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Glass piders

Yet one more dam spider pic. Made with Bryce5.
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wonderful man ... I thought first: okay, spiders ... but then I scrolled down ... and aaahhh ... they gave me the creeps :fear: so many!!
I can just picture them, invading my house, walking on glass (I have alot of glass surfaces) ... I'm running now ;)
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Looks awesome! :)
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That's pretty cool David. Nice work.
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Ive made some stuff in bryce and that would have taken a LONG time to render. It looks like technic / lego stuff.

The only thing I dont like is the sky that you chose..personally I like just modifying default sky.
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Gave up on rendering this all at once so it took months. I would let it render every so often and save it. Maybe 5 days or more all together because they are all the crystal texture, but modified a little bit, and the sky was modified actually. I almost never-ever use any texture whithout alot of modification or even starting from scratch.