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Sea Bear and Grizzly Shark

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I did this sketch as kind of an ad of what’s to come. At Heroes con I shared a Hotel with Jason Howard, artist of the Astounding Wolf-man, and we came up with this concept we are thinking about doing. It was fun to just brainstorm this stuff, check it out. It’ll be the most exciting crossover that’s ever happened! heh.
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kakuzuitachiHobbyist General Artist
soooooooooooooooooooooooo fuunny
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I PICKED UP THE COMIC, IT WAS AWESOME! If you guys are in Chicago anytime soon I would love to interview you for my podcast. Let me know if your interested.

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EscafaHobbyist Traditional Artist
Favorite comic this week by far. :D
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is there a place I can go to pre-order it? If there is, I'm having a difficult time finding it...
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RyanOttleyProfessional Artist
It solicits in April Previews catalog, so you'll have to go to your comic shop then and ask for it to be ordered. I'll post the solicit info when I get it.
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thanks man, have a good day
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KairiTheValeyardHobbyist Writer
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I love this....I think I love you....in a totally un-gay way. I'ma go drink some gasoline and do 158 pushups to get my manliness back. Great idea!
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Poor Bear has a hook in his mouth, kill the fisherman! >=]
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Shit, we're doomed.
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ChiiKeiHobbyist Digital Artist
XDDD Hahaha! Awesome idea, and really nice art.
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astroXLRHobbyist Artist
If Larson greenlights this I'm buying every issue! It's just too awesome!
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RayDillonProfessional Digital Artist
PLEASE do this! It's amazing.

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QUICKLY! Draw ur anti-Sea Bear circle!!! D: )
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stalkProfessional Traditional Artist
Egads, indeed!

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That is GREAT!!!
Now this is what I want to see a one shot of. Death Grub was sweet too.
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RyanOttleyProfessional Artist
GOOD! It's gonna happen soon!
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chriscopelandProfessional Digital Artist
Dood, this is all sorts of AWESOME! lol. Hillarious!
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mega-cool sketch ...as usual.
Gives a whole new meaning to:
One if by land, and two if by sea.

Um, well no--not really, but all the clever banter was already taken by the rest of the thread. Dang it! It's not easy coming up with clever banter, when the artwork posted... is beyond Awesomesauce!
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happymonkeyshoesProfessional Digital Artist
Not enough characters say EGADS any more :D Ya made my day.
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kayjkayProfessional Filmographer
This totally made my day. Thank you.
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that looks fantastic, it reminds me of my frightening encounter with the sea bear, he ate my pants...
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RABguyHobbyist Writer
Why hasn't anyone else ever thought of this? Brilliant!
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That was laugh out loud funny.
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