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Random designs of some characters from League of Maidens.

This game actually started off as a comic project several years ago, and morphed into a MOBA type F2P PC game.

Since then several new modes and features have been added during it's development, like character creation, a dungeon mode, and a very deep 3d Pose photo mode. In the 3D Pose mode you can set up a scene, pose your character(s) and take pics. The camera has depth of field, bloom and other various camera settings to play with. The posing is so in depth you can even pose the characters freaking eyes! Nude options included too.LOL!!!! ;P

It's still in a limited release beta, but tomorrow (Friday -Jan26th/2018 -8pmEST) you can come check out the demo of latest huge update (new costumes, weapons, gamplay modes) at the LoM twitch channel (www.twitch.tv/maidengaming_net) and get a chance to win a beta key.

Hard to believe the dev team is only 3 people!

Here's a sneak peak at the latest build:

Jiggle physics ftw! LOL

Check out League of maidens on Twitter ( twitter.com/leagueofmaidens ) and youtube ( www.youtube.com/channel/UCjhfD…) for more screenshots and previews.
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Comments (34)
uberbomb's avatar
uberbomb|Hobbyist General Artist
sexy beautiful amaizng !  Horny! 
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JHoagland's avatar
JHoagland|Professional Digital Artist
Those are great outfits. :)
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Belcris's avatar
Belcris|Hobbyist General Artist

Yep, I'll play.

Character creation alone is hours of entertainment in and of itself.  :)

As always, love your work.  :)
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Jesse-the-art-maker's avatar
awesome sketches man!
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TheGearWork's avatar
TheGearWork|Professional General Artist
Great work as always mate, love the different sorts of emotions they portray well done 
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DeadCobra's avatar
They are quite pretty
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Matteo1993's avatar
This girl are very very delicious!!!! ;D
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Alexi-C's avatar
Alexi-C|Professional Filmographer
Amazing lineup! :D
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Didj's avatar
looks like they're wearing the highest level armor in the game.
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Gentleman-critic's avatar
Gentleman-critic|Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Damn Legs The Power of Dem Legs 
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SuperiorArtWarrior's avatar
SuperiorArtWarrior|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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RyanKinnaird's avatar
An infinite number of WW's pretty much (that also have all the powers and then some of the justice league)
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guyinpixels's avatar
guyinpixels|Student Digital Artist
Great sketch!!!
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testabuddy05's avatar
Woah they are real sexy :heart:o:heart:
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MRPINKXXX's avatar
MRPINKXXX| Digital Artist
Aw so hot
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rammyhalestorm's avatar
Looove this. Love this art love the uniforms so sexxxay
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daftpunky's avatar
Love your work, Let me know when you do more sketchbooks!!! :)
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Kasumidoll's avatar
Kasumidoll|Hobbyist General Artist
So much double sided tape =O
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RyanKinnaird's avatar
Probably by the truck load ;P
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MADstarter's avatar
Wonderful designs on these fine-looking Maidens, Mr. Kinnaird! ;)

It seems League of Maidens is a very interesting source to look for strong, beautiful, skilled and sexy ladies, so thank you for this artwork. ;)

Um, do these ladies have/will have names, sir? :? :)
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RyanKinnaird's avatar
There are some actual identifiable characters in the game/lore, but no actual names on these ones as they would be replaced with the players characters.. I scribbled these ones out just for storyboard purposes. ;P
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MADstarter's avatar
Well, I think these ladies are doing more than just "great" for storyboard purposes. :blush: :) :blush:

And it's ladies like these which inspire/motivate me to create my own beautiful and sexy female OCs. ;)

Too bad I don't know how to come up with fantasy-based uniforms or outfits, such as the ones worn by these lovely ladies here. :)
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RyanKinnaird's avatar
If you can't draw you can make up an infinite number of characters in League of Maidens with it's character creator. Fun way to experiment and play with some OC's
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