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Devious Journal Entry

Journal Entry: Sat Dec 1, 2007, 5:34 AM

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Waaaaay back when, there was the idea of having other people draw Dirty Pair stories with Adam Warren at the helm handling the writing chores.

Yuri-Redesign-Character Sheet by RyanKinnaird Kei -Redesign- Character Sheet by RyanKinnaird Dirty Pair color Sketch by RyanKinnaird

The idea was interesting, and I was all aboard for it, as were a few other talents like Ricks Mays, China Major and Terry Dodson to name a few. Unfortunately the project never got a foothold for one reason or another.

Yuri Character sheet by RyanKinnaird Kei Character sheet by RyanKinnaird Dirty Pair designs by RyanKinnaird

During the initial stages, all artists had to submit samples of their work to the original japanese copyright holders for approval. So for my samples I did up these original sequence pages, character sheets, possible new designs, and also sent along a copy of a one-shot comic I did called Mystic Edge.

For those that don't know, Mystic Edge was about two female bounty hunters, set in a world of fantasy and use magic and mysticism to aid them in their adventures. Unfortunately the copyright holders of the DP were somewhat miffed at seeing this little comic of mine, saying I was ripping off the Dirty Pair. (Remember kids, anytime you have two female leads in a project your ripping off the Dirty Pair ;) ), which may have contributed to the lack of interest to the project sadly.

Dirty Pair sample pg.01 by RyanKinnaird Dirty Pair sample pg.02 by RyanKinnaird Dirty Pair sample pg.03 by RyanKinnaird

Needless to say the would-be project is long since dead, but at least these few designs and sample pages will get a chance to be seen now. You can tell these are ancient works of mine since I was still using a traditional thick black outline for the characters, (well that, and other things that I won't go into).

What's really sad is that seeing so many different takes on the DP would have been really fun and (gasp!) might have even pushed them into the mainstream more.

Alas, it was never ment to be I guess.

  • Listening to: the hum of my computer fan
  • Watching: Kung Fu Hustle
  • Playing: Disgaea 2
  • Eating: Chicken and Rice
Two of the most common questions I'm asked are "Do you have a website?" and "Do you have a DeviantART page?". Luckily now I can say yes to one of those, though a web page is in the works also, but with sloth like pace for the moment. Once it's at the point of looking more complete I'll be sure to post a link for all to checkout.

Special thanks and shout out to Shon Howell for aiding in getting things rolling for me here, be sure to check out his page King-Cheetah , if you have'nt already done so, Shon is a DeviantART animal.

I actually tried several times in the last few months to signup here, but kept getting the "you are banned" notice. I guess there's a lot of flamers in canada :)

For those not familar with my stuff, I'm a artist who, like most here, dwell in the depths of the digital persuasion. A lot of my notable past work has been with PSM magazine, doing spot illustrations. My most recent notable project was the mini series Phoenix:Legacy of Fire for Marvel comics.

I've also been the colorist on a variety of projects in the past , a lot of these have been for the "800 pound gorilla" of the american manga scene, AdamWarren

The other question I'm asked a lot is "what are you working on now ?". I've been doing various bits of coloring work and doing illustration work for Upperdeck as of late. Future actual projects are a eventual artbook, and a Mystic Edge mini series expanding on the one shot that came out from Antartic Press many moons ago.

Anyways, thanks for checking out my meager offerings at the moment. More is sure to follow.



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