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Variant cover for Manifest Destiny, Skybound/Image comics.
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Awesome drawing. Sorta reminds me of that Thor vs Hulk drawing by Joe Mad
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I think her confidence might have exceeded reality.  That monster is menacing.  Wonderful contrast of the dark beast v the almost entirely white woman.  Excellent illustration.
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Well Damn! Imagine if the Pioneers found these instead of regular Buffalo
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Killer! Are you into Virgil Finlay at all? your hatching is insane!
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This is simply amazing. Absouletly no words :P.
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i change my mine that is my new spirit animal
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Quality! Bravo!!
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great buffalotaur :)
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This is gorgeous Ryan! 
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Dynamic and gorgeous! I love intricate lineart:heart:
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ahah silly female
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Sweet drawing. A bit of Frazetta style going on. Love it.
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omg.... omg... omg.... You can just feel the weight of the muscle, the speed of the character shaking the earth and the chisled weapons ready to bite into the opposing character... DAMN GOOD!
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Wow. Phenomenal work!
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