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Invincible cover

By RyanOttley
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Art by me, colors by Bill Crabtree. This will be the cover of the Handbook trade paperback. It will also be used for a few other things.
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♐️Who's the green guy above Atom Eve?
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your art is so rad! i love this book, i bought the first two tpb's and then i had to go buy all the others, so good!
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tom selleck superhero FTW
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all of your artwork is awesome, but i really like this one because it shows all of the main heroes, including my two fav characters; invincible and atom eve. i'm hoping to get the poster version of this.
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HAHA! I love the expression on the one eyeball dude. He's like, " hey, it's a living."
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this screams for a movie. yay image comics. is this image comics?
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WOW... this is just gorgeous! It looks like Bill's trying something a bit new... kind of more rendered than his usual work. Any particular reason for this?

Instant fave, for sure.... =)
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Bill has been doing more rendered covers for a while now, the interior work is still cell-shaded though.
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Great work. I like the compo of the characters.
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great work ryan.... :D
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good traditional but awesome cover!!!
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Looks like they're all dashing towards some super-sized omnipotent entity bent on the destruction of the universe. Or something. Cool poses.

I finally broke down and ordered the first volume of Invincible, so I'm looking forward to learning more about this comic.
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Cool! You'll love it, it's a fun read. Did you get the first volume in Trade Paperback or Hardcover?
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I have the hardcover. Can't wait until it arrives. :)
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Ah cool! I started with issue 8, just in case ya didn't know. Not my best work at all. sigh.
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I didn't know that. I'll have to make plans to acquire the future volumes when finances permit so I can see how your great art has progressed.
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wow, so daddy's a goodguy again eh? I can't wait to get the hardcover! And then pick up the lil guys after=]
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No, this is just a shot of the main characters from the book for the Handbook cover.
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this is so different love your art work it inspires me your work is amazing:butterfly:
i'll fav your art work all the time:-) :hug: cant wait to see more:-)
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