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Batman VS Wolverine color

I posted this pic already in pencil, I inked it too and I got Ted Wing(Grendel) to color it. Turned out pretty cool I think. Ted and I are getting a table in Philly and making prints of these. Gonna be cool.

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Joker is now extremely pissed at Wolverine.

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Oh, poor Batman...

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This is fucking bullshit. Batman would win in a fight against Wolverine! 
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With a prep and other - yes, Batman can win.

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Thank you for understanding.

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I can't tell how many times I've seen people talk about this image in a debate on who would win in a fight between Batman and Wolverine. This thing has been commented on for over 10 years now.
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Wolverine is a true badass can make every batman villains shit themselves from seeing his face..
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You are my hero for this :) :) :) This is exactly what I always say will happen haha...of coarse after Wolvie cuts up Bruce's credit cards first! :)
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Weill said illmatic0485
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Bruce Wayne is what 90? He is not a super-human, has no super powers nor is he a mutant. 

Wolvie doesn't age, has the ultimate healing factor, can match any martial arts bruce could attempt & regardless of Batman's toys, unlike Superman there is no Kryptonite secret weapon to use on Wolverine. Wolverine would simply go feral & treat bruce like the human he is (like a % of Mutants would also do to Bruce Wayne).

Just because Bat-Man has a huge army of loyal fanboys doesn't change the fact this is a no-contest. I am so tired of hearing all the whining when ppl point out the facts regarding a logic fight in which Batman simply would never win.
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THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!
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Its nice to know there are still people out there that remember the Wolverine of comic history and not the watered down version of the movies. Truth is he'd beat bats without even popping his claws. 
Batman knows alot of martial arts but Wolverine's mastered every fighting style ever invented. Though not to the  degree of the less of spidey and others, wolvie's strength, speed, agility and reflexes are all at superhuman levels-ergo even the peak of human perfection doesn't stand a chance fighting him without some kind edge to help out eg tony wearing his ironman suit to bcom more than human.
Contrary to the movies logan also a master tactician and strategist not some "I'll just throw myslf in there without a plan cos I'll heal anyway" fighter!
Add the fact that he has heightened senses and his body system negates fatigue and you realize just is screwed you are. 
Batman is one of my all time favs and has earned our respect but lets not allow feelings to cloud objectivity and logic.
Granted with enough preptime and info on Logan's abilities you can't count out bats, but in a straight up confrontation?...I don't think so.
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FINALLY! Some one who gets it!!
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need a fav devianters. Friend of mine is trying out for a lil modelling. Could y'all just have a glance at this page and maybe like it? Liking it isn't mandatory, viewing it would be thanks enough. 

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Both great characters. Have to say though, Batman would trounce Wolverine. It's pretty well established that if any single superhero would make a honed and effective 'superhero killer', it would be Batman. Hell, the Justice League kicked him out because he had foolproof contingency plans to take each of them down if they ever went rogue.
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Yeah, he can take down the Justice League, cause he knows their weaknesses.

Now you could argue he can find out about Wolverine's weakness and exploit it, but lemme ask you: What IS Wolverine's weakness? Does he even have one?
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The Batman fans need to quit bitching about their favorite hero having his ass kicked… I love them both equally, but yeah, Wolverine would prolly win unless he could use technology to know he was coming. Plus he got his back broken by Bane quite a few times. Besides, this is just a picture, geez.

That plus Bruce isn't as hot in my opinion~
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I like both characters but Wolverine is my absolute fave (<3) so I would much rather have Bruce die than lose Logan. :iconawwwwyeahplz:
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i agree wolvie would win. unless bats has adamantium armor then i would wonder
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