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Pronounced like "Real", rēəl
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wynnchi was here, ry is a butt
ahueahueahuehuehue 3/26/2018 wtf is this keyboard jfc

So, I have been inactive for a really long time, even more than usual. Not only on Deviantart but on all of my other platforms and after some help from Wynnchi, a friend and another artist who I respect and admire with every fiber of my being I finally mustered up the courage to say why.
For the past few months I’ve been the target of stalking, abuse and what I can only describe as “hate art” and a smear campaign conducted by LD-Draws / GreyFuzzButt.
But before we proceed, some background informations thanks to Wynnchi.

During December of 2017, LD (formerly GreyFuzzButt) had temporarily left the furry community before because she had copied another artist's style on FurAffinity by the name of Kihu. Kihu, concerned over this, had called her out on Twitter, after attempting to fix the issue.… Kihu's callout,… statement from Kihu,… another one,
and people making comparisons:…
(Kihu's recount of the events:… )
 Several months later in 2018, she came back under a new name, LD, and began posting in the r/Spyro server.

When she joined the r/Spyro server in the middle of May, I immediatly recognized her, being familiar with the events that happened between her and Kihu-Blue. Even tho I knew, I thought that what I had heard up to that point was exaggerated, as furry drama tends to be, and thought (foolishly) that her case was sympathetic and that maybe she had been set up and decided to help her clear up her name by aiding in the production of a fan comic for The Legend of Spyro, a property of which we’re both fans of. I of course didn’t knew what I was signing up for.
I had also helped her making a DeviantArt page, since she wanted to distance herself from the NSFW artworks she had on Furaffinity and would also frequently voice her displeasure with the site and the furry community as a whole.
The idea was to produce a fan comic that would’ve focused on the origins of Malefor, the games’ villain, on an original idea by LD. I would’ve aided her with co-writing the story, designing the characters and providing enviromental concept art as well as backgrounds and some paneling composition. LD would’ve been the comic’s director and would’ve provided the main character artworks for it as well as designing them with me and writing the story.
After a few weeks of concepts being tossed around I decided to bring Wynnchi onto the project as well, to aid with coloring and color palettes and it was after this that the first cracks began to appear.
Due to LD’s history with plagiarization, I would often be very critical of some of LD’s design choices, since they would appear too similar to those of other artists of the fandom. These critiques would often spiral in quick arguments but nothing that wouldn’t be solved eventually after a few hours.

What did broke the camel’s back was an argument that happened in the Legend of Spyro (TLOS) discord fanserver, and it was about the topic of the importance of proper education in the art field.
In the server,
we were talking with an highschooler that was very excited at the prospect of starting to study animation in college, to which she replyed to this person that art school was not a necessesity to work in the industry and was trying to imply that they should consider not pursuing higher education, using herself as an example of a self made artist.
I disagreed, stating that if one has the possiblity to further their education, they should indeed do that, if their choice is to work in that specific field.
This quickly turned into an argument between me and LD, which I then moved into PM, trying to reason with her. Here you can find screenshots of what it was said:

As you can see from images, after the argument it was decided that me and Wynnchi would’ve withdraw ourselves from the project and she was prohibited from using any of the materials that we had giver her and decided, through mutual agreement, to move on from this, going separate ways.
This happened on the 25th of June, 2018.
Although, as you can imagine, this wasn’t the end and, even tho she had blocked me, LD kept reading my messages anyways and started to make public jabs at me, causing Wynn to act as a medium between us and spending many hours
trying to solve the issues that would arise. Thankfully, after moderators were involved in the case, LD seemed to cease this behavior, although only temporarily.

