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Christopher Nolan's Rogue Gallery [TDKR Spoiler]

By rycz
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After seeing The Dark Knight Rises, I made this chart comparing the main villain from each of Christopher Nolan's three Batman films: Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, and The Dark Knight Rises.

This chart is based on my opinions of Ra's al Ghul, Joker, and Bane. It's not a completely serious look at the films.


If you want to see a comparison that includes Scarecrow and Two-Face, see the extended chart:
Christopher Nolan's Rogue Gallery (Extended)
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Is this supposed to make fun of Bane?
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I think Ra's should get marks for awesome costume & Audience conflicted about hating, coz 1. he has real class that I doubt anyone in the trilogy attains to (even Bruce) & 2. You must have a sympathy for a man who has seen his wife taken & his strength of ideology.
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It IS subjective, because I believe Bane's top four are debatable. And I gotta say, he's the first man I've seen who wears that coat without looking like a total and complete douche.
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XD Very true my friend
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its so funny to see people hating on the characters portrayal when they actually were pretty good.bane: not witty? really?, interesting...hmm, id give like maybe half a check, not imaginative? hmm maybe half check as well, not mysterious? i mean seriously?i would explain how but it would involve spoilers so i wont, he doesn't take orders from anyone either, again dont wanna spoil so if you wanna know how message me or something xD, conflicted hate? well i mean i love to hate bad guys ^_^ (so all should have no checks, unless you mean acting wise then in that case no category cause i loved all 3 of their acting), Costume? just cause its not extravagant like the joker's doesn't mean its not an awesome costume, muffling? well what do you expect for a person with a mask...to speak perfectly clear? i mean come on xD. Then defeated by... xD awesome ^_^
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Bane is too witty! With his smart assed little comments followed by killing his own men... but he is certainly witty nonetheless lol Gotta give him that at least
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I would argue that I was a little conflicted about hating Bane as well...it was noble of him to save Talia's life at his own expense.
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...............I enjoyed Bane. I enjoyed Dark Knight Rises more than Batman Begins, to be honest
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