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WINPANELS 1.1 for RainMeter


Version 1.1 Released!

- Changed to fix the bug where it would generate the current month's date over a previous month's date in week 1.
- Updated Games & Apps to have independent files that correlate to each.
- To Edit G & A, locate the elipses in the top right corner, then edit appropriately. Once your config file has saved, click the Check mark. This will now refresh with your current settings.
- To Edit your music player, locate the eplipses in the top right corner and click Change Player. Then select your player appropriately. Once done, click the Check mark. This will refresh your music player and album art to reflect the change.
- Updated the editor to include a different array of colors, plus a CUSTOM THEME option!
- Added 2 additional fonts to Editor.

If you'd like more game images, reference my YouTube Tutorial

Version 1.0 Released!

Hello fellow Rainmeter Lovers! I've created a new floating Rainmeter skin, with several customizable features.

First, I will start off by telling you a little about my latest skin!


The top panel allows you to load in the different panels of the skin. Each panel floats by itself, so you can move it however you wish!

The far right gear in the SHOW/HIDE bar allows the most customization, which involves changing the font and the color!

If you load the skin theme and the fonts look don't appear to work, navigate to WINPANELS/resources and locate the Fonts folder. Install each of the fonts included.

The calendar will automatically change to the next month when it comes, highlighting the current day. Left Click / Right Click the time to alternate between 12-hour and 24-hour time.
[Special thanks to Limpet, for Rainmeter Calendar]

The music player is easily modifiable. Currently, it is set as iTunes. Clicking the panel's title bar will open up a new panel that will allow you to select YOUR music player.
This panel shows what's playing, and clicking any of the six icons have basic functions. Click the Album view icon on the far left to switch your calendar into an album art viewer. Clicking the X in the top right of the panel reverts it back to the calendar. The rest of the icons are straightforward.

The games and apps menu will launch, well, your games and apps. To change these, click on the title bar of the panel. To see more games and less apps, click on vertical bar between the games and the apps. To undo this, simply do the same thing again.

This panel simply shows your RAM, CPU, and GPU usage. Not much here, but if you are experiencing spikes, clicking this panel will open up your task manager where you can see what's going on with your computer!

Once again, pretty straightforward. The Power option has a shutdown button and a restart button, from left to right, respectively. The Sleep icon puts your computer to sleep, and Lock button locks your PC without logging you out. This is a super useful tool that I've found myself using frequently!

The most important panel (in my opinion) is the editor. This will allow you to change your color theme, and your font. If you've installed the fonts, simply clicking the check box next to your preferred font will automatically select this as the WINPANELS' font! Simply click the X in the top right of the panel to close this once you're done!

I hope you're as excited as I am! I will provide updates as needed! Perhaps I'll even create more panels! ;)
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this piece is cool!

Looks great! I like it.

Can I make it so that the only game icons are my games

Excelente diseño

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Looks great , thanks for sharing :clap:

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