A few days after this, I had received another message from LD, a so called “final” one, which included a link for a folder on her DeviantArt, containing out of context screenshots of messages I had sent in the r/Spyro and TLOS servers, cherry picked to fit a narrative that she was pushing through the descriptions she would apply to these images,
to paint me as god-knows what kind of prick.
From then, the folder would constantly get updated throughout the months up until a few weeks ago, with screenshots of even private conversations being added there. Narratives would change and get shuffled around, depending on what it was suitable to her or to whoever she was showing this “evidence” that she claimed was done to “expose the “artist” Ryhaal Wander”.
After reading that message and seeing what she was doing, fed up with her, I simply decided to block her and haven’t spoke to her since. It was the 1st of August, 2018.

After I had blocked her, she would continue to try and argue with me in the channels of the TLOS server, in which me and Wynn were moderators, going so far to question my ability to efficiently moderate the server to the then owner Coffee / Cynder_Restored / Echo The Dragon and suggesting I should be removed from the role simply because I had den
ied to pin one of her posts:…8-08-11-14-59-09.png?width=320&height=569

She would then leave the server, only to rejoin it a few weeks later like nothing had happened for the sole purpose (that she herself admitted) of advertising her own art and commission
This perpetual leaving and then rejoining, along with her erratic behavior
and frequent arguments with other users had become a problem to the moderation team, until it was decided through a vote to just straight up ban her from the server for disregarding some of its core rules.
This seemed to finally set things right, until a few weeks later, Coffee unbeknownst to anybody else in the moderation team, decided to lift the ban for LD in the middle of the night after she was contacted by her, asking for a second chance.
LD would then swiftly rejoin the server and had started promoting herself once again as well as antagonize other users. This of course didn’t last long, and after another discussion between us mods, she was then booted from the server once again.

Once permanently banned from the TLOS server she started to be more active back in the r/Spyro server and updated her folder once more, now targeting both me and the rest of the moderation team over at TLOS, including Coffee, which at that time had a boyfriend that we discovered was friends with LD, going by the username of Anuon_Rinor / BlackDragonOfDeath-3.
It was then found out that Anuon had replaced me in LD’s comic project as the new co-writer and that she had decided to continue it, still using some of the materials that me and Wynnchi provived without our consent.

At this point more and more of my screenshots were flowing into LD’s folder and I would even see her icon pop onto my DeviantArt page, under the “visitor” widget a handful of times.
Growing ever so stressed and anxious about the idea of being stalked I started to reduce my online activity by then, posting in only a selected two private servers.
So LD’s tacticts became even more obsessive. She had then started to publish a so called “vent comic” called “Sealing Old Wounds” featuring my dragon OC, Vaeltaa, being attacked and maimed by her own sona and implyed in the descriptions that the comic was very personal to her, would’ve been 5 pages long and would’ve featured gore.
This of course happened with no consent given what so ever. She would post updates to this comic on her Twitter, Furaffinity and DeviantArt pages, proudly displaying it for all to see. I had also got a note through DeviantArt by her, showcasing her desire for me to “suffer” and to “never become successful”.
222 333 444
Note by Ryhaal

This would continue until another user called her out on r/Spyro, to which she tried to defend herself claiming that the comic was a parodic work. At w
hich point, me and Wynn, fed up with her decided to join and revealed what was going on in front of all the people present in the channel at the time, asking even for moderation to be involved in this which prompeted her to be banned from this server as well.

After being banned from two servers she had then decided to create her own
and also went back on posting on Furaffinity as well, apparently having changed her mind in regards to the community there and the possibility of NSFW artwork.
She also started to update her folder again, this time inciting at possible plagiarism that I had done regarding the design of my dragon OC, Vaeltaa, saying that I had copied DrakArts’ Ceagok image and design and used it as a base to create my own character. A quick look at the dates disproves this theory as my OC was created on May 20th 2018 while Drak-Art’s picture was uploaded later on July 29th.
LD would then also start to upload pictures in a folder called “bad art” where she took a couple of my artworks and edited them without any permission as an attempt to “critique”. These files have since been deleted but I have managed to save copies of them in the MEGA archives, down below.
10b by Ryhaal  Ceagok by Drak-Arts Frosty boi V2.0 by Ryhaal

