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Christopher Nolan's Rogues (Extended) TDKR Spoiler

By rycz
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After seeing The Dark Knight Rises, I made this chart comparing the villains from each of Christopher Nolan's three Batman films: Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, and The Dark Knight Rises.

This chart is based on my opinions of Ra's al Ghul, Scarecrow, Joker, Two-Face, and Bane. It's not a completely serious look at the films.

THIS IS TOTALLY SUBJECTIVE AND MEANT TO BE A LITTLE SILLY. (I mean, c'mon, I said Scarecrow is defeated by a taser.)

If you just want to see a comparison of the main villains from each movie, see the original chart:
Christopher Nolan's Rogue Gallery
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What does Harvey Dent take from Bats? I don't understand your symbols there...
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In order to keep Dent looking like a white knight, Bruce lets Batman take the blame for Dent's crimes and so Bruce has to give up being Batman. The second glyph represents that Dent takes out Bruce's knee with the fall.
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Oh, ok. Thanks so muchly.
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Nolan's Joker get's way too much praise, He wouldn't be half as famous for that performance if he hadn't passed soon after. Don't take this wrong it was a good performance, But not as good as people make it out to be.
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I agree with this statement. He still played a damn good Joker though.
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you forgot to add bruce's spine
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But Bruce's spine was totally fixed with that magical punch to the back. o_0
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dont take this as conflict
but i think bane should get a it more credit than your giving him, he wasn't as bad as your making him out to be
saintvulcan's avatar
i agree he was witty and a little interesting lol
son-sora's avatar
not to mention he took batmans back
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Poor Scarecrow, defeated by a taser... :D
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I would think there's probably some conflicting opinions on hating Bane. Epecially given I found the character entertaining. But then again I'm probably also the lowest common denominator when it comes to such things, soooo...
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Nope. I think he was awesome (until they gave parts of his backstory to Talia). Most people I know love the character. I think the problem with Rises is just expectations were too high after TDK and also people already went into it looking for it to fail.
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I think the bigger problem is that they hyped up Bane to be this unstoppable killing machine, and he not only didn't kill any major protagonists, he ended up being the 3rd fiddle among the villains. But this was revealed in the last 10 minutes, making most of the movie largely pointless.

Hey, kind of like in Batman & Robin!
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Woah woah, he's nothing like in Batman & Robin XD. Yeah turned out he wasn't the main villian but that was just like Ras in Begins. He did nothing until the final act as we all thought he was dead. It doesn't make Bane's actions pointless as it was part of a bigger scheme. What they shouldn't of done was put Talia in like that if she hardly did anything but go "I'm Ras' daughter and this was all my idea."
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I agree, The Joker is the best villain ever, bane is insufferably boring.
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Dude you forgot about Talia Al Gul/Miranda Tate besides that this is awesome
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Thanks! :)

I didn't forget about Talia; she just wasn't doing villainy stuff throughout most of the movie. She hides behind the curtain pulling Bane's strings. Talia only reveals she's a villain about five minutes before she dies. Catwoman acted like more of a villain, but since she ends as one of the good guys she doesn't really count, either.

It was just a judgement call on my part. I had to compare the roles they played against the other villains. Someone else might choose differently. :)
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I getting from this that someone didn't like Bane. Though he did have a pretty wussy exit death, admitively.
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Harvey takes orders from a coin :d Just throwing that out there.
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Nice play on words.
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