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                                                                            My Deviantart Story (in desc) by RyanSilberman
:happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce: 

Wow, wow, wow. What a rollercoaster ride life on deviantart has been for me for the five years this account has witnessed.
I might be cheating when it comes to writing this up, but I will not just describe why I came onto deviantart, but I'll also be talking about all the important things that I had myself involved with throughout my time here. So sit back, grab some popcorn or candy, and enjoy reading this chronicle. =P

The Poker Night by crashboy765Ryan Approves by CrazyRiverOtter
Somari by IndieAnjeloGift: We're falling~ by Blazeato
I'm going to have to admit: My first two years on deviantart have hardly ever been eventful. :| (Blank Stare) Initially, I registered as a member under the name "smbmadman" because I came up with that back in 2007-ish when I first registered for Mario fansite The reason why I signed up for this site in particular was simply because my longtime online buddy :iconindieanjelo: told me I should. He also wanted sprites for a game he planned back then, Dan to the Rescue. This would be my only submission on the website for about two years.
Dan to the Rescue Sprite Sheet by RyanSilberman
Super Anjelo Land 2 is a game he would later (and still) be intending to make in 2012, and he wanted sprites for my character, Missileman, who was to make a special playable appearance. The result was this, and I actually really liked how they came out, so I eventually used them for my own game during that year, "Missleman Spy Strike 2", a sequel to a game I poorly and hastily created out of a Mario fan-engine. Sweating a little... MSS2 is actually what I can still consider a decent game, and serves as my transitioning point from games I make in haste to games I take time with to make them better.
Missleman sprites by RyanSilberman
I started having a little more fun with deviantart, as I created an icon for myself on the site, and went on to do a bunch of fake boxarts of games I own ;P
Me by RyanSilbermanSonic Gems Collection custom boxart by RyanSilbermanPac-Man World 3 custom boxart by RyanSilberman
Since then, my submissions during the year consisted of rather random entries, ranging from custom-edited Mario sprite sheets to sketches I made the year prior to Dr. Otto comics to memes. Apparently, the one I did for Blonic ended up being one of my most popular submissions I've ever done.
Mario Mousecapade (Sprite sheet) by RyanSilbermanSuper Nintendo cartridge (2011) by RyanSilbermanDr. Otto meets Adam Pest (Page 1) by RyanSilbermanBlonic by RyanSilberman
However, I actually found myself doing plenty of Dr. Otto comics before I eventually got tired of them. For much of the time in 2012, Dr. Otto has been my unofficial mascot of my page.
Dr. Otto: Banana Gag by RyanSilbermanDr. Otto: More Puns by RyanSilbermanDr. Otto: Wake-Up Call by RyanSilberman
Later in the year, before 2013 hit, I decided to update my profile picture.
My new profile pic! by RyanSilberman
While many of these details stay true to me, there are several things that are different now. My movie-watching has expanded, I could care less about console war arguments, Regular Show has its place on Cartoon Network, Internet trolls are nothing to pay attention to, and I post my games onto, not yoyogames.

2013 was where I decided to post more of whatever the heck I felt like putting. At first, I put random submissions such as me beating the crap out of Hollywood, but there were also moments I captured that I thought were interesting, like the Street Fighter pinball table and what followed.
Beating the crap outta Hollywood by RyanSilbermanStreet Fighter 2 Pinball Table by RyanSilbermanOne day at the flea market... by RyanSilbermanGuess what I ate today? by RyanSilberman
Oh, that's right! I forgot to start discussing probably my favorite aspect about my deviantart experience thus far! I am a dummy! 

