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Application - Nova Trick by Ryis Application - Nova Trick by Ryis
Name: Nova Trick
Age:  19
Birthday:  May 25th
Gender: Male
Orientation: an image of a rotating Popsicle   
Species:  Cat?????

Height:  5'0
Build:  skeeeny
Hair Color:  Blue
Eye Color:  Rad Red

Title: Imagination
Illusionary Dimension - He can bring people into, or project out an illusion world created from his imagination. Depending on how they enter changes certain things such as mana consumption and visual changes in the real world.

-Bringing people in:
When bringing a willing participant into the dimension, trick causes the visual form of their body to disappear, leaving "ghosts" in their place. These ghosts can still be interacted with, and strongly sensed by even the weakest of perception (including human perception), the ghosts are just not seen. An outside visitor can touch a person, and the person will feel the touch- the visitor also can feel the person normally. When too much force is exerted on a participant (such as being pushed or shoved) they will snap back into the real world, become visible, and disappear from Trick's room. While a willing participant (or multiple) are inside the room, trick can use them passively as a source of mana to keep the room open for plenty of hours. this is mostly for training mentally, or just general leisure time- it has no real advantage in the battlefield due to people still being able to be sensed and injured in the real world, along with trick's form still being in the area visibly.

At this point Trick goes partially unconscious if he's comfortable with the surroundings, he can wake up very easily however depending on if he sees something worrying, most the time he can only be so much awake, only to the point that he can talk to the people outside the room to see whats going on. He'd have to eject everyone out if he wanted to move his body which can be straining on him due to the sudden burst of energy. 

It's important to know that while unconscious trick's "diamond" appears outside their body, in front of their forehead or in the center of the area if there's more than one person inside the room. This is their 'eye' to the real world, and also the visual representation of his thoughts and personality, it's tangeable, and can be a very dangerous thing to lose, if someone were to take the diamond from him while he was in his trick room Trick's body would awaken, however it'd be much like a soulless puppet to the being who's holding the diamond. Trick would be trapped inside his room, and unable to truly see what's going on. shadow-like beings would appear in the illusion world to represent the real world equivelant at this point in time, which can also be visualized as people trick knows as his brain tries to figure out what's going on. This information isnt known to trick himself. 

People who are unwilling to participate in Trick’s illusions will not leave ghosts behind, and instead they will move in real life relating to what happens in Trick’s room. Along with this, the unwilling participants will also withhold sharing mana to fuel the illusion. Thus, Trick cannot hold the illusion for a long amount of time. Altogether it can sum up to a 5 minute long illusion without any help with outside mana sources, however a far shorter period is far more common, and mana regenerates during the down time when he’s not using his ability.  

While maintaining this illusion, Trick experiences a double vision of sorts, he sees both the real world, and illusions overlapping, which can cause strain on him physically, as well as make the scene hard to follow. By closing his eyes he is able to focus on the illusion scene only, however, this leaves him open to attacks if he is not listening and focused (though it is rare for him to lose focus). At this point in time there is no physical diamond outside his body, and it is instead found inside his eyes. 

If anyone under the illusion is attacked in the “real world”, the illusion will automatically be broken while giving time for the victim to react. If this happens, the victim will also be alerted to Trick’s location relative to them, preventing most possibilities of a sneak attack from Trick himself. This can be avoided by Trick however, as long as the illusion is not broken suddenly. By slowly weening the victim out of the room, he can keep his location hidden and avoid alerting his enemies.

Trick can also use his illusions to simulate pain in his victims, however, they will not translate to real life or leave any injuries or scars, and when the illusion is broken the pain would fade away. Pain that Trick inflicts through illusions cannot pass a threshold which would cause the victim to pass out or otherwise be unable to continue fighting, however they can still suffer from shock if not fully capable of dealing with sudden pain.

Minor Skill(s): 

Projecting, unlike the Trick room, works as a standalone illusion. Trick is able to project imaginary instances in and out of battle. This ability takes more or less mana depending on how the illusions are interacted with. Multiple people partaking in the illusion, or especially others interacting with the illusion will drain mana from trick more quickly than to just have someone seeing the illusion.

