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IT'S PIXEL RICCCCCCK by Ryannumber1gamer IT'S PIXEL RICCCCCCK :iconryannumber1gamer:Ryannumber1gamer 2 0 Walk in Harmony - Zenyatta (Overwatch) Pixel Art by Ryannumber1gamer Walk in Harmony - Zenyatta (Overwatch) Pixel Art :iconryannumber1gamer:Ryannumber1gamer 2 0 Ryan The Hedgehog (Character Redesign/Reboot) Bio by Ryannumber1gamer Ryan The Hedgehog (Character Redesign/Reboot) Bio :iconryannumber1gamer:Ryannumber1gamer 7 14
Top 5 Worst Archie Sonic arcs
Out of the 20 years of Archie Sonic comics, there was a era of the series, nicknamed The Dark Age. This Dark Age was a era from #50 (End Game) to #160. Who was the major cause of the era? The worst writer for the comic, Ken Penders. What was given throughout this era was nothing but outdated writing, lack of character personality, horrible art, and absolutely nothing ever happening. I've counted down what I felt was the best of the Archie Sonic series. Now I'm taking a look at the absolute worst from one of the worst eras for Sonic.
5. The Knuckles Miniseries
There's one extremely simple problem with this arc. Boring, Boring, BORING. There is absolutely nothing here of interest. The story is all over the place, between Knuckles talking to himself blandly as he walks through traps to save the Chaotix, then he finds them, along with the person who kidnapped them, Archimedes the fire ant, who was stalking Knuckles and luring him into traps the full time. But what happens next is what real
:iconryannumber1gamer:Ryannumber1gamer 6 72
Thoughts on TTG's The Walking Dead Season 2 Ending
After playing TWD Season 2, I thought it was good. Granted I still liked The first season and The Wolf Among Us more (Although I enjoyed TTG's older games even more than TWD), I still liked Season 2 and it had some good characters with highlights being Luke, Rebecca, and Alvin.
But then I got Episode 5 and I thought, It's ok.
It was a decently strong episode but all my problems hit as soon as Luke is killed. There's no reason whatsoever for Kenny to start going so damn crazy. He treated the kid like shit and then caused him to panic. In a way, he's indirectly responsible for Luke's death. Then we have Mike, and Bonnie more or less backstabbing all of them. Clem and Jane were completely innocent and had no reason to be abandoned while Orvo, a person they just met was getting taken along with them.
Keep in mind Orvo himself tried to rob and kill the entire group with a bunch of Russians.   Sure Kenny might have been having a hard time but Orvo is a trigger happy bac
:iconryannumber1gamer:Ryannumber1gamer 1 6
Sonic Boom Rise of Lyric Thoughts and Opinion.
So I finally finished Rise of Lyric. My thoughts?
Let's start with the gameplay. It's bad. Really bad. It's isn't Sonic gameplay in any way shape or form. It's combat and it's terrible combat. It takes up a massive chunk of the gameplay and you know what the problem is? You wanna know what the problem is? It's too goddamn basic for a massive gameplay feature. There's no combo system, there's a combo counter sure, but there isn't a true system, you can't mix attacks and you can't unlock new attacks. All you get is a maximum of 3 attacks per character and that's it! Nothing else. You know what's even worst? When you start the game off, it isn't that bad, you think ''Ok, it's average I guess, not as bad as what I expected'' but then it just keeps going and going and going until you are freaking bored out of your mind and you keep hoping that maybe it'll give you more speed that combat only for it to never come.
On top of that, the game manages to have a mix of cheap and easy, something I
:iconryannumber1gamer:Ryannumber1gamer 2 23
Top 10 Sonic Songs
Right, well for this list, seeing as this is different from my other lists in that it's only really listing my favourite songs from Sonic, I won't really be talking about them. I will link to the songs so you can hear them though.
10.City Escape (Sonic Adventure 2)
This is definitely one of the most classic Sonic level themes. A great song to start off Adventure 2 after the awesome Live and Learn.
9.Chemical Plant Zone Modern Remix (Sonic Generations)
This song is definitely one of the best remixes Sonic Generations had to offer. They took the original Chemical Plant Zone song and completely mixed it into this awesome rock song.
8.Dreams of an Absolution (Sonic 06)
While Sonic 06 was most definitely one of the worst Sonic games to date, there is no denying that it did have some really good music, with this and His World being my personal favourites. It als
:iconryannumber1gamer:Ryannumber1gamer 4 8
Top 10 Archie Sonic Arcs Part 2
Top 10 Archie Sonic Arcs Part 2
The Tails Adventure (Sonic Universe #17-20)
As I said in Part 1, Tails is my favourite Sega character period. His character took a major backstep in Lost World to be honest where he turned into nothing but a snark machine who gloats about his inventions but other than that, Tails has been consistently cool, especially in the comics after Issue #160. So the idea of a Universe arc all about Tails coming up on his own as a hero was brilliant. Especially since the last time we got any shred of this concept was a few mentions of Tails protecting Station Square in Sonic Chronicles which considering the events of a certain writer, is now non-canon so really, the last time was Sonic Adventure 1 & 2.
This story is a brilliant arc, especially for all Tails fans out there. We see a massive amount of Tails' skills and achievements here. He basically took a uninhabited island and turned it into his own private workshop and island. He built a robot dog in one day. He
:iconryannumber1gamer:Ryannumber1gamer 7 2
Top 10 Archie Sonic Arcs/Stories Part 1
Well firstly I'm a big Archie Sonic fan and I'd thought I'd give my opinions on my favourite arcs. But to set up some ground rules.
-Only Arcs and Stories where I have read the full arc. Since my Archie Sonic reading is basically in reprints, and a few issues here and there, it means that I can not bring up arcs I have not read, I also didn't start reading the full series and collecting every issue until World's Collide although I do have some individual issues. But this sadly means there will not be any Iron Dominion, Mecha Sally, or Hedgehog Havoc here.
-This will include both Sonic and Sonic Universe Arcs.
-Please respect my opinion, if you disagree, please tell me why you disagree.
Anyway, let's get this going.
10.Changing Tempo (StH #221)
