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Esmeralda Repainted Doll OOAK

Esmeralda repainted doll OOAK
From Disney's "The Hunchback of Notre Dame" 1996
Base doll : Mattel Esmeralda doll, 11.5"
Face repainted, Hair and eyelushes restyled, Body changed
Completed : May 2019

For more details check the website.
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I think both the original and repaint look amazing you did great on her 😊
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This is really beautiful work. I love all of your Disney custom dolls, and this one is one of my favorites. I have to ask, what kind of body did you use to replace her original? I ask because I've been trying to find a suitable replacement for my own Esmeralda projects for the future.
RYfactory's avatar
Thank you so much. I used the Barbie Laurie Hernandez doll's body. I hope your work goes well.
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Thank you so much!--for both the information, and the wish of luck.
crystal-of-ix's avatar
She looks beautiful! I used to have a dancing Esmeralda when I was young. I remember her being so pretty!

I like that you're using the older dolls now since they have the nostalgia factor.
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Thank you! Me too, I like Mattel Esmeralda dolls, it's so good quality.
crystal-of-ix's avatar
I still have an old Jasmine doll (though her neck broke due to overuse). The hair was so realistic on that particular doll!

I also still have the original Aladdin doll. Ironically, he's a replacement since the first one's head fell off within a day.
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