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You're a Real Card, Grey

By Rydain
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Sexy Brutale Casino Husbands - Redd, Greyson, and Greyson's epic jelly roll beard. Is the 2 of Hearts a romantic gesture or a shameless deuce joke? Depends on which one you ask.

Inspired by and partly referenced from a random photo in my stock collection, plus some high res game assets for the masks. About 3 weeks of work all told, including some long weekend days, and a new record for the amount of fuss and detail done in that time frame although I spent a while experimenting with the fabric. I tried to emulate some techniques from the pro illustrators I follow and had a bit of success in the form of Redd's sweater shading, which felt surprisingly fast and natural once I got my pencil rhythm going. The masks were fun and didn't take too long - maybe 2 days' work apiece for the pencils, including an initial structural draft.
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I still haven't played this, it's sitting downstairs on my shelf lol  your line work is so good, I'm always jealous ;0;
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RydainHobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks so much! I'm very interested to hear what you think when you do play it. Especially about these two - my latest fictional crushes :P
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haha I tried to play it last year (I got it just after Xmas) but I was too brain dead from food and drink to really follow. I think you need to be smarter than I am to play properly xD