If I had to pick two characters who are my favourite Archie exclusive, It's not Sally, It's not Bunnie, and It's not Antoine, It's not even Scourge. It's definitely Mina Mongoose and Nicole. Both have very likeable personalities and character arc
:iconryannumber1gamer:Ryannumber1gamer 7 22
Top 3 Kingdom Hearts Openings
Another list so soon? Well I had the idea for this list after rewatching some of the openings for Kingdom Hearts games and decided to do a short Top 3.
Now to start off, I'm a huge Kingdom Hearts fan. I've played every game with the exception of KH VCast which looked like complete garbage and the original Chain of Memories for GBA although I have played re:Chain of Memories thanks to 1.5 HD Remix. One of the great things about KH is how they introduce you right into the game with a big music video opening, more often and not, recaping events. This has been changed up before like in 358/2 Days in which instead used It's opening to introduce all Organization XIII members. But anyway, without further ado, my Top 3 Kingdom Hearts Openings.
3.Kingdom Hearts
Ok, hear me out on this one. First, I loved the song Simple and Clean, It's a fun JPop song that matches in well with this mostly crazy intro which in it's own weird way, somehow introduces our
:iconryannumber1gamer:Ryannumber1gamer 2 0
Top 10 Mario Kart 8 Tracks
This is just going to be a short list so I'm not going to go too far into detail why I like these tracks in MK8, I'll give a few reasons and move on. I just thought this would be a fun list to make :)
10. Yoshi Valley
This track is a lot of fun to play on, It has a few different paths, a lot of great times for drifting including one massive drift about half way through and some fun track design. It's overall just really fun and has a nice soundtrack.
9.Moo Moo Meadows
This track is a really simple stage with no gimmicks or anything, but it is still a really fun simple track. This is one of the best stages for drifting and for learning how to drift effectively, It has some nice track design and It just was just a good track to port from Mario Kart Wii.
8.Toad Harbor
This stage is a fun challenging stage to go through, It includes a lot of stuff including jumps over gaps of water, gliding through the air, drifting, driving on the wall and a lot more, It's just a really fun stage that man
:iconryannumber1gamer:Ryannumber1gamer 2 11
Teen Titans Go! Rant
So. For people who have read my Top 10 Teen Titans Episodes list Part 1, you may remember I went on a small rant about Teen Titans Go. Well this got me thinking about exactly why I hate it so much so here we are. I'm gonna give my first go at a rant. So let's begin.
So Teen Titans Go!. Where do we start? Well first off I was excited when I heard that Teen Titans was coming back with a new show although I wasn't a big fan of the fact that It was going to be taking a comedy angle but I did enjoy the New Teen Titans shorts and I decided to give it a go before judging. Was it as bad as I thought. Short answer is Yes. A lot and I do mean a lot of things in this show pissed me off big time.
First off is the new art style and designs. I hate the new designs of the Titans. They borrow the designs of the original cartoon but changed them up for the worst. I will admit, I think Raven's design is fine but other than that, I don't like them. The changes for the designs can be really distracting an
:iconryannumber1gamer:Ryannumber1gamer 12 56
Top 10 Teen Titans Episodes Part 1
My Top 10 Teen Titans Episodes Part 1
First off, this is the original Teen Titans. Not Teen Titans Go. I'm not gonna go in depth on that right now but when compared to the original series. Teen Titans Go is crap. But despite that, Let's start.
10-Mother Mae-Eye.
This episode is crazy, and funny at the same time. The animation and the anime inspired style fits this episode so good due to Mother Mae-Eye using her powers.
So what's the story? The episode throws us right into a normal day of with the titans with two differences. A new character who everyone believes is their mother named Mother Mae-Eye and the fact the Titans are being babied and are unable to fight villains due to them being forced to obey Mother Mae-Eye's every command. After a fight with the Hive Five, Starfire is hit on the head and is free from Mother Mae-Eye's control and sees Mother Mae-Eye's true form. A evil witch who enslaves peoples minds using her pie. She proceeds to turn Titan Tower into a giant gingerbread h
:iconryannumber1gamer:Ryannumber1gamer 1 0
Top 10 Danny Phantom Episodes Part 2
Top 10 Danny Phantom Episodes Part 2.
So it's been a long time since Part 1 but I'm back and ready to continue the list!
Honourable Mention:
Teacher of the Year
This is a great episode in my opinion. We finally see a more better side to Mr.Lancer in this episode. He still keeps his strict personality in check but here, you can see that while he's tough, he wants the best out of his students including Danny. Although he still keeps a sneaky side in this episode, using a couple of tricks. In the main story, Technus returns and figures out a new plan. By winning a video game Tucker and Danny always play, he can win access to the internet and take it over. After tricking Tucker into giving him inside the game, It's up to Danny to figure out a plan to use his ghost powers inside the machine. The only problem? He's banned from the computer until he passes Mr.Lancer's test. This was a really fun episode, as I've already said about Mr.Lancer. But the main plot is great and my favourite part is
:iconryannumber1gamer:Ryannumber1gamer 1 0
Top 10 Danny Phantom episodes part 1.
Well since Danny Phantom is one of my favourite cartoons and my favourite Nick cartoon i thought it would be fun to name my personal top 10 episodes of Danny Phantom. So anyway this will be put into 2 parts. Part 1 being 10-5 and Part 2 being 5-1. So anyway here's my personal favourite episodes.
10.Kindred Spirits. The story of this episode is Danny finds out he has a cousin called Danielle or Dani for short. Danny quickly discovers that Danielle has ghost powers as well. But after some events he learns that all is not right with Dani's past and that Vlad is somehow involved. I liked how the episode showed how desperate Vlad is to have Danny as a son so he goes to extreme lengths and it really proves how crazy Vlad can be. Danny also learns he can't keep taking Sam & Tucker for granted. The episode also shows the length Vlad will go to so he can get what he wants.
9.Fanning the Flames. This is the episode where Ember first appeared and also the first episode we got the hints that Sam &
:iconryannumber1gamer:Ryannumber1gamer 1 0


