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i always wanted to paint a mer-dude.
check out the high-res here

EDIT: apparently he looks like a guy named sora, which (after googling him) is totally true. also, there seems to be a tv episode of "the little mermaid" with the same plot. le sigh...

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She knew that it was over.

She knew that soon, very soon the safety glass, fractured and breaking would give way...

...and yet, even as the water trickled in, even as the grim reaper drifted closer and closer, death was not the foremost thing on her mind.

He floated there just inches away from the glass, gazing at her with his large glistening purple eyes.

A young mer-man.

Never, never in all her days had she beheld a face as charming, a face as captivating as his. Purple scales, like freckles adorned the pale smooth skin on both of his shoulders and a main of cinnamon hued hair danced about his head.

She reached out, her fingertips ever so tenderly kissing the surface of the glass as the two locked eyes.

Pain, remorse, and a deeply personal heartache danced in those brilliantly violet eyes of his.

"we will meet soon..." she sighed morosely as she traced her fingers across his face through the glass. "...soon I will be embraced, through death..."