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Artcorgi Artist Applications Are Open by rydi1689


Today is an exciting day indeed!

ArtCorgi empowers everyday people to commission unique art as gifts for friends, colleagues, and family (not to mention themselves!) with minimal hassle and maximum enjoyment, and to aid up-and-coming artists in their careers, helping them gain more coverage, new clients and fans, and fair payment for their work.

Think of ArtCorgi as your friendly artist and client liaison.

ArtCorgi delivers a safe, fun, and fair experience for all parties involved.



For the next 48 hours you can apply to be an ArtCorgi artist! If they select you, you'll be able to offer your commissions through ArtCorgi like I and many other artists do :la: It's awesome, I wouldn't trade it for the world! Read the contract before applying!!


A few things to note:

  •  You need to be diligent and finish your commissions within the turnaround time specified in your commissions.
  • If you don't do well with deadlines (imagine you have 30 days to complete each commission), ArtCorgi is probably not for you.
  • You need to be available to take commissions for at least 6 months
  • You need to be at least 18 years old to apply
  • You need to have a PayPal account in order to be paid


I've been an ArtCorgi artist since it first launched in January of 2014! Can't believe so much time has passed by! ArtCorgi helped me understand the value of my art and encouraged me to stop undercharging for my skills and my time. I've done countless commissions through ArtCorgi in these (almost) three years and everything went smoothly thanks to Simone (ArtCorgi's COO) taking care of most behind-the-scenes tasks and being the middle man in the communications between clients and me.

ArtCorgi takes care of everything so that we, artists, can invest our time in what we do best: painting!

Here are some of the commissions I've done through ArtCorgi!

Artcorgi Commissions by rydi1689

Are you interested?


Good luck everyone!

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elicoronel16's avatar
Oh no! No puedo creer que me perdí de esta oportunidad, de verdad me encantaría unirme :crying:
rydi1689's avatar
De verdad? Estás dispuesta a recibir encargos por al menos 6 meses (aunque tampoco podemos garantizarte que vayas a recibir ninguno, depende de cuánto le guste a la gente tu estilo igual recibes miles o ninguno) y puedes terminarlos a tiempo? Si la respuesta es sí, quizás no sea demasiado tarde para ti, Eruri! :meow:. Dime si aún te interesa y hablaré con Simone para que te accepte :love:.
elicoronel16's avatar
Enserio?? Claro que sí!! :love:

Eso es lo que he venido haciendo en Fiverr, aunque últimamente la mayoría de mis trabajos son de presentaciones en lugar de ilustraciones, pero he ganado muchísima experiencia trabajando con deadlines. Me encantaría tratar, además de que me ayudaría un montón, la situación aquí está cada día peor. Te agradezco mucho ruru, trataré de no emocionarme mucho :giggle: 

Me puedes avisar por el messenger de fb? Como lo tengo en el teléfono me llega mucho más rápido que los mensajes en dA que reviso cada 2/3 días :eager:
nightMAREgraphics's avatar
The struggles of being just mere months away from being 18 D:

edit: would love to join in the future!
rydi1689's avatar
Keep working hard on improving your skills in the meantime :la: You'll be able to apply in the future when they reopen the applications :love:
nightMAREgraphics's avatar
You think I could just join as a general member for now? Meet the community, meet the people then apply next year c:?
rydi1689's avatar
You could become a member (but not through the artist application form but through the one in the main page) and get to know ArtCorgi, the artists, how it works, etc. You could also join our referral program and earn 20% of any commisson's sale price when you refer a client to ArtCorgi and they purchase a commission :la:.

Then, in due time, you could apply to be an artist next year when they open applications again :love:
TheLuckyFox's avatar
*sigh* I can't draw..
rydi1689's avatar
This doesn't look like an opportunity you'd like to take on given that you're not an artist, so why are you sad (or sighing) then? :)
TheLuckyFox's avatar
I do animations cause It's the closest thing I can find to drawing animations.
rydi1689's avatar
I'm afraid ArtCorgi doesn't look for animators :( Only people in the drawing & painting field.
But you can build your own business through Youtube if you set it up strategically.
DJHydrogen's avatar
I wish I was good enough.  I saw "Corgi" and clicked without thinking.
rydi1689's avatar
All the more reason to keep working hard to improve your art :D You can join ArtCorgi in the future when you're more experienced ^_^
dathie's avatar
what kinda commissions do you get? I wouldn't mind but some peoples portraits may be harder and due to work ad RL it may take several weeks to do there pic
rydi1689's avatar
Mostly romantic portraits to celebrate anniversaries or proposals, family portraits, portraits of people with their favourite pokemon or pets. The image collage in the journal features only commissions I did through ArtCorgi ^_^ so that can give you an idea of what people ask me for. But it may depend on your style, my friend king-ghidorah is also an artist on ArtCorgi and his style is more fantasy inspired so he gets really different commission requests.
Like this, look how awesome this one is: Penguin fighter by king-ghidorah

You can set your own turnaround time for each style you offer, mine is 4 weeks. But you must finish your commission within the specified turnaround time, that's crucial. If you're late delivering your finished commission, the client has the right to cancel the order and receive a full refund, so you wouldn't be paid for that if they decide to cancel. If I recall correctly, failing to meet your deadlines twice means you'll be removed as an ArtCorgi artist. So being able to finish commissions on a timely manner is essential.  Read through the artist contract to know the do's and dont's :love:.
king-ghidorah's avatar
Thanks so much for mentioning my art in your post :)

And keep up the great work promoting ArtCorgi!
rydi1689's avatar
My pleasure, I love that piece so frigging much :heart:
dathie's avatar
ahh cool~
But my life is a little hectic so maybe this is a bad idea to put that sort of pressure on me since i assume its possible you get many many requests?
maybe when things have straightened out a bit but do you find it hard to keep up etc.?
rydi1689's avatar
I don't have a hard time keeping up with it, it's my job so most of my time goes into drawing commissions :) (ie. I don't have a "day-job" on top of art, art is my full time job). But you can email them at any time and say "hey, I can't take more orders until I'm done with these" and they'll make your commissions unavailable until you tell them to make them available again.

But if your life is hectic, it's probably best for you not to add more to your plate than you already have. I can't guarantee that you'll get many requests, I get commissions rather regularly but I know of other artists who haven't received any in months. So it largely depends on how much your style and prices attract potential clients. You might take the world by storm and be commissioned all the time, or you might pass by inadvertedly and not get commissioned at all. We'll never know for sure until you're there.

ArtCorgi will probably open artist applications in the future, so if you feel you're not able to make it this time around, don't worry. Try again in the next opening :la:
dathie's avatar
ahh i see!! yh i have a full time job so commissions as it stands are best kept as loose as posssible

but that helps so maybe in the future when im more readily availble to do so, afterall money isnt an issue for me but i do like making people happy etc. which is why i do commissions
rydi1689's avatar
Definitely keep ArtCorgi in mind when you're ready to take on more commissions ^_^ You'd have a great time. It's really heartwarming being able to capture people's most memorable moments and touch their lives by making meaningful art for their proposals, weddings,  anniversaries, births of children, etc.
dathie's avatar
yeah I will!
perhaps when im in places where I'll have some more time to do things for people~
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