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Yeah....a zombie. Man rotting stuff is fun to draw.
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Ryan, have you ever heard of a Zompire, a Necroborg, and a Zombie Lord before?
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Hey Ryan,

It's a bit of a long shot, but would this piece be available for an 'undead' themed anthology comic? I'm publishing the first issue of 'The Deader Half' ( this summer and I'm looking for contributors. It's a small, indie book with an initial run of about 500 issues. Small time, for now. Anyway, I've been gathering comic strips, pin-ups and short fiction from other artists and I would be honoured if you would let me include this as a featured pin-up. No worries if this isn't something you're interested in. Just thought I would ask ;-D

If you don't mind me using it, could you shoot me a quick email at to confirm?

Thanks Ryan, keep up the great work!

All the best,
Jeff Mitchell
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I have some zombie art if you're interested inchecking it out mate.
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Hey, sorry to intervine like this, but I'm also a zombie lover, don't have too many in this channel as I'm kinda new still, but make sure to check them out, will be posting at least 2 more zombies today, check it if you want ;). Take care.
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fantastic art work of a wonderfful zombie
why does everybody love zombies ?
is it because that they are so cute?
look at that picture and try not to adorable!

because they make great pets? after all if you forget to feed them they wont go belly up because they are dead already!
they are happy in just about any weather and place
will play with you all day they never get tired or moody

make great dates
wont make fun of your clothes or gab all night in boring conversation will let you pick the restaurant and movie without complaint
are cheap they dont even order off the menu just snack on the waiter
wont bail on you after dinner because your not mr right in fact they will follow you all night and are kind of hard to get to leave you alone but thats part of their charm its nice to be wanted even if its only for your brains

i love zombies hope u do too! cant wait for the zombie Apocalypse!
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¿Can i use it in a post on my web? [link]
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:iconraritysmileplz: Ugh.....Who care about this ugly creaturs a person must care about his fashion and his look and his style :iconsexyrarityplz:
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Are you CLiff Rathburn?? your drawing style is similar to him :/
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No. Cliff and I do have similar styles though. He inks me on Invincible.
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BEST ZOMBIE I've ever seen
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cool facial expression
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Great detail. o_O
Would you be interested in drawing a cover/doing a poster for my book?

Hit me up if interested...
Would you be interested in drawing a cover/doing a poster for my book?

Hit me up if interested...
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Indeed And Rot is a Hard Genre to draw. Yes, I consider Rot a Genre lol. This is awesome!
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Love the detail, very cool.
There's a contest in job offers to join our team and draw for us, making a zombie flash game, maybe you'd like it
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Zombie like, said "huhp. lunch just turned the fan on. Better check it out, heh."
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