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Invincible 59 cover

This will be out in February. Pencils and inks by me, colors by FCO Plasencia.
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Okay, Brother! Power Plex is DEFINITELY one of the evil invincibles. Very cool!
RyanOttley's avatar
Nope. Good guess, but no.
ravensdojo's avatar
damn! Guess I gotta wait.
ravensdojo's avatar
Oh, but let's still hope you guys do kind of a bizzaro invincible one day.
Figaro-8's avatar
Looks fantastic! I can't wait.

By thy side,

Dualmask's avatar
I dig the poses here. Looks like an intense fight!
FreelancerGraphics's avatar
Nice dynamic cover! :w00t:
Ollivieri-art's avatar
thats evil invincible, it has to be, looks awesome, but at this point thats a given.
RyanOttley's avatar
Not a given, you are actually wrong.
Ollivieri-art's avatar
no no, the art looks awesome, the evil invincible was just a wild guess mostly based on the hair, guess i could have made that more clear...
RyanOttley's avatar
Well you sounded certain you were right so I just wanted to crush your dreams. ;)
LukeBatt's avatar
Los Nos! William has created himself a little grudge against his former best mate and taken up an offer from the government to gain an awesome mixture of Re-animen technology and non-zombification technology and become and electrifingly difficult obstical for our own Mr. Grayyson a.k.a. Invincible to overcome! Can he be saved?! Or is there a possible Team-Up against the series' Bad-Good Government Guy, Cecil!? Find out in Issue 59 of probably the Best Superhero Comic in the UNIVERSE!
RyanOttley's avatar
Have you been talking to Kirkman or something? How do you know all this?!?
LukeBatt's avatar
OBViously I have E.S.P.N. but as the artist I would think that you would be in touch with Fco and have made sure that they fixed the colour of Williams hair back to Brown before printing, sheeesh ;) ;P
ccs1989's avatar
Well THIS looks to be good.
Yunosh's avatar
looks great :D
thelearningcurv's avatar
looks like a good fight=]
nancyraygun's avatar
Gorgeous work Ryan, as Usual!

IndifferentWanderer's avatar
I bet it's William or Rick Sheridan.
MarvTMartian's avatar
Man, I really love your artwork & Invincible is pretty much alway my first read of the month when my comics arrive. Unfortunatley due to budget reasons I think I'm gonna have to start reading all my comics in trade & am really gonna miss my monthly Ottley!!
jel's avatar
I really love the angular inking you've used on the forefront guy!
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RobertLaszloKiss's avatar
Nice cover man, love your poses.
Azrael-Nekhbet's avatar
Awesome pose and lighting, I love that light glowing green!
There's so much tense action here8D
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