On March 2012, Cartoon Network aired a special programming block called Cartoon Planet, in which older cartoons from the network would play for an hour for every Friday (until they started screwing around the schedules a little while before it got canceled last year). I was hyped for it, and when it aired, I was hoping to see some cartoons I knew and loved such as Ed Edd n Eddy, but I was more than happy to sit through anything else that aired to see if I could actually enjoy them more than I used to. The first cartoon Cartoon Planet aired was The Powerpuff Girls, and I fell in love with the show again ever since. :happybounce: 

And because I think the Powerpuffs themselves are some of the most adorable cartoon characters ever, I used deviantart to browse through bunches of fanart featuring them. Simply put, that's when I found this guy: :icongeoffnet:

I looked through his page and works, and I thought to myself "WHOA! It's almost like he lifted the characters straight from the show!" In a way, it all led me to an idea; I bought a copy of The Powerpuff Girls: Mojo Jojo-a-Go-Go for the Game Boy Advance, and while I did enjoy playing it, I wanted to make my own PPG arcade-shooter and see if I could get anywhere with it. The point was - I asked Geoffy if he could provide image stills for game dialogues, but he then said that it must be a commission.........Which I tip-toed my way out of since I never think about paying for imagery... Sweating a little... Not the best way to introduce myself to someone I had been looking up to... Regardless, I had been trying to join his live sessions whenever he (suddenly) hosts them, and there were a couple times where I sent him notes regarding what I was up to.

When Geoff's Powerpuff OC Ballad was introduced, however, I felt the need to edit Bubbles's sprites from PPG game Him & Seek (which I ordered lately Laughing) into his super-cute character! 
Ballad Sprite Sheet! by RyanSilberman
As time went on, I stepped away from adoring Ballad for a little to start drawing up a comic series. Enter Weave & Bob.
Weave and Bob (Concept art) by RyanSilberman Weave and Bob (First 2 pages) by RyanSilberman Weave and Bob (Second 2 pages) by RyanSilberman Weave and Bob (Third 2 pages) by RyanSilberman
This 30-page comic was a testament for me, as I wanted to see if I could create characters that would be well-suited for a cartoon series. Weave and Bob were those characters, and I loved drawing the comic. I even drew many of its pages during school, and nobody minded. :D (Big Grin) 

Meanwhile, my game-creating has seen improvements since 2012. Unfortunately, whatever I started in 2013 never got fully created, but 2014 birthed Dynamite Alex.
Dynamite Alex thumbnail by RyanSilbermanDynamite Alex screenshot by RyanSilbermanDynamite Alex is OUT! (link in desc.) by RyanSilberman
This was the first time where a game of mine felt like a genuinely crafted experience that wouldn't feel too far out of place from games on digital stores. Speaking of, good online friends :iconcrazyriverotter: and :iconnovaware-official: helped port the game to Android under my supervision.
Dynamite Alex - Android screenshot by RyanSilberman
It was still free, but to finally see a game I created on a device that isn't a PC, but rather on a portable machine, was practically a dream that came to reality. La la la la 

And then, in the middle of April, it occurred to me that Geoff's birthday was not too far away from then. Normally on deviantart, friends and followers would send a person images likely featuring his/her interests or even characters, but I wanted to do something more than that; I have never seen myself as that great of a computer-drawing artist, BUT I've really like how Dynamite Alex came out, so I decided to make a GAME for his birthday! Which is also great because I wanted to make use of the Ballad sprites I made!
Ballad's Quest screenshot by RyanSilberman
Ballad's Quest was comfortable for me to make, but I was also stressed out at the same time, believe it or not. This was because I hadn't made a game with my current abilities for somebody else before, and I didn't know too much about Geoff's gaming tastes, so I was not only shrinking down my audience to one person, but I gambled by thinking that one person may like platformers of this caliber. Fortunately, Ballad's Quest's reception was favorable. :meow: Since then, I had an idea of making video game commissions, but I wasn't 100% sure if I should go through with it. For much else of 2014, I've been expanding my types of submissions, with photos of flea market finds and sketches galore.
Flea Market Findings Vol. 6 by RyanSilbermanLowbrow the Sea Monster! by RyanSilbermanSudden Realization by RyanSilbermanSam, but no Max (sketch) by RyanSilberman
Also a new picture of me. This time I decided to use a real life photo for my profile pic :)
My new deviantID - Me in Real Life 2014! by RyanSilberman
Speaking of new, let's about 2015, shall we? New Year's morning was where plenty went down. First off, PewDiePie played a parody of the ".exe" game genre I made back in October 2014 called "onions.exe", which was why it suddenly got thousands of downloads. Secondly, on a much less raunchy note, Parappa the Rapper. 
Rodney Greenblat may not be a deviantart member, but I've used his cast of characters for a project I dreamed about when I was half-asleep on New Year's morning. 
Parappa the Rapper sprite sheet by RyanSilberman
I became very interested in Parappa the Rapper after playing Um Jammer Lammy in December 2014, to the point where I repurchased Parappa for the PSP and obtained the RodneyFun Comic Collection from Rodney's own website, whimsyload.
Straight from the Center for Advanced Whimsy! by RyanSilberman
However, I wanted my newly realized project to be more than just a fangame, so I contacted Rodney directly to see if I could use his characters. Unfortunately not, but he did like my ideas and he encouraged that I make original characters using Parappa as a model, and that he'd be happy to comment on the resulting game/series. I did just that; thus, Joseph Teddie was born.
Joseph Teddie by RyanSilberman
And then in the middle of the month, a stranger with a familiar username commented on my page.
Blazeato Jan 16, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hello! I am a dummy! I heard you can make computer games.

