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I hate Fairlyland

My buddy Skottie Young asked me for a pin-up for his new amazing book I Hate Fairyland through Image Comics. Colors by John Rauch!

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This is amazing.
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Haha it looks awesome.

Now do it with Cosmo and Wanda ! XD
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lol. that's great, thanks for sharing.
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Gaaaawd! Ryan Ottleys' art makes my dick hard!
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Awesome. You do the best blood spatter in comics. You've had a LOT of practice:)
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I can feel the love and cuteness.
I77ustrat1v3mind's avatar
Nice man, funny as always. Great work for a great book :).
ozthepowerful's avatar
Absolutely fantastic
Satanic-Headbitey's avatar
I just laughed so hard that I almost snorted coffee on my tablet! Well done, sir!
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My coworker and I have been staring at this for 5 minutes and laughing our heads off, no pun intended. 
jel's avatar
Literal LOL!
Very fun, and well done!
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This is so funny
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What's this series about anyway? I've seen it in stores but it never really peeked my interest that much.
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This is one of the funniest psychotic comic ever, nice job.
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Dayum I need to check this out!
kangarooCat's avatar
... oh my Jesus Christ that's scary
Fade-Highwind's avatar
seems a bit much
good job!
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