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Just a Dance - Lines

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Published: June 14, 2012
Cai Wenji and Cao Ren totally need to bond over their contemplative, calm demeanor about the sorrows of war. KOEI might not give me jack to go on, but I'm well used to that by now. At least her gameverse archetype meshes awesomely with my historical headcanon.

I took my time with this, building up lines and layering on details. Hair is surprisingly fun when you relax into its flow. Cao Ren's armor was a pain in my ass. I went through several failed attempts at foreshortening and positioning his far side and collar.

Mostly drawn freehand in Manga Studio. The decorations on Ren's armor and Wenji's outer skirt were adapted from vectors of classical Chinese motifs.

I do plan to color this eventually. In the meantime, anyone else is welcome to give it a go.

Pose reference and inspiration: [link]

Time: 3 weeks after the rough sketch.
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TheCSJonesProfessional General Artist
Amazing linework. I especially like how you render hair.
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RydainHobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you! I struggled with hair for the longest time, and I've just recently started to understand its form and find a style to move forward with. Glad to hear you like it!
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SquibleyStudent General Artist
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ChibiTarynHobbyist General Artist
Lovely work! I love the variation in your lines, gives it a lot of character. The hair looks very good, I like the long flowing lines (not sure I would've had the patience, myself! ;) )
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RydainHobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you so much! The hair wasn't terribly time-consuming. I started with a light sketch of the basic flow, and then I just built up the depth in phases. Those long lines go fast when you're in a groove for drawing them.

I admire your patience for color. I'm starting to get back into it, but I definitely need to sit down and study. Digital mixing is a whole new learning curve. :P
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ChibiTarynHobbyist General Artist
Ah. I'm no good at long lines in general… my hand wobbles. o.o

As for colour, a lot of what I'm doing lately is just blending with low opacity brushes and using the colour picker tool to pick the "new" colours that creates. That said, I need to be better at picking colours in the first place.
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RoseOfGodHobbyist Traditional Artist
Rydian, this is perfect realism.
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xPanoramicHobbyist General Artist
Lovely art.
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Grace-ZedHobbyist General Artist
fantastic. I love how you put the details, very clean
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sorryfireHobbyist Writer
Marvelous work :O
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chibigingiStudent Traditional Artist
Cao Ren is such a gentleman... as always, your lines are so clean and you continue to improve. Keep it up!
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RydainHobbyist Digital Artist
Yes, he is. I loved the touches of decorum he showed in the older games. If only KOEI would show that side of him more instead of repeating the D-word over and over and over again.

And thank you! I certainly will. :D
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