The Nevergiven Daily Deviations (August Issue)

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By rydi1689


Welcome fellow deviants! This will be a monthly series of nevergiven DD's! But to make it easier for you to read and for me to create, it will be divided in two articles that will be released every 15 days! Here you will find stunning pieces that for one reason or another have never been awarded with a DD =) I'll add a little description of why I chose each and why they are so fantastic :heart:.

It makes me really happy to announce that out of the deviations shown in past articles many have received their deserved DDs! Some others didn't but their artists got another piece selected as DD =)

:bulletred: 15 artists featured in The nevergiven DDs were given a Daily Deviation!
:bulletred: 8 pieces featured in The nevergiven DDs received their most deserved Daily Deviation!

Thank you everyone for making this possible :blowkiss:.

I hope you enjoy August's Nevergiven Daily Deviations!

Diamonds in the Sky by luciole by luciole

The flowing colours in Diamonds in the Sky by Luciole calm my mind and they give the overall piece an ethereal atmosphere.

The magician of earth by SARYTH by SARYTH

One of the most mind blowing pieces I've seen to date. I'm honestly lost for words!

A walk with Atanas by hyrohiku by hyrohiku

I'm floored by the amazing colouring style in A walk with Atanas by hyrohiku! The white background contrasting with the black smoke surrounding the guy makes him even more impressive.

:thumb132723777: by Maevachan

Those who make no mistakes in their pieces are good artists, but those who take their mistakes and turn them to something wonderful are even better artists. The green vampire by Maevachan is proof of that. The contrasting colours bring the character to focus, adding a misterious aura to her and a frightening mood to the artwork.

Before The Storm by Hellstern by Hellstern

This is truly something to behold! From the intricate detailing to the wondrous use of light, everything in Before The Storm by Hellstern is absolutely breath-taking!

Italy-APH by ayasemn by ayasemn

Italy - APH by ayasemn shows rich colouring and amazing attention to detail. The vivid colours along with the blissful expression on his face brings the character to life marvelously. The rest of her gallery is a must see!

:thumb125480882: by Mariyumi

So many feelings coming from this mesmerizing artwork! The contrasting colours seem to enhance her inner conflicts and yet, as she lies down on the ground confused and scared, with that sad gaze in her eyes, I can still see the last light of hope reflected in them. So inspiring!

the repentance by rudy-sumarso by rudy-sumarso

I'm seriously lost for words here. The colouring in the background seems to represent the evening of life as everything is destroyed in an instant and yet, the look in his eyes shows no fear, no despair, no sorrow, just trust. Sublime!

Field of Flowers by ZeroDivine by ZeroDivine

I love the vivid colours and the way the clouds seem to be moving at a really fast pace. Everything in this picture is too beautiful for words but all the feelings I get from looking at it are enough to make this worthy.

Peace and Quiet by eKBS by eKBS

This piece fills me with hope. The tender sulight against the tree, the blue sky and the soft grass are those small things that we tend to ignore, but they make me understand all the things that make life worth living whenever I look at Peace and Quiet by eKBS. Sublime!

For Gossymer by algenpfleger by algenpfleger and janaschi

Everything in this artwork has been carefully detailed to make it as breath-taking as it is. The wondrous lighting along with the flowing water sets a relaxing atmosphere making you feel all the life and freedom surrounding you. Toph is really brought to life by the magnificient job algenpfleger and janaschi did with the colouring, the look in her eyes and the way her foot is gently touching the water portray this character beautifully. A masterpiece!

:thumb106794269: by 13thSky

The perspective in this piece takes my breath away, and so do the intricate detailing on the building and the mysterious aura surrounding the character.

The legend of Zelda by Lavah by Lavah

A breathtaking rendition to this outstanding game! The vibrant colours, those wonderful expressions and the feelings coming from each of them all combined bring the characters to life marvelously!

Supreme Potter Nerdness by Kivae by Kivae

A huge fanart portraying almost all the characters in the series that shows how devoted this deviant is to the Harry Potter books! I'm seriously speechless!

God of War III- Cover Artwork by andyparkart by andyparkart

Now this is what a masterpiece looks like! Absolutely mind blowing!

Infinite Freedom by DolphyDolphiana by DolphyDolphiana

The mesmerizing colouring, beautiful composition and overall charming atmosphere are just a few reasons to love Infinite Freedom by dolphy!

Trinity Quest by pinkjellyo by pinkjellyo

I just came across this by chance and I was left speechless the very same moment I set eyes on it. Not only is this breathtakingly detailed but it also has unique style and marvelous compostition! Truly something to behold!

That's the end of August's Nevergiven Daily Deviations issue!

:bulletwhite: Due to my 2 week holiday I wasn't able to suggest many DDs this month so just one issue for August!

:bulletyellow: I hope you enjoyed these Nevergiven Daily Deviations :love:!

:bulletorange: If you find any you think deserves a DD go ahead and select the proper gallery moderator!

:bulletred: Don't know how to suggest a Daily Deviation? =)
Read this tutorial and suggest, suggest, suggest!


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MayModelStock's avatar
amzing collection <3
how'd u find all of these?
rydi1689's avatar
Browsing a lot :love:! I'm glad you like it!
Lavah's avatar
thankyou very much for this feature :hug: its an honor :heart:
rydi1689's avatar
You have such an inspiring gallery! It's full of wondrous pieces!:hug:
Lavah's avatar
andyparkart's avatar
Thanks so much for the DD! I'm honored! And to amongst such a variety of great work... Thank you very much!
rydi1689's avatar
You deserve a real one for such an amazing job! Keep it up :hug:!
Maevachan's avatar
Thank you for my green vampire ^^
rydi1689's avatar
A wonderful piece indeed :love:!
Kivae's avatar
Thanks so much for the mention! :thanks:
rydi1689's avatar
It's a great piece and I can see all the effort you put into it, suggesting it was a must :hug:
Baz135's avatar
Oh, just a note, it's possible that the APN pictures you've suggested have actually been placed for a DD but since ^kkart receives a staggering amount of suggestions daily they're all set way in the future :P
rydi1689's avatar
Well some of the devs suggested and placed here haven't even been read as of yet. If by the time I make the article they haven't been featured they are added here C: Sometimes they do get their deserved DD afterwards!

This way they get a little more exposure :la:.

Thanks for your clarification! I'm not really good at photography, so the pieces I suggest may not actually be DD worthy for people who actually know about photography, but they are awesome for me <3 Er... well that was a bit random, I just felt like saying it :dummy:
Baz135's avatar
As for them not being read...check ^kkart's journal :P
rydi1689's avatar
Oh no no! ^kkart has read every note I sent him <3333 and he was also kind enough to answer a question I had :love: He's a great GM! I meant my suggestions in general, there are a few of them that haven't been read yet but I included them anyways =D
Baz135's avatar
Ah, alright, I thought you were referring to him. He's currently under a backlog right now so it just made sense :shrug:
rydi1689's avatar
Holy hell Baz, that's more than just a backlog! D:> 800 notes! :faint: I seriously wish him GOOD luck with that task! Wow! He's like a superhero or something
Baz135's avatar
I know, I don't know his eyes haven't melted and his hand become firmly attached to his mouse or touchpad :lol:
rydi1689's avatar
Well he hasn't gone through those 800 notes yet, but you can rest assured he will afterwards :lol: Unless he really is a superhero as I mentioned previously!
calleena's avatar
aw, you added that mariyumi pic :D
rydi1689's avatar
yes it is so colourful <3
Ernestgirl's avatar
Beautiful pictures *o*
rydi1689's avatar
Right? Such wonderful artists and so little time to see all their pieces!
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