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I have already reported that there is another Sega Genesis title making its way through Kickstarter under the name of Coffee Crisis. Although this is the first time Mega Cat Studios has utilized the crowdfunding service for a campaign, the team actually has a resume that has more to it than meets the eye. Here to discuss the developer team and game is are the good people at Mega Cat Studios, creators of this “retrotastic” group effort.

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Ryan Silberman: What do you do in Mega Cat Studios? What is the general goal for the team?

We all wear multiple hats; isn’t that always the case with small teams?  For Mega Cat Studios, we want to emphasize fun for fun’s sake and keep it physical in a digital age.

How did the decision to create modern games for retro systems come to fruition?

We’ve all worked on some other projects, mostly in Unity, or non-game dev, where our roots really are, professionally.  It grows from company game nights…I can’t imagine much better team building than through couch co-op!

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What are some fond memories you have had with the consoles you guys are developing for?

We have some seriously fun games on the horizon that we’ve been chipping through on and off over the past two years.  Every game we touch, in some way, pays homage to our childhood consoles of choice.  My childhood is packed full of Sega Genesis memories.  The Genesis always had this shroud of mystery around it to my friends, who mostly had an NES/SNES at the time.  Genesis just had more attitude, a bigger appeal to a slightly older demographic at the time, and a much edgier styling/marketing campaign.  I held my Sega fan head high back then just as I do now, although I do love plenty of NES/SNES classics.

With the various projects in mind, what led to Coffee Crisis being Kickstarted and headed for release for Steam? Would you guys intend to go the same route for any future projects?

It’s usually the first question out of the gate when talking to most of my gaming friends.  I’d like to say that everyone I know has a Sega Genesis console – because they should – but the fact of the matter is, they just don’t.

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Explain Coffee Crisis. What exactly is the game?

Coffee Crisis is a fast-paced beat-em-up for the Sega Genesis.  The Smurglian race has come to steal some of Earth’s most valuable commodities:  Metal music, the best coffee, and wifi.

Are there any particular games that serve as inspiration for elements in Coffee Crisis?

Some [Teenage Mutant NinjaTurtles, some Streets of Rage, and Beavis & Butthead artistically!

When you encounter an issue during development (whether it be a game bug or other conflicts), how do you typically intend to overcome it?

Refactoring is a big focus for retro dev, and it’s something we’re no stranger to. Bugs happen no matter what you do and who you are; you just have to squish ’em and keep on keeping on.

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What do you guys use to create the games?

This game is written in SGDK & ASM for the Genesis port, and Unity for the Steam release.

Where can people go to find more information about your work? – drop us a line to say “Hi”, make a suggestion, or play test!

Are there any fun facts you would like to share about any of your projects?

Every project is different.  We’ve been able to create some company culture just by chatting on our slack channel daily [over] the past 2 years; it’s amazing to think of.  I would have never expected some of my closest friends to be a Snowman aficionado and a Scottish professional wrestler.  That’s what the retro gaming community can do for you, though 🙂

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If you were to have a superpower, what would it be?

My superpower would be reading people’s minds, without question.  It took a lot not to say flying…but, there will inevitably be some kind of drone tech the next few years and I may as well upgrade then!
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