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Resident Evil 4 SwimSuit PinUp

Another piece for the annual PSM swimsuit issue.

RE4 and FFVII are probably my all time favorite vids, so this was fun to do this would be "off panel" moment of them. I think I took some heavy duty artistic liberties with porportions with this one. The skin gloss on Ada worked out better than it did on Leon and Ashley. Never forget your sunscreen when your fighting the undead kids!
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I always thought this pic of yours featuring Ada Wong and Ashley Graham from Resident Evil 4 was one of your best pics you've done for PSM. Needless to say, it's great to see it again. Keep up the good work!

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MUST BE SECRET COSTUMES!!! :icondroolplz:
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Damn those pesky villagers ruining the fun. Luckily Ada Wong has the perfect solution to deal with them so that the three can go back to relaxing and horsing around.
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So many ballistics!
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Well, you gotta have fun...even in a zombie apocalypse, right?
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lol!!! I remember this image on my PSM in italy....I was in love with this picture (and I'm still in love!)
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Gotta love Leon's attitude !
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The texture and colors are just awesome is this ps cs5? If I could get this shine in my art I'll be shinin!
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hehe saw this on Two Best Friends :D
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Dammit! I had to beat Professional mode to get those outfits. Shit! I knew I missed something!
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Back in the old days of Xbox 360 this was my dashboard theme.
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i remember i had this issue...dude this is what made me start drawing back in the day
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I like the way ada's bottom rides up. Is it a thong? Always curious about those things when I see 'em from the front.

Yeah, silly, I know. ;)
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I wouldn't mind playing RE4 again..but only if they could add Ashley and Ada in sexy swim-suits. XD
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wow they look oiled up for da beach lol :giggle::juggle:
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Sexy girls, large amounts of gore and awesome weapons. Can anyone really ask for more?
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