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INV79 page 5 pencils

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You are the modern Walt Simonson. Was a long time before anyone was able to match his dynamism
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That is quite the compliment! Thank you!
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haha, that guy with his eyes pried open needs to get them poked at some point in that issue!
ScribbleDragon's avatar
I was rereading this issue yesterday and for some reason pictured Leave It To Beaver as the sound track to this "Day In The Life" sequence. :P
UncleScooter's avatar
Awesome cyclops in the second panel- that flying scene over the last two looks cool, too =D
"Quick, press down on the medulla oblongata! Five bucks says he smells burnt toast!"- Sam ("The Adventures of Sam & Max: Freelance Police", Ep.5- "They Came From Down There")
Kenneh's avatar
would I be able to use these to practise colouring/digital inking with? Your work is just such a pleasure to look at!
Mr-Tasi's avatar
love the way u layout this page him flying out at the top is great!
Dylanio21's avatar
This was a great issue.
NickMockoviak's avatar
You da man Ryan! :worship:
Cinar's avatar
LOVE this page, man!
Greyall's avatar
Oh, I missed Elephant...Still waiting for a story in which he wins. Seems like a good way to get old.
thelearningcurv's avatar
this was a fun seqence
superbanks's avatar
do scan these into the computer?
superbanks's avatar
how much does when of them bad boys cost?
RyanOttley's avatar
The originals? I send the to my art dealer at
humblerthanyou's avatar
This looks like it was just a blast to draw.
howlett66's avatar
That is some cool acton right there

Funny thing about panel 1 is that it seems that Inv didnt even had to put effort on throwing that guy away lol
druje's avatar
Love this page Ryan! You're doing great work on this title!
Nexxorcist's avatar
that middle panel is hillarious
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