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Daily Deviation
December 7, 2007
A Guide to Monster Anatomy by *RYE-BREAD is technically amazing, full of humor and very original, plus it shows a good use of textures. It reminds me of some kind of torn fantasy book... and at the same time it is simply epic.
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A Guide to Monster Anatomy


>>Ever wonder what lives under your bed, or in your closet? Ever wonder what they look like on the inside? I did ^_^ It's a big image, so please be patient while it loads :]

PSCS3 (sketching)
Painter XI (linework)
Maya 8 (various bones)

& lots of anatomy books from the library.

Enjoy! <3

oh btw, thanks to whoever flagged a ten-pixel tall monster penis as "mature content". fucking grow up, will you?
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cryoflower's avatar
agggg, that last one is just GORGEOUS!! the detail on the bones is absolutely amazing!
Dimas10's avatar
Jueee que loco esta esto
sfepan's avatar
Excellent!! some details are extremely funny ))) 
gdbankai's avatar
The Octopus looking one kind of threw me off with all it's bonces cine most cephalopod don't have any O.o
Ericocaine's avatar
Absolutely gorgeous AND fun. Nicely done! ^^
Drawn-Imagination's avatar
AWESUMSAUCE, Flacid willy and everything ;)
padawanintraining's avatar
LOL these are so cool, I giggled a little when I read the first ones name
ScurvyNicole's avatar
this is just delightful!
scifieric's avatar
Oh! This is beautiful work!
Empty-Frames's avatar
dA says that a penis when flacid is fine right? XD

I just got in to monsters today because Im fed up of drawing people and this is really cool, I can imagine a whole thought process. Wonderful work
musigal's avatar
There are no bones in an octopus's's all muscle.
RYE-BREAD's avatar
of course, but then there wouldn't be anything inside the octopus for me to draw. and that would have been a very boring drawing.
musigal's avatar
Photoshop-Brushes's avatar
love it.... love looking through your gallery !!
haha this is fun
taibu's avatar
Very funny ideas :D hehehee keep going!
Pigeon90210's avatar
peannie's avatar
darkojamajo's avatar
why is this mature content?

sidpharcus's avatar
the illustration is great and your btw comment about the 'mature content' made me laugh. Great work and gallery
rocketmarie's avatar
This just makes me happy. :clap:
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