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RWBY - Formula One AU - Arkos Proposal by RyanMann141 RWBY - Formula One AU - Arkos Proposal :iconryanmann141:RyanMann141 17 1
RWBY Fireteam Guardians Chapter 4
Chapter Four – The Mental Truth
(This chapter is more heavily focused on the situation Pyrrha is in and on Fireteam Guardians than the other characters)
(Unknown Location – Pyrrha’s mentality)
Pyrrha Nikos was a very special individual, was trained to become huntress after graduating Sanctum Academy, was a true Mistral champion after winning the Mistral Regional Tournament four years in a row and setting up the bench mark of a young women of her status could be.
Despite being that, she craves the life of a normal girl of her age, she want to be seen as a normal and equal person despite being put on the pedestal for most of her life, and when she met Jaune Arc, and the members of Team RWBY and SSSN, her wish came true.
But everything she was, everything she did and known for was now at risk as Pyrrha now battle’s for her life to prevent her newly obtained Fall Maiden power from falling in the hands of Cinder Fall.
“Do you really think that Pyrrha Nikos, a M
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RWBY Fireteam Guardians - Chapter 3
Chapter Three – Confrontations
(On board the Dropship – the same time of Fireteam Guardian’s insertion)
“Okay, I’ve just checked the location, it appears Pyrrha’s at one of the ancient teleportation temples” Weiss, points out to the others.
“One of them?” Ruby asked.
“Way before the kingdoms of Remnant were formed, the ancients were known to use a special teleportation method to get around the world without issue, when the war broke out between the four nations, several of them used it, to transfer covert troops to region without detection” Weiss explained.
“But until a truce was formed and the peace we knew filled the land, the four kingdoms’ agreed to prevent the usage of the temples for personal usage, but it’s know to still be active, to some, but many just believe it to be only legend” Blake adds.
Soon Jaune gets a ping from his scroll and it’s another message from Pyrrha, but in text f
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RWBY Fireteam Guardians - Chapter 2
Chapter Two – The Race Begins
(Beacon Academy – Locker Room – 10 minutes later)
After agreeing to help Jaune to find Pyrrha, everyone began preparing supplies and their gear for the mission. Blake and Yang began creating rations for everyone, Weiss and Ruby began trying to triangulate the signal’s starting point to help locate Pyrrha, Sun and Neptune began obtaining a special device from the Atlas military, Ren and Nora began improving their weapons for damage and range, and Jaune looks at a photo taken with Pyrrha, and speaks to himself ‘I will find you and bring you home, I promise’.
“Okay is everyone ready?” Yang asked, everyone but Jaune agreeded in readiness, then Yang walks up to Jaune and places her hand on his shoulder, “we’ll find her”.
“I know, I promised her to do so” Jaune said to her, and everyone soon leaves for their dropships.
(Dropship station – 5 minutes later)
The teams arrive at the
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RWBY Fireteam Guardians - Chapter 1
Chapter One - Fireteam Guardians
(2 Hours after transfer and Pyrrha’s Disappearance)
Ozpin, Qrow, Goodwitch and Ironwood, the greatest defenders of Remnant are in despair, they knew of the risks of transferring the Fall Maiden’s power to Pyrrha Nikos, one of Beacon Academy’s best students. But they never expected anything like this, when the transfer was completed, Pyrrha went on a recluse, and when the four tried to restrain her, Pyrrha with her new power threw then aside and escaped from the facility.
“We shouldn’t have done this!” Goodwitch said with guilt in her voice.
“We knew there were going to be complications, but we never thought of anything like this” Qrow stated to a depressed Goodwitch.
“We may have a chance to retrieve her before anything worse happens” Ironwood announced to the three.
“But what do we tell her team and her friends? If they learn of this they’ll want to find her and probably want us to
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Chapter Two: A Past with a Hero
December 12th 2011: 3 Years Earlier: Atlas
On the Atlas waterfront, a young man, named Ryan Mann does his day job, picking up tree sap from the forest, for his town’s chemist shop. As Ryan does his job, he hears a low growl.
“What the heck was that?” he asked himself, as he turns back to his job, he hears the growl again, soon out of nowhere, he is attacked by a young Beowolf, and it scratches his arm. As Ryan holds his arm in pain, he turns back to the Beowolf, as it was ready to kill him. It charges at him and Ryan braces for his fate, until he hears a stabbing sound. He turns to the Beowolf and sees it killed by someone with green machine pistols. It was Lie Ren.
“You okay?” He asks the injured Atlesian.
“Nothing a small dose of Red Sap gel, can’t fix” he responds to him.
“So, what are you doing out in this part?” Ren asks him.
“Just doing my day job, gathering sap for the local chemist shop” Ryan states.
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Chapter One: The Funeral
It was a light rainy afternoon…
All of Beacon Academy…
All knew one of the greatest persons of the world…
Was gone…
And that event, made everything that changed the lives of many…
Several Days earlier: January 21st 2015: Beacon Academy Briefing Centre
“Alright guys listen up, today we are joined with four other teams to patrol the Emerald Forest, however Me and the other team leaders have been told that there is a deadly pack of Beowolves are lurking in the zone” Jaune Arc briefed his team “But we’ll do our job the best we can”
Team JNPR, put all the hands together, and all said “One Team, One Goal, One Future”
Jaune, Pyrrha, Nora and Ren enter their Bullhead, and are dropped off to Patrol Zone Delta where they begin their patrol.
“Alright Jaune and I will head north and east, Ren; You and Nora take the west and the south” Pyrrha advised
“Understood, let’s go Nora!” Ren tells his frien
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Pacific Strike Chapter 1
2 weeks after the events of Trouble in Tokyo
After finally having their first vacation in ages, the Titans begin their return journey to Jump City.
