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New JLA cover

New cover I did for DC. Colors by Sunny Gho.
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DC would be lucky to have you on a monthly title.

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The Art on this Cover is awesome. Sadly for Lobo fans. This book was a Fraggin Disappointment.

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I noticed that every kind of character becomes way cooler once it gets Ottleyfied.
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what is the name of the guy like Cannonball-Sunspot?
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I like the way you draw figures. Batman's costume looks like a real costume, not a bunch of inflated rubbery muscles.
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I would love to see your take on the old-school Lobo, since you have enjoyed so much the work on Grizzly Shark :)
You make the "splatter/useless violence" genre so exciting and fun to read and watch.
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The OG version yup he is.
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Man, Batman and Lobo working together... I wanna some more of that.
Also, too bad Invincible is coming to an end, I can't almost believe it.
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The Guardians of the Globe look a little different these days huh?
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I'm sad Invincible is ending but I'd love to see your run on Batman or Superman!
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oh my god yes! 
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A beautifully done cover! This is a JLA I could get behind... a nice blend of heavy hitters and stealthy shadow ops members. 
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Oh wow, The Ray...didn't know that guy was still around. Great stuff as always, man :)
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The real LOBO?! Awesome!!
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Well technically the OG Lobo. Both seemed pretty convinced they are the real deal.
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