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Welcome! Please Read Me :)

About Me

Ryardn (Aka: Aqua) | Jack of All Trades Enthusiast

Updates semi regularly but mostly sporadically
Patience is advised (and rewarded)

-Has a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry
-Attempting a Doctorate so we'll see how that goes
-Often found with her head in the clouds
-Somehow manages to be an early bird and a night owl at the same time (but is probably just a permanently exhausted pigeon)

-Enjoys: needlepoint, pyrography, photography, writing, hiking, guitar, video games

-Tools of the trade include: needle and thread, camera, tablet, pencil/ink pen, wood-burning versa tool

-Appreciates comments and critiques on her work much more than favs (I don't sue, promise) and enjoys message/comment chats with followers, friends, and random dA visitors

Current Art Endeavors

-Chapter Nine: In progress
-Storyboarding: rough outline of arcs two and three

Cross Stitch:
-Starry Night: 45% Complete
-Deltarune stitch fanart: Patterns created and threat purchased

-Fanfic I thought of: Storyboarding (first fourth done)
- One shots: Have two, both are being drafted
-Pyrography remakes x4: drawing the images to be used

Code by rollingpoly


"They're quite interesting, works of fiction. A way one's wildest dreams can be caught and shared with other like-minded individuals. But be careful, as crazy as some tales seem, they may just be truth in disguise."

Stranded in a star system far away from Earth and thrown into a conflict thousands of years old, Sarah discovers how terrifying life can become when fiction is actually fact.

Joining forces with NPP officers Rallen and Jeena, Sarah must work with them to defend the galaxy from the krawl threat while uncovering the secrets of the Spectrians and trying to find a way back home.

"What are you waiting for? Adventure awaits! Let's do this, Honki de Iku ze!!"

Latest News

Below are quick links to my most recent posts that are not deviations. Feel free to come and say hi!

Can She Keep Her Resolution??

A made a resolution for 2019 to write a minimum of 1250 words per week .
Can I do it? Hopefully~
Follow along with me to find out!

Week One: 1261 total words written. Yay!
Week Two: 1473 total words written. Awesome.
Week Three: 1288 words written. Keep it up!
Week Four: 1297 words written. Blep. :p
Week Five: 1284 words written. I'm actually doing it. Nice.
Week Six: 1326 words written. Is that a plot wrinkle?!?
Week Seven: 1252 words written. Lol I wrote the Epilogue.
<Week Eight>
<Week Nine>
<Week Ten>
<Week Eleven>
<Week Twelve>
<Week Thirteen>
<Week Fourteen>
<Week Fifteen>
<Week Sixteen>
<Week Seventeen>
<Week Eighteen>
<Week Nineteen>
<Week Twenty>
<Week Twenty-one>
<Week Twenty-two>
<Week Twenty-three>
<Week Twenty-four>
<Week Twenty-five>
<Week Twenty-six>
<Week Twenty-seven>
<Week Twenty-eight>
<Week Twenty-nine>
<Week Thirty>
<Week Thirty-one>
<Week Thirty-two>
<Week Thirty-three>
<Week Thirty-four>
<Week Thirty-five>
<Week Thirty-six>
<Week Thirty-seven>
<Week Thirty-eight>
<Week Thirty-nine>
<Week Forty>
<Week Forty-one>
<Week Forty-two>
<Week Forty-three>
<Week Forty-four>
<Week Forty-five>
<Week Forty-six>
<Week Forty-seven>
<Week Forty-eight>
<Week Forty-nine>
<Week Fifty>
<Week Forty-one>
<Week Fifty-one>
<Week Fifty-two>


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