“Ooohhh man! Can’t wait to get back to my baby! the T-Car!” Cyborg boomed in delight.
“I can’t wait to try these new games on the gamestation!” Beast Boy chirped happily.
“Uh… Beast Boy, they’re in Japanese, do you even know how to speak or understand the language?” Raven asked.
“DAMN IT!” Beast Boy yelled causing a massive spike in the mics.
“Whoa! Calm down Beast Boy” the fearless leader Robin ordered his teammate.
“I can help, I have full understanding of the language after obtaining it in Tokyo” Starfire assured him, however whenever she brought up, how she kissed someone that’s not Robin, it makes him cringe in jealousy.
“Wait, I’m getting a disturbing feeling” Raven tells her teammates, after feeling weird.
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Chapter 3: Combat Training
Ryan and Aelita are devirtualised, and they leave the scanners.
“That went well” Ryan states
“But now, you have to complete your combat training, this will allow us to find out what your weapon skills are, also the best Lyoko Warriors, will be watching you” Jeremie advises Ryan.
“The best Lyoko Warriors?” Ryan asks
“The members of Task Force Evolution” Aelita tells him, concerning Ryan
“There’s no need to be worried Ryan, though I should point out that, they do have their own records and that our training supervisor, is a hard-ass” she then added
“But he does understand since you’re part of the new guys” Jeremie explains
Ryan then becomes neutral and takes a deep breath, soon the two take Ryan to join the other new recruits, in the training rooms, where they meet their trainer, former U.S Special Forces Drill Sergeant, Jim.
“Alright, you F.N.Gs, welcome to your combat training, today we’ll e
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Chapter 2: Entering Lyoko
Ryan returned home to pack his stuff only to find that his mother packed everything for him, surprising him.
“I never thought I’d see the day that my final son would move out so soon” his mother admitted.
“I won’t be gone forever, you will see me again, I promise” Ryan assured his mother.
His mother embraces him, “you’ve always made me proud Ryan, whatever happens we’ll always remember you” she then releases him.
“Thanks mum, I’ll never forget you” Ryan said to her.
Later, Ryan was in his room looking around, gathering memories, he then leaves to have dinner, but at the table, he barely touched his plate.
“You okay Ryan?” his mother asked
“I’m alright, just thinking” he responded
“Is it about you leaving tomorrow?” she asks
“No, it doesn’t matter, tomorrow I’ll be fighting for humanity” Ryan says to her
“And I’ll always be so proud
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Chapter 1: Enlisting
It wasn’t hard to live under extreme watch protection every day, after the first world nations learned of the X.A.N.A intelligence threat, every nation has developed extreme paranoia and closed up borders, severed ties with each other to prevent being infected by X.A.N.A, however the small group of fighters that have fought X.A.N.A and still fights it today have emerged as the only hope humanity has got, creating avatars and having people taking the fight to X.A.N.A, it was known as “The Code Lyoko Project”, but there was a price to fight for humanity, as the final United Nations Security Council session in New York, listed that anyone who joins the project, they must sever all ties to family and friends till the X.A.N.A threat is finally eliminated, as the governments of the world doesn’t want to risk having X.A.N.A infecting anyone and risking the lives of many.
When the project was given full funding and support, the supercomputer that housed X.A.N.A was seal
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Code Lyoko Evolutions: Final Fronts plans
Preparation and Development:
Now, I have started to re-watch Code Lyoko and in honesty its very interesting to me and I’d like to do a fan-fiction for it, along with other projects, now my knowledge on the show is not major but, I do understand a good handful of it after watching 5-10 episodes.
Premise: this takes an alternative take for Code Lyoko, as special divisions of first world governments are aware of the X.A.N.A Intelligence threat, and knows of its location within the supercomputer, and has it taken to an excluded man-made island, in the heart of the Pacific Ocean to prevent anyone to be infected, the nations have called it “The Code Lyoko Project”, and they also have the original warriors be in charge of the project since they have experience interfacing with the project, The story mainly follows an OC who joins the Lyoko Warriors in the fight against the X.A.N.A threat, it also creates a romantic triangle with two original Characters and the OC.
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RWBY: Arkos Evening by Soundwave3591 RWBY: Arkos Evening :iconsoundwave3591:Soundwave3591 65 12 Older Yang Rwby by sakimichan Older Yang Rwby :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 7,068 82 World War II RWBY [Australia] Velvet by ThyBlake World War II RWBY [Australia] Velvet :iconthyblake:ThyBlake 391 39 Summer Time Pyrrha Nikos - Alter by ADSouto Summer Time Pyrrha Nikos - Alter :iconadsouto:ADSouto 1,037 84
World War II RWBY [ANIMATION] Velvet :iconthyblake:ThyBlake 131 15
World War II RWBY: The Destiny of Pyrrha by ThyBlake World War II RWBY: The Destiny of Pyrrha :iconthyblake:ThyBlake 194 19 MM!AU: Heavens Day in Mantle by Soundwave3591 MM!AU: Heavens Day in Mantle :iconsoundwave3591:Soundwave3591 90 16 Happy Valentines/Ship Day by Pittree Happy Valentines/Ship Day :iconpittree:Pittree 43 5 Ancient Fantasy AU- Braid (Redraw) by Ray-Ken Ancient Fantasy AU- Braid (Redraw) :iconray-ken:Ray-Ken 35 13 RWBY: I dunno, Pyrrha... by Soundwave3591 RWBY: I dunno, Pyrrha... :iconsoundwave3591:Soundwave3591 26 25 Happy Birthday CyberSamurai270 ! by FlamingCroatan Happy Birthday CyberSamurai270 ! :iconflamingcroatan:FlamingCroatan 5 2 RWBY [WW2 Nations]  Dunkirk by ThyBlake RWBY [WW2 Nations] Dunkirk :iconthyblake:ThyBlake 219 22 Pyrrha by gin-1994 Pyrrha :icongin-1994:gin-1994 226 4 Commission: Blake and Samantha by Fat--Cow Commission: Blake and Samantha :iconfat--cow:Fat--Cow 194 25 Comfort and Support by spideyk Comfort and Support :iconspideyk:spideyk 19 51 Pyrrha (RWBY) by AyyaSAP Pyrrha (RWBY) :iconayyasap:AyyaSAP 2,308 57