Trick cannot use projections to hide dangers from his victims. This includes weapons and incoming attacks. If a victim were to attempt to interact with any illusions that in reality could cause harm to them, the projection would break in time for the victim to react. This is not true for illusions that seem to be harmful, but in reality are not.

-Imagination Share (Part of Projection)
Due to Trick’s imaginative mind a lot of projections are created without trick meaning to. These illusions work much like the projection, however they use little to no mana, and trick cannot control them at all. The longer someone is around trick, or the closer they are to him in a relationship standpoint, the more tangible and elaborate the illusions become, to the point that people can start to lose the ability to tell reality apart from illusion. 

-They're not Real
Trick is able to summon one creature from his mind at a time to fight for him. Most summons hold no significance unless trick desires something strongly enough, things such as his fears and feelings are put into play with his desire summons, these desires are mental based, not situational (a long desire to have someone to trust, the desire to think clearly, a desire to escape from his own mind etc, not the need for something to solve an immediate problem), when this desire is strong enough a creature representing that will become their main summon until the desire has faded or been solved. This creature is an extension of trick and thus holds almost the same strengths as trick, however they share wounds and exhaustion to an extent. Their max size is 7ft- no matter the summon their strengths will not change, just the way they utilize what they have. 

[Here's the stats just so it's easier to understand]
Health: :bulletred::bulletred:
Strength: :bulletred::bulletred::bulletred:
Speed: :bulletred::bulletred::bulletred::bulletred:
Evasive: :bulletred::bulletred::bulletred:

If a summon is killed during it's time summoned trick will be wounded moderately to semi-majorly (not deadly, but still enough to leave him at a large dangerous disadvantage). 

Desire based summons usually have a special out of combat 'power', to direct trick to solving the reason they were summoned. An example being undetermined future sight, but specifically for trick's possible future. This cannot be used for demon battles or anything of the sort however due to the stress during a fight clouding their thoughts. (It's mostly for plot points, note most skills are literally like oh they're giving him messages about what might happen or they stop his illusions for a time to give him clarity while they talk with him, they cannot bring people back to life or do things to strip the will of a being or creature, nor can they create something out of nothing)

A summon has it's own thought process, they wont blindly follow trick's orders- while they are his ally, they arent his slaves.

 -Mini Map
Trick is able to use his illusions (mixed with mana and a bit of his life (blood)) to map out and draw on a general location. This is done by an initial ‘eye’ (a ink like blob) being thrown into the air and scanning the area, projecting a smaller 3d map wherever trick needs it, trick can then use the ink to draw on the minimap, causing what he draws to appear on the real world equivalent. these illusions cant block sight (just makes everything red-tinted) so it cant be used to blind people, and just lasts until he turns off the ‘eye’ or if his mana runs out. the map auto updates and works like a recording of the area, so movements are recorded. the ink is not touchable so it cant be used as platforms. The ‘eye’ cant see through walls, but if there’s openings or open doors they can scan that location and add it on as well.

Weapon:  Sword (mostly only uses the sheath though as a blunt weapon to wind people if it came to it
Weapon Type:  short ranged
Combat Style:  
Trick doesn't fight, and instead uses his illusions to prevent creatures and beings from hurting them along with aiding allies in any way they can. They dodge, change the attacker's point of interest (by showing visuals of betrayal and things following this) along with using their illusions as a sort of "shadow self", leaving afterimages of themselves as they move somewhere else safely. This however doesn't mean he's not skilled in swordplay, being as he trained since he was very young- he's quick and effective if the need ever arises, it's very rare he'd ever hit to kill though, only to knock out or subdue. Most the time he just uses his large amount of stamina to tire out others instead of actually fighting, then trying to call a truce  

