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I give up

Actually this knight wouldn't say "I give up!" he'd say something more knighty sounding like "Oh Demon of the underworld, I yield to thee!" Or something.
Anyway, this is something I did for fun. Not for a specific project. This is ink on 18x24 watercolor paper. Its huge! So fun drawing this large!

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Awesome work, this looks really badass! Love the monster!
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Freaking awesome.  Reminds me of Ye Olde AD&D hardback covers, like the Dungeon Master's Guide.
Man I don't know how I lost my virginity.
Way cool textures on that paper though, I gotta say. 
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I can't help but think that this is what Dr. Strange would look like if he became a Demon...
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Big time fav, Ryan!
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NOPE! Not fighting him.
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Uh, you marvelous specimen of human dna. 
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Fantastic concept! Love your inking techniques, especially around the creature's cloak. Awesome!
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Knight's first reaction.
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Wow, those horns are amazing. :)
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Nah man, I think he will go "Methinks I have emptied my bowels to mine trousers" or something medieval-y sounding.
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Is it for sale?  Can I purchase it?
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Great Stuff!

I Love the shiluotte of the knight ... Tells the story as always!
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Wow! This looks great! And it really looks like a fun thing to draw. 
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"I shitteth my breaches!" is more appropro.
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WOW!! Really enjoying your artwork.
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Reminds me of a dream I had. 
Only the knight ended up bleeding out on the stairs.  ;/
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