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Hi-re TMNT cover for you to COLORRRRRRRRRRRRR

Need some color practice? Or just want to color something? Do it! I'd love to see it!

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TMNT-HiRez-flats by FlattSquat

Hey bud, I just flatted your piece. Hope you like it. Thanks
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I´ll try to give it a shot and let you know once it´s done!!
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I'll give it a go, I'll post a link later.
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Excellent job!
funkt-green's avatar
loved this so much I had to give it a go, have a look
Pask's avatar
I'll give it a try :)
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I love this picture and I love it so much I colored it thank you for offering this up here are the links

[link] (famous Cartoon multicolor masks)
[link] (Original All red masks)
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Hey man I colored this! Thanks for letting us use it! Enjoy! [link]
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Whaaa, thank you very much. I love how you draw them! I must color them! :la:
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This is an awesome idea. Thanks and thanks for the inking practice.
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i finished coloring this, here's a link if you'd like to check it out.

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Had loads of fun coloring this! Would love to color anymore inks you have to offer! Feel free to check my colors out! [link]
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This is awesome, man - count me in! ^_^
GizmoNbunny's avatar
Thank you so much for posting this :) had a great time coloring this. if you want to see come check it out [link]
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Thanks for the hi-res! I'm a little late to the party, but had fun! :)

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Thanks for the hi-res! I saw it a little late, but still had fun! :D

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These colored works are just as amazing as the original black and white. Awesome work everyone!
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cool, thanks for sharing.
Kirbyallen's avatar
Okay im a shit artist but i tried to color your work...i want to ba a comic illustrator so bad haha

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