RWBY - Formula One AU - Arkos Proposal
My Art Commission from Soundwave3591, who is one of the greatest RWBY artist on DA

Formula One Story: set in a modern Formula One setting where Pyrrha and Jaune take part in a three way showdown with a driver from West McLaren Mercedes

Synopsis: it’s the final race of the 2017 FIA Formula One World Championship with the McLaren Driver leading the drivers championship only by a few points and each one of them, needs to win the last ever Malaysian Grand Prix to become World Champion for 2017

However who will it be? Pyrrha Nikos the Three time F1 Champion? Jaune Arc the 2016 World Champion or will it be the McLaren driver who is driven to give McLaren their first World Champion after many years of waiting?

Let’s find out

It’s the final 5 laps of the Final Malaysian Grand Prix, and with McLaren driver Ryan Mann leading the race, but tyre degradation was affecting his performance and Arc and Nikos were closing in, whose tyres were in better condition,

“Pyrrha Nikos leading Jaune Arc, as they pass Ryan Mann in the McLaren, has his hopes for the drivers championship faded? But it seems Ryan is not giving up the championship without a fight, he’s chasing down the two Golden Shields down into turn 3 and they power into turn 4.

(Onboard with Ryan’s McLaren)
“Okay Ryan, win or lose, you’ve done a great job, and we are so proud of having you part of the team” the McLaren team boss
“Understood, but I’m not giving up just yet, cause for every single McLaren Champion, I will go out fighting” Ryan responded.

(Back to the race)
Mann still very determined to win the championship, as he starts closing down on the Golden Shields, as Jaune takes the lead from his teammate, but the two are blissfully unaware of the charging McLaren closing the distance, down to 3 tenths of a Second per lap

(On board both Golden Shields)
“Okay you two, you can have fun, but Ryan is closing in by 3 tenths of a second and closing fast, what ever you do, don’t let him pass” Hera Nikos told her drivers.

However because Ryan was on fresh Soft tyres he was able to go faster, unlike his rivals who had to conserve their Medium tyres for grip and for the final leg of the race.