From this, our positions in regards the moderation of the TLOS server started to be more and more uncertain. We (all the collective moderation team minus one person), had gotten into several disputes. The owner, Coffee had become impossible to work with and, Wynnchi along with another mod, decided to have me and Coffee temporarily removed from the server, since she would constantly butt heads with me and I had gotten fed up with her.
I obliged, leaving without any resistance and taking the time to relax and regain energy.
Too bad that once I came back, I had learned that Coffee decided to become friends with LD and started advocating for her re-ammission in the TLOS server once more. We refused and after another argument, me and Wynnchi left TLOS entirely.
This sparked instability inside of the server, which lead to another occasion of “hate art”. A picture called “Dead Meat”, featuring my OC, Vaeltaa, or rather his corpse being eaten by LD’s sona, while Coffee’s tells her to stop in an over-the-top cartoonish and comedic manner.

Wynnchi also had a couple of experiences with LD’s friend, a case with Anuon specifically.
Here it is copypasted from her journal:
In a private server, LD as a topic had come up occasionally since then, either in a brief moment or in more detailed discussion, and in one instance of this, I had been told by Anuon_Rinor to “not shittalk”, and “I’m watching you Wynn, sweetheart”.……
Taking this as an attempt at censorship directly towards myself (as no other person had been told to do this) I had stood my ground by saying that if anyone wanted to tell me something like this, to keep it solely to DM. Further on, Ryhaal had made a vent post in the venting channel, where he had expressed his upset towards the fandom and towards the treatment he had gotten, only to then receive a Note on DeviantART from LD (he had forgotten to block her there) titled Suffer.…
Upon looking into her “Evidence” Stash, it was found out that a screencap had been taken of Ryhaal’s vent in the private server. Because of this, he had ceased activity there as well.

Since then I had almost stopped any online activity at all. Living in constant fear of LD or her friends stalking me. Having to constantly monitor what I’m saying, where I’m saying it, with who, knowing that they could be watching and picking any of my words out of context for them to be used against me.
My sleep started to become more patchy and erratic as her smearing tactics grew.
She had been obsessed with me for some reason. She had decided that I, even more than Kihu-Blue, was an enemy of her.

All because I had disagreed with her over some petty argument and I didn’t wanted for her to use my work in her projects.

I couldn’t stand it. I can’t stand it.

So, after talking with a close friend and another arti
st and listening to their counsel I, along with Wynnchi have decided to come forward with this once and for all and making it all public. As I can’t allow this to continue.
So please, be very careful around these people. And know that LD-Draws / GreyFuzzButt is an abuser that projects her own faults onto others, using them as scapegoats to avoid taking any responsability for her actions,
using childish tactics in a perpetual behavioral pattern of
things happen > she leaves > comes back like nothing happened > repeat

This has happened before with Kihu-Blue and is now happening with me.
She is 21 years old. She’s too old to not be held accountable for her action and I have been living in fear this past few months because of her and her friends. At the time of writing, the hate art LD has made is still up on all of her galleries a
nd I have yet to receive any sort of apology from any of them. Also, when confronted about this by another user, she just shrugged it off.
  LD being an ass 1 by Ryhaal

This is not just drama, this is straight up abuse.

Please don’t stand for it.

Here's a MEGA link for all me and Wynnchi have as proof:!0l0ElQJb!dgal7Xyonh…
I have contemplated pursuing legal action against her, and even tho I financially able to do so, I have decided against it for the time being, hoping that this would be enough.
I also wouldn't want this to escalate into witch hunting. I do not condone that type of action. If you're gonna confront them about this please be civil with them.

Turns out that Coffee and Anuon Rinor were victims as much as I was of LD's lies and they fell for them just like I did, only to then realize her true colors at their own expense.
They have since apologized to me and Wynnchi and we've decided to move on from this.


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