it just makes me feel really frustrated and upset. :c

Price Rules:
The price for each character is $15 (1500 points)
there is slight haggle room, but dont get your hopes up too much :C.
Once a character is sold their name on the species list will be scratched off.
once you buy a character i will note you, please dont send points or pay in any way until i say so.

Due to the large amount of trolls and negative comments on this batch, i had to reupload im sorry; because it'll probably just happen again please send any offers via notes to me

By the way i have one Custom Slot open! If you want your own Custom Bottle Heir, Tamer, Aqueous or Lunar Angel, do go check that out!
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August 21, 2013
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