(Back to to the race)
We are now approaching the final two turns, as Ryan now is right behind Arc and Nikos, he’s activated the DRS, and he’s dives down the inside into the final turn, and retakes the lead for McLaren, and he charges to the finish and he takes the Chequered flag! what a finish, what a performance by the Australian! Formula One World Champion Ryan Mann for McLaren, taking their first World Champion since Lewis Hamilton in 2008! And coming fast behind is Stoffel Vandoorne, who takes fourth from Nora Valkyrie, which means it’s a duel win for McLaren Mercedes, who have finally earned their first Constructors Championship since 1998, it’s a magnificent performance by the team this year.

(Onboard the McLarens
“I don’t know how you guys did that, but you are just amazing, what a finish! Great job, World Champion and Constructors Champion, take it in guys, we can’t thank you enough” the McLaren Team boss tells his drivers

“I don’t know what to say, guys, I mean it’s been 9 years since your last Champion, I’m just glad to be part of the team, and also great job Vandoorne, we have made history today!” Ryan responds

“Cheers Ryan, what we did is amazing, I’m glad to help us win this year, great job Ryan, World Champion” Stoffel tells his teammate.

(At Victory Lane)

Here at the final Malaysian Grand Prix, we crown our World Champion, Ryan Mann, after just missing out on the title in 2016 to Jaune Arc, the world is pleased to see McLaren’s top drivers fight back in 2017, and the guys back in Woking, are glad to see another well deserved trophy is handed to them.

It may have been a disappointing day for the Golden Shields, but Pyrrha and Jaune happily give their congratulates the Australian World Champion.

(The drivers)
“Congrats Ryan, World Champion for 2017” Jaune congratulates Ryan as the two handshake, but then embracing into a hug, which Jaune broke so Pyrrha could congratulate the newly crowned World Champion of 2017

“Very well done, you made your team proud, and it’s been an absolute pleasure racing against you for the last couple of years” Pyrrha congratulates Ryan embracing him.

“Well you two have done wonders over the years, our rivalry this year will go down as one of the finest in the history books!” Ryan thanked the two Golden Shields and then got drafted into being cheered by the McLaren Team.

“It’s been a great year Jaune, shame we lost the championship, but we’ll get them next year” Pyrrha tells Jaune but looks over and sees Jaune taking something out of his car.

“Pyrrha, I wanted to do this, when one of us is crowned world champion, but since that didn’t happen, I guess nows a good a times as any” Jaune tells Pyrrha then to her surprise, he gets down to one knee and everyone in Victory Lane gasps in surprise and so did the crowd as every camera now was pointed at Jaune and Pyrrha.

Pyrrha started to feel tears of joy entering her eyes, and brought her hands to her helmet. “Pyrrha, you have been an amazing racing driver and one I have had the honour of driving with since 2014, I can’t thank you enough for the support and trust in me, despite what happened in 2015, but all I can really ask is.... Pyrrha Nikos, three time Formula One World Champion, will you marry me?” Jaune announced and everyone is shocked including, Ryan Mann.

Pyrrha couldn’t say a word, as all she could do was nod her head and began taking off her glove, then giving her hand to him, so he can place the ring onto her finger. The crowd roared with support and cheer as the two embraced, and would have kissed, if they didn’t have their helmets on, but the two knew their embrace will be enough till they take their helmets off.

Ryan Mann who was looking at the two, takes a mic from one of the reporters and asks for it to be headed by everyone, “ladies and gentlemen lets give another round of applause for the engagement of Jaune Arc and Pyrrha Nikos!!!” Ryan chants and the crowd cheers as well did the members of the Golden Shield Formula One Racing Team and West McLaren Mercedes.

2017 has been on epic year, a fierce rivalry between three talented drivers, a showdown for the Constructors Championship, the crowning of the first McLaren Champion since 2008 and of course the engagement of the sports most loved drivers, Jaune Arc and Pyrrha Nikos.

  • Watching: RWBY Vol 3 Finale
Just finished watching the finale of RWBY Volume 3 and I'm sad... no wait, actually I'm not just sad, I'm motherfucking depressed!

Of all the characters, they chose Pyrrha to kill off! My favorite character is now gone, and now I'm one of those, who want Pyrrha to make a comeback in the future, and a large part of me wants that be a reality for the next Volume, or at least be in spirit form to guide Jaune or something, I just can't accept the fact that she's gone.

And now I'm filled with rage and I want Cinder Fall to fucking die and in a way to pay for all those she caused suffering!

Soon as I saw the arrow go through her, I turned into Ray from the Rainbow Six Lets Plays and yelled "WHY?! FUCKING WHY?! YOU FUCKING ASSHOLES?! WHY?!" while slamming my fist into my desk.

(Press five on the keyboard or go to 4:20 of the video)

I know some people will say "She's just a character, get the fuck over it" But I can't, I grew too much of a connection with her, and I feel what the other characters are feeling at that moment.

I think, I will be going through my path of depression again, and I don't know when my war with depression will ever end. :( (Sad)

#rwby #roosterteethrwby #pyrrha_nikos 




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