House:  Aivis'ra
Major: Illusion Magic
Program:  Demigod
Occupation:  x

Likes:  Colors, shapes, flowers, food, other things
Dislikes:  not a lot of stuff, he's pretty accepting, extreme selfishness is the only thing i can think of, and people who are mean to his friends
Hobbies:  Illusions, Roleplaying (sweats), other things
Personality:  Friendly, bubbly, gentle, kind, strange, distant possibly- we'll see. Doesn't seem to have a lot of self worth

Home Region:  Somewhere in the Northern area of voxis, most likely near ruby and sapphire

Born to the leaders of a relatively large sized town, Trick was blessed with the sign of heirs; a triangle shape formed in his eyes only seconds after being born. His father was excited, knowing that the son that would take over the reigns had finally arrived. Being a man of strength, trick's father, Orion, undoubtedly hated magic. His mother, Ivy, however- was neutral in the situation, though as trick was born she could feel the large amount of magical power her child possessed. This part of Trick of course was not told to Orion. Orion gave Trick a name following his family's lineage, naming him after the god of the stars- he was promptly called "Nova", his second name was to be given by his Mother, who at the time held against naming him just yet due to her wanting to see how he is instead of thrusting a name onto him that does not fit. 

Time passed, as soon as Nova was able to, Orion began strength training with his young child, obviously not doing anything too much, just generally letting him play fight with his older siblings. As time went however, the play fights became much more real, Orion would never let his children get actually harmed however. During this time, Nova had noticed his abilities, and worried about his father's reaction- went to Ivy for help, his mother was shocked, not because of the abilities, but because of the potential her son had, she immediately began helping him practice behind his father's back- letting him practice without worry. His mother also warns him to never, under any circumstances, show his father his abilities- and despite being young, trick understands that his mother's words are very, very important. 

Years passed, he continued his training with his father and his mother, eventually his second name was given to him by his mother, being called "Trick". His mother began to dislike Orion's ways on seeing the world, calling his other children down who showed signs of magic, despite it being very common to the point that Orion himself had magic too, be it unused. Eventually Ivy would leave Orion, bringing trick with them- Trick would however still be required to see his dad for training, which he did to keep everyone at peace. 


This continued until he moved away, heading to random places until he found a home in the town next to enhalo, where he was found by scouts after he managed to take down a handful of bandits trying to rob a store, he stood out due to the fact that he did not touch the thieves at all, but still managed to subdue them for the guards in record time. He accepted the invitation to Enhalo

Overview:  A very happy blue cat(?)

 -He likes to draw
 -He has a bracelet that he never takes off, ever ever ever
 -Once a person gets too far into the imagination share, depending on how well they can deal with illusions will either be able to snap out of it, or become so involved that the only thing that feels real in their world is Trick's eyes
 -Most of the imagination visions people see are positive, it's very strange to see something negative. 
 -Yes, people who are blind can also be affected by the illusions, and while they're in his box they can see since his illusions are projected to them, not just shown

-⋆⋆Stats note:
He's strong offensively due to his strength training, but never really uses that potential. As stated before he'd never really harm someone, specially someone with reason behind their attack (cant help it/being controlled, doing it for family, anything that isnt greed or anything extremely selfish). Usually if it came to fighting someone with a positive goal he'd either force them to stop fighting (not really surrendering to him? more like a truce). Or if that's not a choice let them take his life. Negative goal he'd still try to scare them into stopping or just using the lower strength to defeat them or let themselves be defeated but not killed (he'd run away before that if it was a possibility, probably using his illusions to hide himself) the only time he'd really fight full force is when he's gone through something very emotional, so like seeing a loved one get killed, or having an overwhelming feeling of pride (the only time i can see this happen is like.. if more than one person is cheering him on so that's pretty yeah.. rare), or if he's being instigated by a negatively powered enemy (so basically someone who's fighting him for greed calling him down or his friends, im not meaning like 'you're weak' im meaning like telling him that once he's dead they'll go to his friends and hurt them, or that he's not good enough to care for his friends, he's very friend orientated, being called weak is nothing to him so it's not anything like that) 


:thumb527801430: Life Shrine - B

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