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Expect the Unexpected
Sometimes I feel like a lost cause.  Here I was, in the last days of school before summer, staring at the girl of my dreams.  Class ends this week, and pretty soon, I’ll never see most of my classmates ever again, which means I have nothing to lose.  And yet, I also have nothing to say.  Well that’s not true, I have plenty to say.  I just can’t seem to verbalize any of it when I’m around her.
Claire Spencer was at her locker, putting some of her books away.  She stood in the narrow hallway… the very narrow hallway… the very narrow poorly lit hallway, crammed with a bunch of high school seniors, making it nearly impossible to move around… Wow, did I digress.  It didn’t really matter where Claire stood, or how dark it was, or how many people surrounded her.  She could stand out among the crowd like a pimple on Kim Kardashian’s face.  Not that I mean to imply Claire is like a pimpl
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The First Kiss
I meet her gaze, and look into her eyes.  
Beautiful and brown, piercing my soul.  
The restaurant silences.  
Time stops.  
The people around us have become statues.  
Unmoving, unnoticed.  
The light is dim.  
Two souls, surrounded by darkness.  
The words are silent.  
A quiet wind through an empty valley.  
Hearts pounding in unison.  
A hidden thunderstorm.  
I touch her cheek.  
Smooth as a gentle spring.  
Time is lost in enchantment.  
Our lips touch.  
Our souls connect.  
Deep and vulnerable.  
All remains still.  
It’s eternity in a moment.  
We pull away.  
Holding our gaze.  
Smiling joyously.  
Time catches up with us again.
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Happy Anniversary
Happy anniversary, or rather, unhappy anniversary.  It’s not like I’m marking this as a special occasion worth remembering after all.  It’s an event that I wish I could forget, but must be remembered nonetheless.  I knew that if I became a cop, I might have to do some drastic things once in a while, but I never knew how hard it would be to live with them.  As per usual on my special day of remembrance, I sit alone in the blackest dark I could hope to find, swigging booze from a cold, aluminum can, and thinking about that day.
Two years ago, I killed my first man.  It sounds horrible to put it that way.  It makes it sound like I intend on killing more people, but even though I’ve killed only the one person so far, I think it’s prudent to assume he won’t be the last.  I’ll never forget that night.  It was easier for me to remember the details of those moments than it was to remember what I had for lunch.  Then again, I was so loaded on alcohol to
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The Thrill of Fear
Wrinkled face and brittle bones,
Weakened joints and kidney stones.
In the mirror, this is what I see,
What happened to my youth, a mystery.
Once I was dangerous and lived an exciting life,
But that was before two children and a wife.
I would risk life and limb for adventure’s sake,
The thrill of fear made me feel awake.
I would climb tall mountains and swim in dark rivers,
Because the thrill of fear always delivers.
But that life is long gone, and now I am old,
Not enough energy, time or strength to be bold.
As I look in the mirror one last time,
I realize that I’m well beyond “past my prime.”
I turn away, longing for my past,
Wishing my thrill seeking days would just awhile longer last.
As I lower my head, something catches my eye,
A dreadful, horrific spider crawling up my thigh!
There is nothing in the world that terrifies in such a way,
Than those 8 legged beasts who seek me as prey.
I cry out in fear, and I begin to sweat,
I swat it dead, it’s no lon
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Mature content
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An Ode to November
Wow have I had an interesting month.  It's been such an epic spectacle that I thought I would put my feelings into words and really show my appreciation for the massive impact this month has had on me.  So without further ado, thank you November.  Thank you for teaching me valuable lessons in such concepts as humility, but even more so, in torture.  Thank you for showing me all the unique ways to crush a man's soul, shatter his self-worth, and bring him to the brink of insanity.  Thank you for showing me my new threshold for pain and especially thank you for showing me all the new and creative ways to use swear words.  Thank you for showing me that sprinkling in a few good things here and there only serves to make the next act of viciousness that much more impactful.  Thank you for showing me all the new smells, the new sensations and the new feeling in my stomach.  You know, the one that won't be going awa
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A Scar on my Heart
There's a scar on my heart.
A wound of your doing.
I try to move beyond,
But life has not been improving.
I remember the days we had.
I long for the happiness we shared.
But it was all a lie.
You never truly cared.
I tried to put it back together,
But one piece was left behind.
A reminder of your deceit.
A reminder of how I was blind.
Not all wounds are meant to heal.
Mine will forever tear me apart.
But I will always remember you,
For leaving a scar on my heart.
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As Pathetic As It Is
Again I lay here,
In my bed,
Staring at the ceiling,
As pathetic as it is.
I've failed again,
No surprise,
It's what I do,
As pathetic as it is.
Can't get up,
Can't get out,
My mind is screaming at me,
Just to move,
But I won't.
I'm too afraid to face the day,
Too afraid to do what I must,
So here I lay,
Trying to forget,
That I exist,
As pathetic as it is.