If you don't mind me asking, do you happen to sell commissions of your own made games for other people? Or accept requests by any chance? Sweating a little...

I'm just curious and maybe a little interested Meow :3

As soon as I checked out her profile page, I got giddy. I recognized her from a commission Geoffy made for her, but I've checked out her own works as well; despite that I wasn't a watcher then, I have adored her works when I felt the need to glance by her page. And now there that comment was, from that same person, asking if I sell commissions. That was all I needed to decide to finally start that game commissioning idea I had way earlier.
As I was making my very first game commission for PPGxRRBLover (or Blaze, as she'd prefer to be called), I further expanded my types of deviations, now going into poetry, and I've also finally decided to join deviantart groups, which in hindsight is something I should've done a very very long time ago. Rage 

The first of which is :iconan-unlikely-family: due to my interest in :iconitbluebeadti:'s creations.

Really, these recent years I've been finally deciding to not just watch the Powerpuff fan community go about everyday life from a distance, but rather did I decide to finally try and join in on what goes on, and evidently, my game commission info is helping, because ITBlueBeadTI (or simply Blue as she'd prefer to be called) showed interest in the idea the very same day she posted the traditional welcome picture for An Unlikely Family on my page!

And then after a bumpy road in development and working on a parody ".exe" game as a second commission for someone that loved my onions.exe, I applied that effort to Blaze's commission and the result was this :D
NOW OUT - Blitz Action Assassin (link in desc) by RyanSilberman
I was liking how this whole game commissioning thing was going. Blaze and Blue weren't simply just customers, however; we've all become good online friends ;P

Shortly after I finished Blitz: Action Assassin, :iconfelixblobdev: approached me and wanted to use my character, Missileman, for a project of his. At first, I was skeptical, but then when I went to his page, I saw that he was making a full-on Super Smash Bros.-style game using small indie characters. Since then, I instantly allowed him to go for it, and I even helped sketch out a moveset.
Indie Game Battle entry: Missileman by RyanSilberman
Lastly, Blue eventually realized her idea for a game commission and I was willing to oblige ;P
OUT NOW - Bistre's Emprise! by RyanSilberman

