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Now Your Playing with Power

By RyanKinnaird
My entry for :iconadella: 's Zelda art contest.

I usually don't enter contests but I thought this would be cool as I have'nt drawn a Zelda pic before and have always liked the style.

This is suppose to be a somewhat intimate moment between Link and Malon, as Link gives her a quick lesson on hand to hand combat.

"And if that does'nt work, just throw a bomb at them...."

LOL! Feel free to add your own caption for this one!
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Awww, yeah, I love Linka nd Malon too ^^ I often imagined that Link marries her someday--I always thought there seemed to be some energy between those two. I think they would make a nice couple ^^
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I like the look he is giving her. Also...I think she knows what's up after the training.
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while teaching her, he is groping her. i love what a player link is. what up with the reversed triforce? is it relevant to reversed jesus cross? (i.e. satanism)
i like the quality of this work. and malons breasts. i can see the shape of her nipple.
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I feel like the don't really want to practice... at least, not practise combat...^^. I love their expression !
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Great detail, and I love that it's slightly naughty. Great job!
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umm is that tengwar up at the top??...yess
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i like how it's twilight princess link with malon from ocarina of time :XD: good luck with the contest! :)
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Damn thats hot lol. Beautiful bg as well, I'm rubbish at bgs lol. I love their pose though especially Malon, great job!
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Too funny!

Also very well done! :+fav:
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You did Links attire amazingly, I love the detail of it.
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ok, you throw them a bomb...and that boomerang?... oh..its..a... hum...nevermind...
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"Just feel the wieght of the weapon"
"I can feel the wieght of someones weapon"


Oh come on!
talk about a tough crowd
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cool pic ^^ quite cool... and the cging is quite interesting too
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Go Link!! screw zelda, get with Malon.
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"Is that a another sword? Or are you just happy to see me?"
Very nice indeed.
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Oooh, oh so pretty! They look cute together.
The way that you color their clothes, that looks so fun.
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HA!...Very Cool! :pacman:
beautiful! absolutely amazing...
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Your titles are awesome!
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