Wubba Lubba Dubba Dub Dub by SugarPii-Chan Wubba Lubba Dubba Dub Dub :iconsugarpii-chan:SugarPii-Chan 10 0 Nine More Seasons Morty by SugarPii-Chan Nine More Seasons Morty :iconsugarpii-chan:SugarPii-Chan 8 1 Heav and Acro by Starry-Arctic-Seas Heav and Acro :iconstarry-arctic-seas:Starry-Arctic-Seas 6 0 Gravity Rush 2 Redux - rightside up by ZedEdge Gravity Rush 2 Redux - rightside up :iconzededge:ZedEdge 320 23 Gravity Rush 2 Redux - upside right by ZedEdge Gravity Rush 2 Redux - upside right :iconzededge:ZedEdge 304 15 He's an Xbox, and I'm more Atari by Galaxynite He's an Xbox, and I'm more Atari :icongalaxynite:Galaxynite 475 89 Nightwing Holiday Kisses by BillWalko Nightwing Holiday Kisses :iconbillwalko:BillWalko 1,232 173 Lumina A.K.A. Lucy Laserwave for Spin Attaxx by YoshiUnity Lumina A.K.A. Lucy Laserwave for Spin Attaxx :iconyoshiunity:YoshiUnity 8 2 Mega Man and friends by Parororo Mega Man and friends :iconparororo:Parororo 1,223 65 Mega Man's worst nightmare by BrokenTeapot Mega Man's worst nightmare :iconbrokenteapot:BrokenTeapot 1,150 289 TMNT#33_cover by Santolouco TMNT#33_cover :iconsantolouco:Santolouco 920 50 tmnt animated by enolianslave tmnt animated :iconenolianslave:enolianslave 1,026 154 TMNT: Northampton by mooncalfe TMNT: Northampton :iconmooncalfe:mooncalfe 2,206 284 IDW TMNT by Santolouco IDW TMNT :iconsantolouco:Santolouco 469 46 DANGANRONPA! by radiomagic DANGANRONPA! :iconradiomagic:radiomagic 1,035 26 Pink Glass Wings by Starry-Arctic-Seas Pink Glass Wings :iconstarry-arctic-seas:Starry-Arctic-Seas 7 4



