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Roll Halloween Costume, Samus Aran

It was october 24th, Roll has 7 days to decide what to be for Halloween. What about Samus Aran?

Throw up your ideas for Roll's halloween costume. Maybe it'll show up one of these days leading up to halloween!
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i will love see her dress like Shantae and dance with Shantae❤

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Gyah, she's so cute!! I wonder what Rock's opinion might be...? Eh. Great job and keep it up!!
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I wonder if she can morph into a ball like Samus does with her armor?. since Roll is a robot maybe she could be updated to be able to do it, xd.
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That's actually pretty cute for Roll! I like it!
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That seems fitting.
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Haha! Samus! Awesome work, sir!
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No matter what costume she's in, Roll will always looks so adorable. Awesome work and glad to finally find you :D
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Totally agree with you on that!
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I'm not sure what i did to be thanked.
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Aside from the consistently great artwork? I offered thanks because I suggested Samus Aran as a Halloween costume for Roll a while back. :) Didn't expect the Zero Suit version, and it looks great! (The Power Suit would've made Roll unrecognizable, now that I think about it.)
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what is going on?!
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This is awesome! ^u^

(My idea is so strange, but I'm gonna say it anyway. c: I was thinking of the outfit, G2 wore in Inspector Gadget 2. XD since G2 towards the end became a faithful partner to the regular inspector Gadget. =u= but she was always being badass. XD and got into the fights. And Roll obviously wants some more action, rather than watching mega-man on the side lines. c: )
Lawl! It's my weird idea as a Halloween costume for Roll. XD I just came up with it,  within seconds. XD
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