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Have You Touched The Holder's Boulder??

Have you accepted the new best Pie into your Top Tier ponies yet?
You should.
(I'm saying this for your own sake, buddy.)

Anyways, super fast fanart of the last episode: 
Hearthbreakers, which I really liked.
The episode was a good balance between the usual "WTF?" and the lore expanding stuff that we have in this season, imho.

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I had a hard time understanding what the hell was wrong with her. XD
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An apt phrase for this I feel, since it feels really animeish XD
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Ripple Overdrive!
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It appears whatever you were trying to give me has been deleted
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oooh, A jojo reference I get you now XD
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Well, the inspiration was somewhat anime-related.
Too bad I don't know how to read what you've written in Kanji, tho'.
Nor it's meaning.
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I can't see why not. Who knew that Limestone could use the Ripple? xD
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XD it basically says "Your death will not be swift, I fear for this"
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Oh god you're REALLY everywhere!
Hi, dreadumasteru!
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Kinda have to be when you're out looking for new people to help you with game stuff.

Anyways, Howdy Crax.
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All the madness
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I'd hug her...but I want to keep all my limbs attached to my body.
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That's a wise decision
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That was a good episode for sure. I thought she sounded a lot like Buttercup from Powerpuff girls
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Unfortunately I've never seen PPG :C

But yeah, it was good. More space for the BG characters is always good.
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She was the best.
Loved how possessive she was. It wasn't "my family's farm", it was "MY farm".
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Ahahahah, yes!
She was super aggressive and direct and I loved that. That boldness of her, which makes Limestone really stand out in a world of nice, colorful beings. Even if this makes her kinda of a "Gilda 2", but whatever.
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