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We are the Music Makers - Lines

By Rydain
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Redd Rockridge and Tequila Belle of The Sexy Brutale, rehearsing or writing music or just relaxing. I adore these two and this game, even though it curbstomped my heart to the point where I just want to make and retoot happy AU fanstuff for the foreseeable future.

This took me a dedicated month, and it was a blend of super fun and super frustrating like any other piece that's difficult enough for me to substantially level up over the course of its creation. But enough went smoothly and better than before that I generally felt more like I PUT ON MY ROBE AND WIZARD HAT than WTF I AM A T-REX WITH A CRAYON. I also got to indulge in my love of precision drafting to the point where I almost anal-retentived myself into a singularity.

For a solid start, I traced a select few key landmarks of a knees up reference photo of a man playing an upright piano to get the body position, outline of tricky hand pose (which I then redrafted to capture its structure), and perspective lines. I beefed up the pianist into Redd's imposing stature and drafted the rest - legs, floor, Tequila, grand piano - from theory and approximate reference. Then I fit a Manga Studio perspective ruler over the rough sketch - which came very close - to render the piano, floor, and shadow/texture lines. I shamelessly copy/pasted the heck out of those turned wood doodads for maximum fanciness and minimum busy work, though I did ink each individually to get some variation.
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