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More Upperdeck.

I was really happy with how this one turned out, even though the inside of the sentinels head could have used more detail.
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Facing the weapon of his enemy.
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I once thought Magneto built the Sentinels.
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Magneto is so likeable. He's tragic yet extreme and relateable because his past defines who he is

He's just like you and me but took a darker path
Wow I see you are extremely skilled.I and one friend have come up witha manga plot , but we cant make our own manga because our drawing skills are very poor.If you are interested in getting paid to make our manga , contact this email address.
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You can't beat the Robot at a staring contest.
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Still too awesome :o :O Just realized he was sitting at the hand of the sentinel. O_O Coool.
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"Where did I put the Instrucion Manual for this gizmo?"
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Cool! Awesome work! =D :happybounce:
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He's just sitting there, thinking about the meaning of Mutant life. Great job!
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Looks great to me!
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I play winner! Wasn't there an issue where he talks to Omega sentinel?
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the untimate starieing contest
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lol i drew this image.. and now i see all the mistakes I made!.. uuugh
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i love magneto
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Incredible job! I really enjoyed your composition.
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You are the best of forever at magneto!
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Hey check it out a staring contest!!! Who will win this fight the Master of Magnetism or the Mutant killing machine!!! my money is on Magneto. Awsome by the way.
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