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Hulk thanks you

FOR 100,000 VIEWS! Thanks everybody! Kinda messy, but just playing with my pens and copic markers. My table is stained and everything, the paper was TOO THIN, GAAAH!

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If that's his reaction when he's grateful, I'd hate to around if he hated me! :o
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Loving the markers work Ryan! Thats tight!
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Always a pleasure to look at this beautiful §Hulk piece!!!!
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this is awesome!!!!! hulk roooaaaarr
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You have got to be one of the best at drawing the Hulk.
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reminiscent of larsen's work. very nice!!
Very Good, I suck with Markers, I use them, But i suck with them. That Big mouth Hulk has is awesome too... Really shows the Anger.
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very strong loock cool
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Another reason why your an artist I enjoy seeing art from.
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I would love to see you on a Hulk comic!! (but don't leave Invincible!!!)
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a huevo very cool bro
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Wicked cool man, his facial expression is just right and its nice to see him in a different color pants than just purple, I am so faving this!!
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Always impressive, man.
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WOW! I've never seen Hulk with yellow pants on!
Cool as hell!
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Totally and incredibly savage rendition of that character I love to hate!!! Bravo!!!
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hulk is so cool. you draw very well.
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Hey dude! Awesome piece. I'm a big fan of copics when they are used right. Your Hulk Anatomy is tops! Really spot on in my book. I'm also gonna add you to my watch, because apparently you are not on there, which is totally wierd, cause I thought you were!

Keep 'em coming!

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this is awesome
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