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Sonic 250 variant cover

hey everyone, heres the pencils for the dual variant covers I did for Sonic #250. It was revealed this morning by Archie, so I figure I can show off the pencils. Enjoy!
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Words Collide Powered UP! 
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Oh my chaos! So sweet it rots my teeth! (≧∇≦)
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... I can name all the ones on Sonic's side and one of them on Megaman's side XD . Man though you even have orbot and cubot. That's awesome! Of course I forgot what the beetle bug badniks are called but I know what they are. This is awesome though :D
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it gave me cavities drawing it.
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I just can't describe the cuteness...  
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I really like how you nailed the Powered Up style! It's so adorable! I'm definitely getting the Mega Man variant!
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Not a fan of sonic but regardless.. this. is. AWESOME!
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aw that is cute : D!
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Awesome job you did there.
Congratulamatations(sorry I always wanted to say that).
The artwork looks pretty cool.;)
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Probably the greatest use of two variant covers I've ever seen! Epic work!

Now I have to get all three cover versions! *shakesfist* xD
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awesome, glad you like.
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nice cover mate ^^

how did you do that amazing cover? :wow:
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I spent 7 years in a Buddhist temple attaining nirvana. That and a lot of practice! :) thanks!
DarkCatTheKhajjit's avatar
oh i see

your welcome :)

i also like your work :)
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Daww! This is so adorable, I love the chibi power up style! They all look so cute! Awesome job, love your work! :D
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This is beautiful. :)
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you're welcome :)
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