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Chun li alpha

I had the original sketch somewhere and decided to rework it a little and finish it up and color it.

Planning on making a print out of it for conventions.

Hope you like it!

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At last I got to understand how Chun-Li´s braids are done. 
That Alpha outfit certainly looks great yet still kinda reasonable for fighting. 
Not going to harp about her other outfits (its simply  a game for fun, after all) but sometimes they feel a little over the top to me.
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Oh hey a Pucca Button oh her bag!
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She is so cute in her Alpha outfit.
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are you still with udon?
Wonderful job with her anatomy. The look of her back and her proportions are wonderful
Very cool art! Not often you see such a situation displayed. Chun is super late!

I wonder about her choice of attire though. It's super tight and doesn't leave much to the imagination. Though maybe that's the idea?
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Chun-Li must be running late,  even her left braid is not done,  no matter she'll make her opponents wait worth the while as he gets to observe her fighting "form!"  Oh yeah!  Great artwork! ;)
I've gotta agree! She's probably late on purpose, trying to distract her opponent with her extremely tight clothes. It could totally backfire though!
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Well the worst that could happen is he'll ask her out,(unless its a girl, maybe Chunny "swings" that way!  Ha!)  course shes all keyed up for a fight,  She'll pound his butt,  then she'll accept after he comes back from the ER!  Ha! ;p
Hah! I bet Chun-Li would laugh it off. She could have any man she wants! She probably wouldn't mind being a bit of a tease and showing off her fit body, though. You don't wear that tight gear for its' fighting protection, after all! :p
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Truth!  Shes not called "Spring Beauty" for nothing!  shes the pride of her late father's eye!  No doubt about it shes got her suitors all over the place! (anybody that doesn't find her attractive needs SERIOUS psychiatry!) ;)
Hah! She's clearly proud of her body, too.  She probably has to deny all the suitors too; gotta focus on her fighting career.

I can see lots of people being jealous of her too; fellow fighters trying to take her down a peg!
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The bad guys anyway,  they'd hurt(or worse)her regardless!   Chun-Lis got PLENTY of friends and allies though!  Yeah she knows shes got what it takes to catch a guys eye, but one so lovely i can't believe she might still be a virgin as a friend of mine argued,  at least untill she crossed over into her twenties,  A Girl needs to " scratch that itch!"  sometimes Ya know?!  Arf! Horny! 
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So attractive and with a beautiful shape, to boot!
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An Excellent piece of work!!!
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Chun li is a very attractive Girl
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Beautiful body of a beautiful athlete.... :love:
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Astonishing work. Congratulations. ;)
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Thanks everyone!
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really nice work, well done
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Nice work, Ry!
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Always awesome!
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