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X-23 is the new wolverine in the marvel universe?! If so, who's going to be the new X-23? ;P

See the mask up version on my twitter feed....twitter.com/Ryan_Kinnaird_
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VicDeLaCruzProfessional Digital Artist
Lovely and awesome as always! Been a fan since the PSM Magazine days, sorry this had to attract some jaded bitterness in here!
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Looks great. Can't wait to get it. And thanks.
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No prob man, any time ;)
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The very idea of making a female clone of Wolverine, is f***ed up. I saw that as a sign Earth-616 (Marvel Comics' mainline setting, distinct from the 'Ultimate' universe) was now creatively bankrupt. The recent mess with Jane Foster stealing Thor's identity, is another sign of that.

None of this counts against from the quality of your art, which is excellent. Please forgive the angry rant about Marvel Comics' creative bankruptcy.
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Oh Hell no. 

First of all, welcome to 2016. She was created in 2003, you're extremley late to bitch about her creation now.

Secondly, I don't appreciate you're biased rant about X-23. She-Hulk is a ''bankrupt idea of creativeness.'' ''Supergirl'' is a ''bankrupt idea of creativeness.'' . but X-23? She proved herself as one of the most unique characters in Marvel comics. Despite being labeld as a ''clone'', she's far from it. 

So, fuck you and you're ignorant rant. Please educate yourself on the character before making foolish statements next time.
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I'm gonna disagree about Shulkie, can't say anything about Supergirl because I haven't really read anything with her.

I've read recently that She-Hulk was created in a hurry because Marvel was afraid they'd create one in the Hulk tv show and they wouldn't have the rights over the character.

But, eventually, she got her own type of stories going. Her books are usually way less serious than, say, regular Fantastic Four or Avengers books. She even started breaking the fourth wall a lot, way before Deadpool did it. She found her own niche.

(Also, I may have messed up when I replied to your other post and replied to myself, instead.)
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I don't get the whole "legacy" heroes thing at all, and the forced diversity thing they push using that concept may be stupid...  BUT

Though I had a lot of resistance on Laura being used in the comics, she actually earned her place. You can thank Christopher Yost and Craig Kyle for that. She's been shown fighting in her own style, proved deserving of the X-Man title along her New X-Men classmates, and her own comic a few years back had a good run. It was fun seeing her hang out with Jubilee and Gambit.

(Sure, I'm just ignoring the mess right now until they bring "vanilla" Wolverine back, waiting to see what name she will be using, by then.)
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To her use in the comics? A lot of factors.

In one hand, her origin in X-Men Evolution. The show's writing was all over the place, they didn't get a lot of characters right in the first seasons.
And she felt a bit Mary Sue-ish. I mean, first thing she does when she appears is taking out everyone at Xavier's if I recall, right?

On the other hand, her origins in comics reeked of early 2000s' EDGYness. You can tell when she was created by the amount of detail they put into that.

Also, I think they pushed her a lot when she first showed up, like they do with most every new character these days. That alone causes some resistance from established readers. 

But fortunately, like I said before, they did a good job of establishing her as her own character and not just a sales gimmick. :)
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''resistent''? Why?
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chainednameHobbyist Traditional Artist
Well they were bought out by Disney so it's not really that surprising.
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Marvel Comics was creatively bankrupt BEFORE Disney bought the company. I was hoping this, at least, would force Marvel's editors to DO THEIR F***ING JOBS and stop their writers from writing stories that scream, "Death to America!" (see Garth Ennis' work in 'The Punisher MAX', or John Ney Rieber's work in 'Captain America') or "Big business is evil!" (downright hypocritical for a comic book company to publish, as the comic book company is also part of "big business").

Would you rather read comics that bore you to death, or comics that insult your patriotism and your intelligence (again, note the sheer hypocrisy in a comic book company- a FOR PROFIT company- promoting the idea American businessmen will start wars to maximize profits for their businesses)? That's the dilemma I continue to face with Marvel.
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chainednameHobbyist Traditional Artist
I got the idea that it was corporations (if they are big and ethically bankrupt enough) in general, not just American, that would happily start wars and such if it pumped up their bottom line. The "Corporation' has been enemy number 1 in a lot of stories for a very long time. Some secret cabal at the top playing puppet master with their unwary pawns, art imitating life I suppose.
Is it only the fact they (the writers) show Americans in a bad light that has you up in arms?
The company itself may seem hypocritical to produce such anti business stories until you realize that such stories sell and they (the company) are first and foremost about profit. The writers and artists are the ones who deal in characters and plot, artistic integrity, but usually only as far as their next paycheck.
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There's also the fact Garth Ennis seems to think the only good Asian is an Asian PROSTITUTE; and the fact bad writers routinely portray the lives of Asian people (Japanese and Chinese in particular) as worthless, with even Asian people themselves having this view in the comics (one 'Wolverine' story, set in Japan, had a JSDF officer express more concern about potential destruction of private property, than about loss of life, when the military was deployed to arrest Wolverine when the mutant was in a city).
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chainednameHobbyist Traditional Artist
That might have more to do with a rather appalling lack of empathy that crept into the stories and became mainstay. Superheroes don't seem to be about saving anyone anymore, they are power and nothing else., and ordinary people are fodder for their battles. Forces of nature that clash and kill and destroy. I can't help but think it has to do with schools pushing evolution theory as evolution fact even though there is still no evidence that evolution is even real. Teach bad science to kids and tell them they are animals and what are they supposed to think...?
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Man, I'm one of your biggest fans, but something about the anatomy here seems a bit off.
This one, however, is spot on:
Psylocke by RyanKinnaird  
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Not technically. The Secret Wars events has kinda jumbled stuff up.
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Isn't Old Man Logan supposed to become part of the new Marvel U?
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StretchyGalFanHobbyist General Artist
Without colors, this initially looked like Rogue + Psylocke combo at first glance... ^^;

The only thing I'm looking forward to (with some trepidation) in this BATTLEWORLD shake-up is the brief revisit to the MC2 / Spider-Girl Universe.
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Yeah she's pulling some Psylocke influence no doubt.

Other than the odd news headline I haven't followed current comics in a long time.
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