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Yeah so :icontherandomgirlxd: tagged me (as a notice, please do not tag me, I generally do not like doing this), and asked 23 questions. Since I haven't actually said much in a long while, I felt I should make an exception this one time and do it, but other than that, I likely will not do it again. Since alot of the rules TheRandomGirl placed, I'm not sure I can follow, such as tagging 23 people, I'm assuming I also do not need to tag anyone unless I really want to (And because I likely don't even know who to tag, and what questions to even ask)

1: What movie are you excited for this year?

Ratchet & Clank. Massive fan of the series for years, and absolutely excited to see a good videogame movie for once, as well to see how they update the first game's plot.

2: Favourite and least favourite Nickelodeon show?

Favourite: TMNT 2012/Danny Phantom - Great characters, great stories, cool animation, and in general, just two great shows.

Least Favourite: Fred/Breadwinners: Amazing, Nick managed to take two online shows and give them full blown shows that display every single thing wrong with two eras of YouTube videos, Fred handling 2005-2010, and Breadwinners being 2011-Present.

3: Favourite and least favourite Cartoon Network show?

Classic: Dexter's Lab/Powerpuff Girls/Ed Edd N Eddy

Toon City: Codename KND/Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends/Teen Titans

Modern: Adventure Time/Regular Show/Sonic Boom (Before you ask, I haven't seen enough of Steven Universe to make a final judgement)

Honorable Mentions: Clarence/Steven Universe (From what I've seen however, they're both excellent shows)
Least Favourite: Annoying Orange: Take Fred, amplify the annoyance by 10, and there you go.

4: Favourite and least favourite Disney show?


Classic: Recess

2000s: Kim Possible/American Dragon/Lilo & Stitch

Modern: Star VS The Forces of Evil 

Honorable Mention: Gravity Falls (Again, haven't seen enough of it to justify it as my favourite, but from what I have seen, it is excellent)

Least Favourite: Probably every live action sitcom starting with Shake It Up/So Random

5: Favourite and least favourite video game of all time?

Favourite: Jak 3/Kingdom Hearts 2: Nostalgia factor, plus the fact it managed to totally refined the previous games' problems, and managed to improve on most of my criticisms of the previous games.

Least Favourite: Sonic Free Riders...just see Angry Joe's review...

Honorable Mention: Mega Man 2, Sonic Adventure 

6: Do you like music from the 1980s or 2010s more?

2010s, solely for the fact I've listened to more modern songs, and my musical tastes go to the 90s at most.

7: Do you know who Pete Burns is and his band "Dead or Alive"? ( If you say no... how could you do this to me?Waaaah! )

Nope :/

8: Which celebrity do you hate the most?

...ehhh, I'm not sure. I could mention plenty of musicians, but not really celebrities I specifically hate.

9: Do you like Sony, Microsolf, or Nintendo better?

1st: Sony
2nd: Nintendo
3rd: Microsoft

10: favourite meme?

