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MADstarter Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2013
Mr. Kinnaird, after watching some more of your WONDERFUL artwork here at your gallery there's just one thing I can think of saying right now...

...and that's THANK YOU SOOOOOO MUCH!!!!! :love: :heart: :blush: :love: :heart: :blush: What a BEAUTIFUL and SEXY array of... beautiful drawings you have posted here at you little corner of DA, mister! ;)

Your art has left me VERY pleased, impressed and almost speechless, kind sir! :D After all, what man wouldn't be blown away (in more ways than one) by the sheer SEXINESS of your style?! :jawdrop: :O :wow:

Let's face it, these space BEAUTIES you've drawn so far for this comic/manga NextGenWarz are just... absolutely... simply... SEXY!!!! :blush: :heart: :love: :blush: :heart: :love: What are they, by the way? :? Androids? Robots? AIs?

(Please make some of them human... PLEASE!!!! Or ALL of them!!! :XD: :blush: :) )
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