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Sloof's Supershop - The Meteorite Milkshake :iconrye-bread:RYE-BREAD 58 12
Positronic :iconrye-bread:RYE-BREAD 175 36
The Girl in the Blue Hat by RYE-BREAD The Girl in the Blue Hat :iconrye-bread:RYE-BREAD 253 17 A Journey Through Imagination by RYE-BREAD A Journey Through Imagination :iconrye-bread:RYE-BREAD 139 7 The Music Machine by RYE-BREAD The Music Machine :iconrye-bread:RYE-BREAD 81 4
Sloof's Supershop :iconrye-bread:RYE-BREAD 112 17
Prince Postlethwaite by RYE-BREAD Prince Postlethwaite :iconrye-bread:RYE-BREAD 225 7
Far Away :iconrye-bread:RYE-BREAD 637 111
Spacetime Fabric Softener :iconrye-bread:RYE-BREAD 294 53
The Wall by RYE-BREAD The Wall :iconrye-bread:RYE-BREAD 325 17 Broke Bird by RYE-BREAD Broke Bird :iconrye-bread:RYE-BREAD 819 121 The War of Cyborg Liberation by RYE-BREAD The War of Cyborg Liberation :iconrye-bread:RYE-BREAD 93 7
Oceans, Robots, and Outer Space :iconrye-bread:RYE-BREAD 765 172
Professor Soap - Chapter 1 by RYE-BREAD Professor Soap - Chapter 1 :iconrye-bread:RYE-BREAD 125 20 Acoustic Keytar by RYE-BREAD Acoustic Keytar :iconrye-bread:RYE-BREAD 212 17 KABOOM by RYE-BREAD KABOOM :iconrye-bread:RYE-BREAD 303 23 TACO PIZZA HIGH FIVE by RYE-BREAD TACO PIZZA HIGH FIVE :iconrye-bread:RYE-BREAD 545 24 Pokeball Component Breakdown by RYE-BREAD Pokeball Component Breakdown :iconrye-bread:RYE-BREAD 800 73 Double Unicorn by RYE-BREAD Double Unicorn :iconrye-bread:RYE-BREAD 437 56 Autumn in St. Borkshireburg by RYE-BREAD Autumn in St. Borkshireburg :iconrye-bread:RYE-BREAD 1,118 60 Fatstronaut by RYE-BREAD Fatstronaut :iconrye-bread:RYE-BREAD 493 41 Danger Planet Character Design by RYE-BREAD Danger Planet Character Design :iconrye-bread:RYE-BREAD 255 32 MONKEY KICKKKK by RYE-BREAD MONKEY KICKKKK :iconrye-bread:RYE-BREAD 199 23 Harry Potter Storyboards by RYE-BREAD Harry Potter Storyboards :iconrye-bread:RYE-BREAD 78 13


petiteacara Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2012
You, sir, are doing some super epic stuff that I enjoy very much.
I hope you step on a lego, to express all the pain I feel inside while watching your work.

Sincerely, an envious watcher
MarkIvan Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2012  Professional Traditional Artist
Fantastic gallery, you're very talented
Marcotonio-desu Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2012
WOW, this gallery is filled with impulse and sudden inspiration, I'm totally watching! xD
I just saw the thumbnails and already got one or two laughs, now I'll browse them one by one.

Congratulations for the DD and I hope you don't mind me sitting here.
Exed-Exodus Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2012  Hobbyist
I love how your art shows story behind itself. It makes it all the more interesting. Yet another font of inspiration. Awesome
Sab4ngeL Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
incredible gallery! so eclectic (I don't even know if that word exists in english :lol: )
olbillyboy Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2011
like your works!
astrozombiie Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2011
Sweet Gallery mate
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