Aaron Webber and the journey of the Sonic Social Media pages

11: Do you/ did you hate high school?

...Ehhh, not really.

12: What is your favourite animal?

Probably a dog, or monkey :/

13: In your opinion, what makes a fantastic girlfriend or boyfriend?

Not really something I can say, not being in a relationship.

14: favourite memory as a kid?

Probably a bunch of memories of me playing my first console ever, more specifically Crash 3: Warped (PS1 for the win)

15: What's your favourite Stanley Kubrick film?

...Don't really watch his movies so I can't say.

16: Who is your favourite champion in League of Legends?

Don't play League of Legends

17: Favourite Youtuber?


18: Favourite Viner?


19: What's better? Youtube or Vine?

...They're both pretty awful in their own ways, but YouTube is better in my opinion due to the creative content makers on there.

20: favourite female and male character in any thing ever?

Female: Starfire (Teen Titans)/Kat (Gravity Rush)

Male: Nightwing (Batman)

21: What's 9+10?


And no, I am not going to reference the video.

22: Do you like to draw?

Eh...It's alright, but I prefer writing stories more.

AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST! 23: So how is your experience what Deviantart as a whole?

As a whole, it's been alright. If you want an expanded version, feel welcome to see one of my previous Journal entiries where I basically recapped my first year on DA. But in general, helped me get back in touch with some friends, saw some cool art, it was cool I guess.

Now then, As for tagging people...Look, I hate being tagged myself, so I will tag some people, but it is totally optional if you want to actually reply. You do not need to tag anyone else either so don't worry, and if you don't want to, it's fine as well, I don't mind.

1. :iconladyyukon:
2. :iconslashthehedgehog7:
3. :iconsugarpii-chan:
4. :icontherandomgirlxd: (Your turn, if you want to)
5. :iconreneamora467:
6. :iconavochii:

Yeah, that's pretty much everyone I want to tag.

Questions (I'll answer them myself as well) :

1. Smash Bros, Mario Kart, or Splatoon? (Splatoon for me)
2. If you are a Dragon Ball fan, which is your favourite saga (Out of DBZ) (Sayian or Android Saga for me)
3. Batman Vs Superman, who's gonna win? (Batman :P)
4. Cap, vs Iron Man, who's side are you on? (Iron Man)
5. Do you read any comics/manga. If so, which is your favourite? (Archie Mega Man)
6. Is Call of Duty still a good series? (Ehh, Advanced Warfare/Ghosts was kinda bad, but Black Ops 3 was good in my opinion)
7. Classic Nostalgia Critic (2007-2012), or Modern Nostalgia Critic (2013-2016) or who the hell is the nostalgia critic (Classic for me)
8. Who is your favourite Ninja Turtle? (Leo/Donnie)
9. What is your favourite movie series of all time (Back to the Future)
10. Favourite and Least Favourite Anime?
11. Favourite and Lest Favourite Marvel movie?
12. Favourite Game Series and Least Favourite Game series?
13. Opinion on the reboot of the Powerpuff Girls?
14. Favourite and Least Favourite Disney Movie?
15. Favourite character of all time in games.


Ryannumber1gamer's Profile Picture
United Kingdom
(DeviantID picture made by the great :iconsugarpii-chan: )
(icon made by the great :iconladyyukon: )

Welcome to my DA page! My name's Ryan, and I'm a fan of TV, Movies, Comics, and of course Video Games. If I also had to pick my favourite medium, it would also definitely be animation, because of the fact there's no limitations, and so much can be achieved through that medium, and personally, I love a lot of the creativity and lessons that have come from animation, especially in films like Kung Fu Panda, and Inside Out, or in TV Shows like Adventure Time, Steven Universe, and Gravity Falls.

As for video games, I'm a huge fan of video games, and my preferred genres are platformers, RPG, and Action. In general, I'm a fan of franchises such as Mega Man, Sonic, Jak & Daxter, Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, Danganronpa, Ratchet & Clank, Sly Cooper, Ace Attorney and many others.

Here's a few artists that has some awesome artwork, if you're looking to see some cool artwork, give them a watch.

:iconsugarpii-chan::iconreneamora467: :iconladyyukon: :iconslashthehedgehog7: :iconavochii: :icontheancientmystic: :iconstarry-arctic-seas: :iconnintendrawer: :icondrawloverlala:



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