Now for some honorable mentions of those that have been influential (or just rad friends) to my time spent on deviantart:
:iconindieanjelo: - You had been one of my first online friends from YouTube, and you're the reason why I'm here. I don't know how I could thank ya, mang. ;)
:iconcrashboy765: - Another one I've discussed with for as far as I can remember, it was always fun to witness your little Dakota the Puppy creations and chat with you via Yahoo Messanger. We may not communicate nearly as much as we once had, but I still hold you in great regard.
:iconcrazyriverotter: - You may not have had the best time on deviantart, but you sir are talented. If it weren't for you, chances are I wouldn't have been able to do what I could in Game Maker today, nor contain such knowledge to improve upon my ways of making games with the program. I can't wait to see what games you create in the future, not to mention your direction with All Over the Place.
:iconnovaware-official: - If it weren't for you, I wouldn't have been able to have Android devices in mind for game creating. I wish you the best of luck with your own game projects, and it'll be cool to see them make it to Android as well!
:icongeoffnet: - NEED I SAY MORE? You are why I think about the Powerpuff community! To see that I've gotten a special mention in your deviantart story last year was an absolutely joy to see, and now it's time I return the favor I am a dummy! 
:iconblazeato: - I may have known you for perhaps over a year before actually meeting you and Blue, but since I've caught your attention, it's been a lot of fun to interact with you, especially now that I've been hosting sessions. I'm also glad to have started the game commission idea ;P
:iconanilovespeace: - As a regular, it's definitely been enjoyable talking with you! It's always fun when we all end up starting our own silly bits of nonsense, and it's funny to see you decide to capture a bit of that. lol :D (Big Grin) Never let depression get to you, and keep having fun!
:iconitbluebeadti: - I should have watched you as soon as I've seen your work! They're always creative and gorgeous, yet like Blaze, I end up waiting too long to finally show my appreciations. Bistre is absolutely adorable, and I'm beyond glad to get to make a game starring her! The skype calls also tend to speak for themselves Dignity laugh 
:iconjksketchy: - I may not have gone further than commenting on your work, but that doesn't take away from the fact that what you put out there is nothing short of amazing. Keep up the great work! ;P

Those of you who have been Watching me, I would simply like to say thank you. The amount of Watchers may not be a high number, but I appreciate those that have been following my work and progress to continue expanding my takes on game making and more! This has been my most active Internet account, period, and I will continue to put effort forth on this account for as long as deviantart itself lasts! For those of you that are new here, I encourage you to stay, relax, and enjoy some of my work. You might just be delighted by what I have to offer ;)
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ElectricShock27 Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2016  Hobbyist Artist
Woah man this was awesome and when I heard you made those other games I quickly rushed to gamejolt and downloaded them :D
RyanSilberman Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Heh! Thanks :D
I must admit, though, my focus as of late is kinda straying away from Gamejolt.
 - Missileman Origins is coming to Steam later in the year (for $1.99), and Dynamite Alex is now on ($0.99), with a Steam release planned  (although its Android port is still free). Nevertheless, I'm doing what I can to make Missileman fairly rad B)

If you'd like, you can check out their pages right here……
ElectricShock27 Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2016  Hobbyist Artist
cool thx Can't wait and my credit card is coming I'll be sure to get it and I'll tell my friends about it too :D
TheBoofster Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2015  Student General Artist
crashboy765 Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
"I still hold you in great regard"... I am touched, man. I feel the same way. Thank you.

"We may not communicate nearly as much as we once had"... I agree. Let's get that changed. 
FelixBlobDev Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you for mentioning me! Flattered that you added me to this list. :)

Sorry for the slow reply though, the last few days have been so busy!
Blazeato Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm glad to have met you too Ryan! :dummy: Talking with you is fun :meow:

I really do cherish our times :aww:

I don't really know what to say so instead I'm gonna put together this despite me being busy *pushes work away just for this lol*

A picture is worth a thousand words Ryan. Let it be my words to you! :happybounce:
IndieAnjelo Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
whooaaa thanks man!
anilovespeace Featured By Owner Edited Aug 7, 2015  Student Digital Artist
What? ........ WHAAAAAAAAAATTTT? :noes: PFFFTT, Ryan, thank you so much for mentioning me! :happybounce: And yes, I do tend to see random and silly bits of nonsense with you and Blaze :iconlaughingplz: And I join in on the fun, because I like being silly as well ;p

It's been enjoyable talking with you too! If there's one thing I like bout you, it's EVERYTHING. o3o Your personality, art, etc. You always make me laugh and are always caring and smart when I'm having problems(like computer having a virus).

We're all proud of u for doing what you do most: Making games ;3 I'm so glad I got to be in your's to see you make games!(Especially Bistre's Emprise :iconohohoplz:)

Also, nice DA story X3
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