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Roll Halloween Costume, The Doctor

It's october 29th, Roll has 2 days to decide what to be for Halloween. What about The Doctor?

Halloween is in 2 days! What should Roll do!? D:
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I sense Megaman is hiding somewhere. Dressed as Amy Pond. While Rush is dressed as Rory.
Someone highly need to draw it.
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My VERY FIRST Doctor Who pic. 

I Love It! I wish theres a Doctor Who X Mega Man crossover.
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love it doctor roll vs mettleks and cyberjoes
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IloveyouIloveyouIloveyouIloveyouIloveyouIloveyouIloveyouIloveyouIloveyouIloveyou. This has made my day. However, where's the fez? D:

Also, what series is that quote from? I on;y vaguely remember it.
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Uploaded on my birthday!
Should have done ten *Sits and pouts like a five year old*
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Awesome! I'm a HUGE Doctor Who fan! Eleven was my first Doctor. :D
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How about Shantae the 1/2 Genie hero? She's got a Kickstarter for one of her games too as she was very rare, & while she was created by WayForward her first game on the Gameboy Color was helped released by Capcom.

For Image References:
& Here
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YES! YES! YESSSSSSSS! Thank you Mr RyanJampole. All she needs now is Rush as K-9 and she is all set to fight Dr. Davros Wily and his minions of Robot Daleks! XD
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haha, i'm glad you like it, but please call me Ryan, mr. is too much for me.
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That's brilliant! xD I love it. 
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I can only imagine Roll running away from Mets that look like Daleks. And Sniper Joes that look like Cybermen.

Bow ties are cool, and so is this art! :icondoctorwhoplz:
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she should one or two of the recommended here:…
Would it be possible to fashion a Variable Costumes System from her Variable Tools System, or would that have to involve her going and defeating all 31 original wearers of her costumes?
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well, I don't think origanics have "chips" that can be copied.
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Bow ties are cool.  :lookinsnazzy: 
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What no fez?
And it would've been great if her hair tie was also a bow tie.
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so you're saying its not great? that hurts.
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Well let me just travel back in time and fix that comment...
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haha, I'm only playing with you :D
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Too late, paradox created!
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