My mother cries,
My father yells,
My brother glares,
and I,
I lay here,
As pathetic as I am.
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The End of the Line
This was it.  This is the end.  I knew this the second I walked into the room.  It would not be long now until it was all over.  I stand here at the threshold of heaven.  All of my relatives stare down at me, judging me, thinking I am unworthy.  Perhaps I am.  Perhaps I do not deserve to stand in their noble company.  They are not like me.  They are men and women who went out and accomplished things before their time was up.  But me, I stand here feeling ashamed to be in their company having accomplished so little.
The more I think on this matter, the more evident it becomes that I am not ready for the end.  At only twenty five years of age, I have only begun to reach my full potential.  I never travelled enough.  I never saw the Eifel Tower, or looked upon the ruins of Greece, or basked in the warmth of the Hawaiian sun.  So little fun I had exper
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A Page in Time Ch. 4
One week had passed since the devastating attack on Tiberius.  Today, a vigil was being held in memory of those lost in the brutal attacks on Tiberius and the space station Afterworld.  Today, Paige was one of the guests of honor.  Today, she would light candles in memory of her parents, Ethan and Alexandria LaChance.  Her parents were killed when the capital city was struck by the first wave of aerial missile bombardments.  They were together at one of her father's fundraisers.  They spent so little time together in life, only to die in each other's arms.  Paige liked to believe that in their final hours they realized the error of their ways and reconciled, if only just seconds before the end.  It was a much more pleasant thought than what was likely the truth.  Paige had achieved galactic super stardom due to her parents' deaths.  She always wanted to be a star, but not like this.
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A Page in Time Ch. 3
Paige quickly left the hotel room in disgust.  Conflicting emotions like anger, frustration, pride, regret, and cheer, emerged and she rushed to a bathroom and began to cry.  She wasn't sad or even that upset, she was just overwhelmed by her emotions.  She just threw her dreams out the window.  Becca, Tony and Vox surely would have understood if she accepted, right?  This was her dream.  Ever since she was a little girl and her father gave her a guitar for her 8th birthday, she wanted to be singer.  Eleven years thrown aside.  She was disappointed in herself.  And yet, she was proud.  The only thing she has ever had of value was her band.  She thought long and hard about her decision.  The most important thing to her was her friends.  It was her dream to be a music icon, but that dream was a shared dream.  Shared by three other members of her band.
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A Page in Time Ch. 2
Paige sat nervously in Jerem Tarnok's room.  The Imperium Hotel is where he was staying, which was located on the Eastern Wing of the space station.  It may have been just a hotel room, but the space was massive with a large window looking upon the stars.  The furniture was expensive and there was plenty of it.  The couch that Paige sat on was as soft as a cloud and surrounded her with incredible comfort.  And yet, she still could not shake the anxiety of the situation.  She looked around the room slowly, admiring the beautiful paintings and sheik statues.  The elegance and refinement of the room was impressive.  Paige was no stranger to wealth and expensive rooms, but even this was enough to put her in a state of awe.  This wasn't just wealthy, this was celebrity.  Her parents knew what is what like to be a star, but she did not.
Tarnok emerged from the kitchen, wearing a fancy robe and
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A Page in Time Ch. 1
The lights were blinding, but the energy was pure ecstasy.  Never before had young Paige LaChance sold out an entire venue, but today, the entire club was packed from wall to wall.  Sweat poured from her skin as she bared her soul to the audience in the form of song.  Her voice was perfectly on key and the notes from her guitar were breathtaking.  She had never been so galvanized with excitement at one of her performances, and the crowd was just as pumped.  Deafening cheers filled the halls of the space station orbiting her home on Tiberius.  This was the closest she would ever be to achieving her dreams.  Today, on Afterworld Station, the premiere commercial entertainment space station in the entire galaxy, Jerem Tarnok, the president of Galaxia Records, was in attendance.
Paige had always dreamed of becoming a star.  Growing up on the world of Tiberius probably made realizing that dream easie
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Ryan Keyworth
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I'm Ryan Keyworth, a freelance writer/editor/creator/awesome dude. I have been writing professionally for 7 years. I was first published when I was 9 years old. I wear the writer's hat for my comic book series, Star Crossed Galaxy, and have also been known to color/gray scale, and letter the comic as well. Presently, I work with TwilightPop Productions as an editor. I am also a frequent contributor to PCM Tech Help Show. My biggest influences are Robert Kirkman and Joss Whedon.

Beyond my writing, I am also a hardcore geek. I love comics, video games, and movies. I love trying new things and meeting new people. I like long walks on the beach and eating pizza with margarita shooters. Whoops. Wrong kind of website.
I'm going to be in C2E2 this year!  I'll be in Artist Alley selling copies of Star Crossed Galaxy, signing autographs and suffering mini panics attacks all weekend long!!!  It's going to be great. Feel free to stop by and chat.  This is going to be my first convention, so this should be pretty exciting.
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