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Red Faction Teaser

Decided to make another movie poster. I used to play Red Faction all the time. The funny thing is I never actually knew what the game was about. I used to just play online and never follow a story or anything. So making this one today, was the first time I knew what the story was actually about. Anyways, it was still one of my favorite games so I decided to make a teaser poster for a movie.

So I found a red faction logo picture, found a nice little quote to go along with the story and put it all together. Hope you like it. This would be another movie I would enjoy.
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It couldve been epic if this was real! :D
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I'll take some front row seat tickets...first class of course...
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I've never played red faction, but I would go to this movie for the poster alone. It's an intriguing image, and I like how you handled the type.
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Thanks :) I was pretty happy with most of this one
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My only grief with this is the font you used and the bevel and emboss. Never ever ever use bevel and emboss :P Apart from that it's a cool idea :D
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Ok... I will admit, there would definitely be some changes I would make. Probably not use the same font... but the bevel? I didn't think it was that bad?
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Bevel and emboss is the devil my friend! Great work tho
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Awesome! We could only hope Michael Bay would do this. So tired of seeing Uwe Boll turn movies about video games into crap :P
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I would definately hope so. I think Transformers was awesome and Michael Bay does good action films. Thanks :)
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